Brotas is a destination for those who love ecotourism and, to complete its menu full of adventures, the city is home to the first zip-line with bicycle in Brazil: the Superbike

Adventure is the watchword in sprouts, at the countryside of São Paulo. Surrounded by Atlantic Forest and many incredible places, the city is ideal for the practice of various extreme sports.

zip lines, rappelling, canyoning, tree climbing, free fall, rafting and trekking are some of the activities available in the various parks in Brotas.  

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And, to complete this menu full of adventures, the city is home to the first zipline with bicycle from Brazil: a superbike.

Imagine pedaling 70 meters high in a panoramic flight over one of the most beautiful landscapes in the region. That's right, it's an unforgettable experience.

Want to know more? See our tips on Superbike in Brotas and get ready to meet the first zipline with bicycle from Brazil.

How is the first zip line with bicycle in Brazil

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Two platforms in the middle of the forest, connected by steel cables where a bicycle-shaped chair slides as the rider pedals. This is the superbike in Brotas.

The route, of approximately 300 meters, reveals an incredible view, which includes a waterfall. And best of all, it's you who sets the pace of the bike. 

That is, you can stop to admire the view or pedal harder when you want to go fast. But get ready for a good workout!

The first zip line with bicycle in Brazil is located in Viva Brotas Ecopark, an ecotourism complex located about 20 minutes from downtown.

The place, which also offers accommodation, performs a series of radical activities focused on nature. You can choose between day use or stay and enjoy amazing days there.

THE Viva Brotas Ecopark it has trails, zip lines, rafting, waterfalls, double abseiling, free fall, bird watching and two boa constrictors that make visitors happy.

The place also houses the Mirante Viva Brotas Restaurant, which serves homemade food in front of a stunning landscape.

Did you want to know the first zip line with bicycle in Brazil and all the attractions in its surroundings? So, find out how to get to the Superbike in Brotas.

How to get on the Superbike in Brotas

zipline with bicycle in Brazil

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Very close to the capital of São Paulo, the unmissable attraction in Brotas is 240 km from São Paulo, in a journey of about 3h30. 

By car, access can be made through the four highways that lead to Brotas: Bandeirantes, Anhanguera, Washington Luís and SP-225. Once in Brotas, just follow the BRO 50, a dirt road that leaves the SP-225 right after Tavolaro.

For those coming from other locations, the nearest airport is Campinas, Viracopos International Airport, 170 km away. From there, it is possible to go by bus or rented car to Brotas.

By bus, there are departures from the main bus stations in the surrounding cities, including Rodoviária do Tietê, in the capital of São Paulo.

More attractions in Brotas


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If you love ecotourism and nature adventure, Brotas is the right destination for your next vacation.

The city in the interior of São Paulo has a list full of activities in contact with nature, which includes beautiful waterfalls, incredible parks and several options for extreme sports.

Brotas also has a charming center, great for strolling. In addition to Parque dos Saltos, next to the central area, where there are three waterfalls that were part of the city's old hydroelectric plant. 

Curious about what to do in Brotas? See our tips on other attractions in Brotas and book more days to stay there and enjoy it all.

Trails, rafting, abseiling, climbing and zip-lining are some of the extreme sports that can be practiced in the ecoparks of Brotas. 

Another popular sport in the city is canyoning, which is nothing more than hiking and rappelling on the walls of the waterfalls. 

Cassorova Ecopark

Built around the waterfall that gives it its name, the Cassorova Ecopark It has trails, tree climbing, zip lines and abseiling. 

In addition, Cassorova Waterfall, its main attraction, is 60 meters high and has a natural pool great for bathing. It also serves as a stage for the practice of canyoneering.

Ecoparque Cassorova is 27 km from the center of Brotas.

Nook of the Waterfalls

Recanto das Cachoeiras has a beautiful artificial beach that draws attention among the attractions of Brotas. 

It is an infinity pool in a fully decorated area that will make you feel like you are on a real beach. 

The place has other natural attractions and offers options for extreme sports, such as tree climbing, horseback riding, cascading, quad biking, abseiling and trails. 

Among the natural beauties of the park is the natural pool of running water at the base of Cachoeira Roseira. The waterfall, formed by the waters of the Tijuco Preto and Roseira streams, is 55 meters high. 

There is also the Santo Antônio Waterfall, 20 meters high, formed by a stream coming from Roseira. It is also great for bathing.

Recanto das Cachoeiras also houses a mini farm, playground, changing rooms and parking.

Spring of the Sand that Sings

A lovely place for a relaxing bath, this is Nascente da Areia que Canta. It is located inside a farm hotel, where the Rio Tamanduá beach is also located.

The name Areia que Canta due to the sound that quartz sediments make when they are moved by water. 

Sete Quedas site

The waterfalls are the main attractions of Brotas. The region is privileged by beautiful waterfalls and Sítio Sete Quedas brings together excellent specimens.

The property is home to the Quatis, Macacos, Bela Vista and Coqueiros waterfalls, excellent natural pools and many options for extreme activities, such as tree climbing and zip lining.

Three Falls Waterfall

The Três Quedas Waterfall is another leisure option in Brotas. The complex houses the Nascente (6 meters), Andorinha (20 meters) and Figueira (47 meters) waterfalls. 

In addition, there is a park with a playground, zip-line and abseiling. 


The poção is a large natural pool formed by the Jacaré Pepira river, where there is a small beach, excellent for those who enjoy a refreshing bath in the midst of nature. 

Saltão Waterfall

At 75 meters high, Cachoeira do Saltão is among the largest waterfalls in São Paulo. It is located in the region of Brotas, in the municipality of Itirapina.

In its surroundings, the Mirante das Águas da Cachoeira Saltão was created, a park with 220 thousand m² that preserves the area. On site, in addition to the great bathing well formed by Cachoeira do Saltão, there is an excellent structure to receive visitors, including a camping.

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