With the advancement of the process of global integration of economies, accelerated by hyperconnectivity and the possibility of remote work, learning English is increasingly becoming a decisive factor for the social and professional inclusion of Brazilians. This is because the knowledge of the second language becomes indispensable to have better opportunities in the job.

It is in this context that the country debates the quality of the training of its teachers to teach English in public and private schools. A recent study released by the British Council, based on data from the 2020 School Census and the Higher Education Census, carried out by the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research (INEP), revealed that more than 70% of basic education students have language classes with teachers without adequate training to teach the subject. For researchers, improving English teaching depends on hiring professionals with appropriate training and training opportunities for teachers who already teach the discipline.

It was attentive to this demand that the Faculdade Cultura Inglesa, an educational institution that offers courses for the specialized training of professionals in the area of the English language, invited some of its most distinguished professors to produce a work that illuminates new possibilities and possible paths for training. of educators in teaching English. The result was the book "Training of English language teachers in contemporary times: challenges, possibilities and reflections”, newly published by Macmillan Education Publishing.

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Organized by Professor Maria Eugenia Witzler D'Esposito, Director of Faculdade Cultura Inglesa, and by Professor Marcelo Romeu Dalpino, Senior Academic Manager of Cultura Inglesa and Faculdade Cultura Inglesa, the work brings together a collection of 13 chapters that deal with themes in evidence in the world of education, such as continuing education, use of digital tools in the classroom, communicative and linguistic skills and affection as a motivational engine in the world BANI (acronym for brittle, anxious, nonlinear, incomprehensible, or “fragile, anxious, non-linear and incomprehensible”, in free translation).

“We understand that this is a time to reflect on teaching practices in the classroom, in order to share findings that can contribute to improving the teaching-learning process of English in the country. The book brings relevant provocations from the experiences of masters, doctors and specialists in language studies, as well as educational managers who closely follow the evolution and application of methodologies and pedagogical approaches aimed at teacher training and teaching and learning of the English language. ”, says professor Marcelo Romeu Dalpino, who has written two articles published in the book.

It is necessary to emphasize that the new digital technologies, mentioned in several passages in the book, can help the teaching experience in the classroom, but that the teacher's role is crucial to qualify the learning of the language. “We know that most public schools do not have a digital structure to support more advanced experiments in teaching English, but this is not a barrier to improving the educational process. The teacher is still, and always will be, the central figure in this process. So, it is the relationship he establishes with his students and the ways he approaches knowledge that will determine the qualified training of these young people”, he concludes.

For more information about the book "Training of English language teachers in contemporary times: challenges, possibilities and reflections”, just access: https://www.sbs.com.br/formacao-de-professores-de-lingua-inglesa-na-contemporaneidade.html

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