Infographic illustrates the symptoms of the coronavirus and what precautions the population should adopt on a daily basis

Tourists who are abroad with scheduled trips to return to Brazil need to be extra careful. Educational material made with the support of World Health Organization, Ministry of Health and Instituto Emílio Ribas seeks to educate the population about symptoms, forms of transmission and care that should be taken.

In times of international travel, thousands of Brazilians who are abroad were taken by surprise with the latest updates from the pandemic. Brazilians who were traveling through Europe, the United States or studying abroad during exchange programs, have an extra concern when it comes to getting a return flight to Brazil. That is, the situation can be even more uncomfortable if you are outside your country. Since the alert requests started, travel blogs are warning tourists who were caught off guard while abroad.

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Many different countries can close borders in the coming days and the moment requires attention, caution and research. Tourists in Peru are even being forced to stay in the country for 15 days, without the possibility of returning to Brazil. The airports were closed by the Peruvian army. For those traveling on a tight budget, this extra cost can add an extra headache.

coronavirus symptoms

What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

Specialists from various entities such as the World Health Organization, Ho Ye Li, from the Faculty of Medicine at USP, Rosana Richtmann, an infectious disease specialist at the Emílio Ribas Institute and other professionals present the symptoms of the coronavirus and forms of transmission. In this way, share this article with your friends to avoid contamination and protect from coronavirus.

coronavirus symptoms

Top ways to prevent coronavirus

Prevention guide prepared by an infectologist brings 12 tips on how to prevent yourself from coronavirus through a hygiene and care routine. Try to inform your family and close friends to avoid contagion, especially for the most vulnerable people.

coronavirus symptoms and how to protect yourself

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