Discover which national destinations lead the ranking as the most sought after for Carnival 2020

THE most awaited holiday by Brazilians it's also a great reason to pack your bags and visit that dream destination. Whether to enjoy the parties and blocks or just to relax next to nature, there is no shortage of itineraries for those who want to enjoy Carnival 2020.

But what would be the most popular national destinations during Carnival festivities? A survey conducted by the travel platform Take off revealed which are the 5 most coveted cities by Brazilians in Carnival 2020. Check them out and pack your bags: 

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Sao Paulo-SP

carnival 2020

Photo: Pexels

The study carried out by Decolar shows that Sao Paulo rose two positions in the preference of cities to spend Carnival 2020 compared to last year, occupying the very first place. And this can be explained: the time when there was no space for São Paulo's carnival is long gone. During the party, the streets of the capital are taken by hundreds of blocks to the sound of different rhythms, presenting a lot of diversity and joy.

Rio de Janeiro - RJ


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THE Rio de Janeiro occupies the second place in the ranking of cities most sought after by Brazilians at Carnival 2020. Which is no surprise, since the wonderful city features some of the biggest samba schools in the country in the sumptuous parades of Avenida Marquês de Sapucaí. However, for those who want not only to watch but also to participate, it is possible to enjoy the lively street blocks spread across different neighborhoods. 

Salvador BA


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savior is practically a synonym for Carnival. Therefore, it is no surprise that the capital of Bahia occupies the third place in the ranking of destinations most sought after by Brazilians during the 2020 carnival party. and a lot of axé. Thus, it is impossible to stand still in the face of so much joy. 

Porto Alegre - RS

carnival 2020

Photo: Disclosure

Even with its usual carnival schedule, Porto Alegre It is very popular with people who want to get away from the big crowds. Thus, it is in fourth place in the ranking of destinations most sought after by Brazilians during the holiday. With several attractions, the city is also an alternative for those who enjoy cultural tours, such as a visit to the Rio Grande do Sul Memorial and the Mário Quintana Culture House. 

Fortaleza - CE


Photo: Pixabay

The beautiful capital of Ceará Strength offers a varied and joy-filled party. Therefore, it occupies the fifth place in the list of cities most sought after by Brazilians during Carnival 2020. The party takes place in different parts of the city and is marked by parades and animated blocks. In addition, there is a schedule of shows that stir the public even more during the revelry.

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