Check out the most radical attraction at Viva Brotas Ecoparque in Brotas: the Superbike

The interior of São Paulo now has another attraction that will attract not only those who enjoy ecotourism but also those looking for an adventure in the heights. In sprouts, in the district of São Sebastião da Serra, is the Superbike, a 70-meter high zipline in the Viva Brotas Eco Park, which promises to make the head of those looking for strong emotions.

But what exactly is this attraction? A zipline is a pulley suspended from a cable, usually made of stainless steel, mounted on a slope. It is designed to allow a load or person propelled by gravity to travel up and down an inclined cable by holding onto or being attached to the freely moving pulley. Its usefulness is not limited to adventure sports, recreation or tourism, although modern use tends to favor these segments.

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A zipline tour provides a route through a wooded, and often hilly, landscape, making primary use of pulleys and overhead bridges between platforms built into trees. Tourists are tethered to a cable for security, and it is often restricted to adults. Heights range from close to the ground to high near the treetops. The tours are widely marketed under the ecotourism banner, although the environmental impact of any type of zipline is a controversial topic.

Superbike in Brotas

superbike sprouts

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The city is among the most sought after in the ecotourism environment and because of this adventure is the watchword. The landscapes are stunning and the Atlantic Forest surrounds you on all sides, making it ideal for practicing various types of extreme sports, including zip lines, abseiling, canyoning, tree climbing, freefalling, rafting and trekking.

The Superbike is made up of two platforms amidst the vegetation, where a chair in the shape of a bicycle slides with the rider's pedals. During the 300 meters of the route it is possible to observe several points, including a waterfall, Santa Eulália. Speed, of course, is imprinted by the occupant. You can stop in the middle of the route to better admire the landscape and then continue calmly.

This amazing tour is about 20 minutes from downtown. From São Paulo to the Superbike, it takes about 3h30 to cover the 240 kilometers through highways such as Bandeirantes, Anhanguera, Washington Luís and SP-225. From Viracopos Airport, in Campinas, the distance is 170 kilometers.

superbike sprouts

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Here are some details to consider: minimum weight allowed is 30 and maximum is 120 kilos; the duration of the tour is an average of one hour and thirty minutes between round trips; the minimum height required is 1.30 m; it is mandatory to wear shoes attached to the foot such as sneakers or papier-mâché to participate; the price, R$ 109.00 per person (R$ 119.00 on long holidays).

Viva Brotas Eco Park

Viva Brotas Eco Park

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The park where Superbike and so many other extreme attractions are located has more than 400 thousand square meters of green area and preserved forest. In addition to this zip line, it was also the first company to bring variations to Brazil, such as the Supervoo, the Voo Kanguru, the Voo do Vale, the Double Flight and the most popular of all, the Night Flight.

Day Use is an activity package that can be purchased and includes many attractions such as: trail to the 47-meter waterfall; mini zipline and slackline; photo shoot with the park's boa constrictors; observation of more than 150 species of birds; free day to enjoy nature; homemade lunch at the viewpoint, with a menu based on local products

For accommodation it is possible to settle in one of the eight cabins on the lake, four cabins in the woods and a tent.

Other attractions in Brotas

Tired of the pace of extreme sports? Brotas has other attractions. Check out three specially selected attractions below to make the most of your stay.

Areia Que Canta is a spring of crystalline waters considered giant, which over the centuries moved grains of quartz sand. These formed a fine and pure sand, which when handled, emits a noise similar to a cuíca.

The Areia spring located at Fazenda Tamanduá. Due to the large volume of water, it forms a large flooded area unsuitable for agriculture. There is a farm hotel nearby that bears the same name. The spring remains open for sustainable visitation, where constant work is carried out to preserve the area and regular geological, biological and environmental studies are carried out.

Cachoeira Cassorova Eco Park has trails that pass through two waterfalls with a natural pool and a wide leisure structure, with a river water pool, hydromassage at heights and access to a waterfall grotto. The place also offers kayaking and stand up paddle (standing paddle, activity from Hawaii).

Finally, there is Parque dos Saltos, a natural space next to a hydroelectric plant that offers trails that lead to landscapes of rapids. Located near the center of Brotas, it brings several falls in sequence in the middle of a bank with green riparian forest.

Just below the suspension bridge there is the old engine room that housed the old hydroelectric plant at the end of the 19th century, when the city already had electric public lighting. A remarkable tour.

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Viva Brotas Ecopark

BRO 50 (dirt road that leaves SP 225 right after Tavolaro, Brotas – SP, 17380-000
Whatsapp (messages only) (14) 99104-4248
Phone (calls only) (014) 98193-2939
Email: [email protected]
Official site

Sand That Sings

Highway Eng. Paulo Nilo Romano (SP 225, Km 124.5, Brotas – SP, 17380-000
Phone +5501436547300
Whatsapp +55 14 3654-7307
Email: [email protected]
Official site

Cassorova Eco Park Waterfall

Heritage of São Sebastião da Serra, s/n, Brotas – SP, 17380-000
Phone: 14 99195-1122
Official site

Parque dos Saltos

Rua Alfredo Mangilli, S/N – Santa Cruz, Brotas – SP, 17380-000
Phone: (14) 3653-5282
Official site

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