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With world-class entertainment, exceptional food and drinks, and of course the opportunity to earn big money, it's no wonder so many people visit casinos during your vacation. With an almost guaranteed level of service and a fun-oriented environment, casinos they are the ideal place to relax and unwind or have unlimited fun when you are traveling.

Casino-themed holidays are the choice of many, there is appeal to drinking with friends on a package holiday while visiting some of the most famous casinos in the world, possibly getting lucky.

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Check out our guide to some of the world's most popular gambling destinations and the economic impact on local economies.

Best travel destinations for casino lovers

Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas casinos

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Las Vegas is the meeting place for most famous casino in the world, a city primarily founded on casino gambling. With nearly 40 million visitors last year, generating just under $10 billion in revenue, the casino tourism it's a phenomenon that's not exactly new, but it's still growing. Clark County (where it is Las Vegas) saw a 1.5% increase in visitor numbers last year, a number that grew again later in the year.

The impact of casinos on tourism is very difficult to measure, there is little concrete evidence on the subject, however Las Vegas is an exception to this rule, the number of casinos in the area and the reputation it has make it easy to calculate. In 2016, 73% of Las Vegas visitors, these 73% spent an average of 2.9 hours playing games per day. The average gambling budget was an astounding $578.54.

  • Exploiting flaws in US gambling

Did you know that in some US states gambling is totally restricted, but by venturing several miles offshore and in international waters, tourists can play until their hearts are satisfied without any restrictions. Now, most major cruise ships have an onboard casino as part of the entertainment package, allowing tourists to make the most of being outside government control.

  • outside the United States

The US is not alone either. Europe has had resorts like Monte Carlo and Monaco for a long time, but it's Asia's emerging markets that are changing the whole dynamic of the international game. Despite strict government controls, China's emerging middle class is driving demand for more gambling outlets, with state lottery spending topping $60 million last year. However, that number is greatly diminished by the amount spent in neighboring China's casino paradise.


japan casinos

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Japan is also on the cusp of becoming a casino paradise. After years of having an adversarial system where gambling was completely banned, despite there being many equestrian rinks and Pachinko halls, the government agreed to allow licenses for the casinos. While we won't see the first resorts until the 2020s, Japan could become a competitor to Macau, Singapore and even Las Vegas.

Aside from pachinko, a game that is very popular in Japan is scratch card. In the scratch card game you need to match multiplier values or similar symbols to win cash prizes. Multipliers can go up to 2,500x and so the payouts are huge. If you don't want to leave the house, you can play on online scratch card and enjoy the beauty of your mobile game.

  • Macau – China's answer to Vegas

Macau is without a doubt the premier gaming destination in the Far East. A former Portuguese colony with autonomy not far from the situation in Hong Kong, Macau is China's answer to Las Vegas. While a former haven for the upper classes and expats who flocked to Hong Kong to gamble, Macau is becoming a little more popular, offering the 'all under one roof' solution seen in places like Las Vegas and Singapore.

In fact, the demand for overnight stays and casino trips is so great that the Chinese government is currently building a gigantic road bridge stretching from Hong Kong to Macau, significantly reducing travel times and providing a link between Disneyland and tourists. . Chek Lap Kok International Airport. The average gaming revenue per visitor in Macau is between $1,200 and $ 1,800, this figure is about 8 to 10 times higher than the average gaming revenue per visitor on the Las Vegas Strip. Most of Macau's gaming revenue comes from VIP players.


casinos around the world

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Europeans no longer have options when it comes to casino options. There are several casinos that are certainly not as famous as those in Las Vegas and Macau, but they include features that ensure they stand out from the crowd.

The Kuban Casino in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is a favorite of both professional and amateur gamblers. During the summer months, Sunny Beach is the place of choice for young groups of friends. The 24/7 casino makes sure they can visit when they are not busy with drinks. The casino covers 10,760 square feet of gaming space, has 120 gaming machines and eight table and poker games.

Slovenia is another european country with casinos severely underestimated. Casino Bled is the most popular and it's no wonder why. The casino covers 10,760 square feet and has 85 gaming machines. Particularly famous for hosting American Roulette, the 9 tables mean there's plenty of room for everyone, even at peak times.

Belgrade is home to the largest luxury complex in Serbia. Grand Casino Belgrade opened in 2008, is part of an international casino chain and is owned by Club Hotel Loutraki and the Serbian State Lottery. The fact that it is located just 7 minutes from the city center ensures that it attracts tourists and locals alike. As with many of the previously mentioned casinos, it is more than just a casino, it offers restaurants, bars, lounges, a multifunctional event hall and luxury shops. There are 230 slot machines as well as facilities for roulette, blackjack and poker.

Alternative destinations / options

While demand for new casino resorts is growing, it's not just the 'real world' locations that are making money. In the UK, for example, which has a strong gambling market worth £13.8bn, almost a third of that revenue comes from the online gambling industry. Land-based casinos in the UK aren't exactly the big winners you'll find in the Nevada desert or Macau island, but internet gambling should certainly be taken seriously.

Online casinos have a wide range of games, brilliant gameplay and ease of access have resulted in real casinos that care, especially with innovations like mobile casinos that bring the action directly to players' smartphones and tablets while they're on the go. , it's never a bad time to play online casino games. Travelers from all over the world can now enjoy the benefits of online gambling from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. All you need is a compatible credit card and you are over 18 years old. It's also a great way to practice before visiting a casino on vacation!


With the number of global tourism visitors growing to 1.2 billion last year, there is a huge market for traveling gamers, especially those coming from countries where gambling is still restricted. The change in the law in Japan gives tourists another option, as if that wasn't enough!

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