Tourism professionals and experts suggest that technology and innovation will be essential for the resumption of post-pandemic travel.

Faced with the advances of the coronavirus pandemic in the world, many customs and habits had to be changed. This change had an effect on almost every sector, but tourism was undoubtedly one of the most affected. Although some countries are already opening attractions and returning, even with restrictions, to a new reality, the whole scenario is still very uncertain. 

However, many tourism companies, as well as destinations, are going beyond required protocols and innovating. As presented in an unpublished study “The Future and Present of Post-Pandemic Travel", carried out by Better Travel Guide, which had the participation of several specialists and tourism professionals, technology and innovation will transform post-pandemic travel

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How technology and innovation will be the key to the resumption of travel

Technology and innovation will transform post-pandemic travel

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In the study carried out, companies from different segments of tourism presented their proposals to face the new reality. In addition to strengthening health and hygiene issues, which are now a priority for tourists, these companies also presented a series of innovative ideas on biosecurity in tourism. The proposals seek to improve work processes in the face of this still uncertain scenario. 

In the accommodation sector, making reservations, check in and Check-out through apps and even robots making room service deliveries and sanitizing areas, are some trends for a future that may already have arrived. The study brings numerous protocols adopted by different types of companies, in addition to satisfying the curiosity of tourists who want to know what will the trips be like from now on.

Touch-free access to spaces could become a new norm to limit contact with public surfaces, such as granting access to the pool area via a gate that unlocks and opens via a card. Virtual menus and the so-called “room service” will also be adapted using technology as a premise.  

Environment and culture will be more valued 

Technology and innovation will transform post-pandemic travel

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At the same time that robots and apps increasingly force the part of the new tourism landscape, travelers are also placing more value on the cultural aspects of the visited destinations and the environment. 

The research shows that travelers, in this pandemic scenario, have come to value more topics such as health, humanization, sustainability, diverse experiences and hyperconnection. Travel, therefore, will avoid that massive tourism and will become increasingly aware and supportive. 

Thus, tourism that preserves biodiversity, heritage conservation and supports small communities, seen as “safe” tourism, will be even more valued by the public. Another outstanding concept will be for slower trips, with more stays in the same place, known as “slow tourism“, which dialogue more with the local culture. 

Less luxury, more experiences 

Technology and innovation will transform post-pandemic travel

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The study also found that while tourists are concerned about safety, health and environmental protocols, they also want to have fun. For this, those who bet on ways for travelers to experience memorable experiences, with exclusive itineraries for few people and more intimate service, will certainly come out ahead. 

In case of tours, those carried out in small groups, more personalized and private, will be the most sought after. Mainly for family trips with few members. In hotels, in addition to technology and comfort, it will also be necessary to invest more in experiences, avoiding overcrowding.

Adaptation of physical spaces and ways of working in the hospitality industry will also change. be with breakfast à la carte, served in the room, as an access card to use common areas such as swimming pools, a schedule of entertainment activities by appointment, digital menus and other changes are some new features in this regard. See the full study on the page The Future and Present of Post-Pandemic Travel.

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