The turquoise waters of the caribbean are in the dreams of any tourist who wants to take a few well-deserved vacation days and escape to a totally paradisiacal and relaxing place. In the midst of so many islands there is one that attracts more attention than its beautiful beaches.

THE Pig Island, officially Big Major Cay, is an island inhabited by cute little pigs that cool off in the clear and warm waters in the middle of the Bahamas. The tiny island has been home to pigs for centuries, which were introduced by sailors as a guarantee of food reserves during their long voyages. It turns out that the men never returned there and the animals created a true independent colony that would be the envy of anyone.

Today the pigs are used to tourists – they swim and have fun with the animals without any problem. Some of these charming little pigs can weigh up to 60 kg. The island of Big Major Cay has become one of the popular destinations for Bahamas precisely because of that. Check out some images of the destination:

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photo: michael sands

Photo: Erik Staal

Photo: Katlin Dougherty

Photo: via Flickr – wanderamore

Photo: via Flickr – wanderamore

Photo: via Flickr – wanderamore

Photo: via Flickr – wanderamore

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