A recent study by UNESCO pointed out that 13% of the world's museums may not reopen after the pandemic

The new coronavirus pandemic has affected tourist attractions around the world all. Among them, one of the places most affected by the reduction of visitors were museums. Even though some have made part of their online collection, were still strongly impacted.

A recent study carried out by UNESCO and by the International Council of Museums (Icom) showed that 90% of the world's cultural institutions were closed during the quarantine. Furthermore, research has shown that unfortunately, 13% may not reopen even after the isolation period.

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What is the future of museums after the end of the pandemic?

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According to the survey, 85,000 museums and cultural centers remained closed as a result of the pandemic. The study also showed that developing countries, such as Haiti and Guyana, were the most affected and only 5% of their museums were able to offer online tours.

Regarding this situation, the Director General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, explained the importance of promoting access to culture. “This pandemic also reminds us that half of humanity does not have access to digital technologies. We must work to promote access to culture for all, especially the most vulnerable and isolated.” released report.

In the survey, the organization also provided an overview of the support needed for the return of museums and cultural centers after the end of the pandemic. The development of online attractions, digitization of collections and inventories of collections were some of the actions identified by the study as priorities.

To see the full study Click here.

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