Surrounded by rocky mountains covered with ice and the green of the well-preserved vegetation of the Banff National Park, The lake Moraine It is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Canada. Located between the mountains in the province of Alberta, the lake is one of the main attractions in this region of the country and is visited by around 4.5 million people annually. Its calm waters oscillate between various shades of blue and complete the fantastic landscape of scenic beauty.

THE lake Moraine it is formed by the melting of glaciers in nearby mountains. During the passage of these waters, the rocks wear out and their sediments are taken to the bottom of the lake, giving this vibrant hue to the water.

THE Banff National Park it also offers several trails to enjoy the lake from other perspectives that are from time to time restricted due to the large presence of brown bears in the region. It is also possible to rent kayaks and explore the lake in a different way.

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Between 1969 and 1979 the lake became famous after the image was printed on Canadian 20 dollar bills. THE lake Moraine is situated in the Valley of Ten Peaks, approximately 70 km from downtown Buff and 12 km from Lake Louise, another must-see in the area.


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Photo: Daveynin / Flickr

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