Wineries to visit, tours to do, places to stay: everything you need to know to enjoy the best of the Serra Gaúcha wine region

Stone houses, charming streets, vineyards, lakes, mountains and a lot of charm. With a bucolic look, the Serra Gaucha wine region It is capable of winning over anyone, whether for the friendliness and hospitality of its residents, for the gastronomy and architecture that reveal its strong Italian origin, for the impressive natural beauties and for the vineyards that adorn paths and that later, at the table, are responsible for also enchanting palates.

For those who are planning a tour of the region, the cities High Happy, Bento Gonçalves, Flores da Cunha, Garibaldi and chick Flag, among others, are home to hundreds of wineries. Some of them open their doors for visitors to get to know all the processes of making the drink, attracting many tourists.

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Next, we have prepared a practical guide with all the tips for those who want to visit and be enchanted by the Serra Gaucha wine region – always with a toast at the end to celebrate, of course.

Serra Gaúcha wine region: wineries to discover

Serra Gaúcha

Luiz Argenta Winery. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Don Guerino

With a familiar and at the same time modern concept, the Don Guerino winery, located in Alto Feliz, is the first for those arriving in the region from Porto Alegre. Its contemporary architecture stands out, contrasting with the scenic landscape. After all, there are more than 55 hectares of vineyards that decorate its surroundings – and are even more beautiful at sunset.

Its structure, impeccable and with modern machinery, produces more than 500 thousand bottles of wines, sparkling wines and grape juices per year. That's why it won the brand several awards in Brazil and around the world.

Therefore, those who want to know the vineyards, as well as the entire process of making the drinks, can schedule a guided tour through the website. The tour is offered from Monday to Friday at 10 am and 3 pm, and on Saturdays at 11 am. The tour, which costs R$ 50, also includes a tasting of 6 labels and whoever does so takes home a crystal glass as a gift.


Located in the heart of Vale dos Vinhedos, the brain is a true reference in Brazilian winemaking. The winery produces, on average, 10 million liters of wines and sparkling wines per year.

Surrounded by an atmosphere full of green, the place is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of wines. The guided tour offered presents the tanks, barrels, cellars and, at the end, a tasting is held. The price for the tour is R$ 35 with a bonus of R$ 10 for wine purchases.

In addition, for those who want something different and relaxed, there is also the Wine Garden. The space, set in the winery's gardens, offers a charming outdoor picnic. Admission is free and the visitor pays for what he consumes.

Dal Pizzol

Surrounded by a large green area with lakes, animals and trees, the Dal Pizzol, in the Faria Lemos District, is the right choice for those who want to enjoy a quiet afternoon with their family – without, of course, giving up tastings.

With a lot of history to tell, the space maintains a small museum whose collection brings together more than 200 old bottles. The winery also features the impressive Vineyard of the World, an area with over 400 varieties of grapes from 35 countries. Speaking of relics, the winery's Enoteca, built in an old pottery oven, concentrates labels produced by the brand since 1978.

Dal Pizzol also performs a playful blind tasting, where visitors must identify flavors, aromas and other characteristics of each wine. The tour costs R$ 75 per person and must be booked in advance. In addition, the space also has a restaurant and toys for children to have fun outdoors.

Luiz Argenta

There is no way to visit Luiz Argenta Winery, in Flores da Cunha, and not be impressed by the scenery full of vineyards in different shades of green. It is worth spending a good few minutes admiring the landscape from the top of the modern building designed by the architect Vanja Hertcert. In fact, the innovative design earned the space the title of one of the most beautiful wineries in Brazil.

With a very technological production process, Luiz Argenta, despite its young age – it has been 15 years since its creation – stands out in the production of very high quality labels. Currently, around 180,000 bottles are produced a year with a variety of 16 types of grapes grown in 55 hectares of vineyards.

Luiz Argenta carries out visits where it is possible to get to know the vineyards aboard a safari-style car and better understand the beverage production process from Monday to Saturday, at 10 am, 2 pm and 3 pm, and Sundays, at 10:30 am, 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm, at value of R$ 50 per person.

In addition, for those who want something more exclusive, there is the Cave Experience tour, held only on Fridays and Saturdays. On this tour, a blind tasting takes place inside the cellar in the company of a winemaker, at the cost of R$ 130 per person. The space also has a shop, restaurant and wine bar.

long peter

Based in a building from the last century that resembles a castle, the long peter, in Garibaldi, is the only Brazilian winery that can use the term champagne on the labels of its products.

With a production of 5 million liters per year, the space offers a tour inside the castle. The visit, lasting approximately 50 minutes, passes through an underground basement, tunnels, a small museum and other facilities. The tour ends with a tasting of some labels. The experience is offered daily from 9 am to 4 pm for R$ 20 and includes a tasting.

In addition, for those who enjoy an alternative program, the winery also offers the Wine Movie. This is an open-air cinema session held once a month in the property's gardens. With wooden pallets spread over the grass, cushions, food trucks and a giant screen, productions that prioritize stories related to wine are shown. Drinks, of course, are also part of the program.

Tickets for each session cost R$ 40 and include a shot of wine or sparkling wine and also a popcorn.


Considered the largest in Brazil and present in 20 countries, Aurora Winery was founded in 1931 and works to this day as a cooperative. Currently, it has more than 500 employees and a thousand associated families. In addition, it produces 52 million liters of wines, sparkling wines and grape juices per year.

Located in Bento Gonçalves and a pioneer in wine tourism, the unit, open to visitors, does not gather large vineyards – these are cultivated in the municipality of Pinto Bandeira, where there is no visitation – but a space full of barrels and tanks, where the tour is led by a guide.

The tour, which runs through the entire underground space of the winery, is free from Monday to Saturday, from 8:15 am to 5:15 pm, and on Sundays, from 8:30 am to 11:30 am. Scheduling must be done through the website. Finally, some labels can be tasted and, later, there is also a spacious store with several items for sale at inviting prices.

Serra Gaúcha wine region: tours through the region

Serra Gaúcha

Maria Smoke. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Italian Epic

When visiting the wine region of Rio Grande do Sul, you will be curious to know how the first Italian immigrants arrived in the region, right? Because in Bento Gonçalves there is a theme park, the Italian Epic, which leads visitors to a direct contact with this history, a true journey back in time. The experience presents several scenarios and scenarios that recreate the trajectory of the first couple who left Genoa to Porto Alegre, aboard a ship, in 1876.

Maria Smoke

The steam train tour Maria Smoke takes visitors on a 23-kilometer route from Bento Gonçalves to Carlos Barbosa, a journey that takes approximately one and a half hours amid bucolic landscapes and lots of Italian music.

However, those who want to enhance the experience can include a wine tasting during the charming trip. The L'Essenza Del Vinho tour offers, in addition to tastings of specially selected labels, a special car for passengers.

stone paths

The script stone paths it is a route that aims to rescue the old crafts of the first Italian immigrants who arrived in the region. Along 12 kilometers of beautiful scenery and lots of nature, visitors can discover charming little houses, restaurants and canteens.

It is possible to visit places full of traditions, such as Casa da Ovelha, Casa da Erva Mate, Casa do Queijo, Casa da Tecelagem, among others. In addition, there is also the possibility of taking the bike route, a tour offered by the “Que Tal de Bike?” project.

Union Distillery

A novelty for those visiting the region is the Union Distillery, in Bento Gonçalves. Like some wineries, the distillery offers a visit to those interested in learning about the whiskey malt manufacturing process.

Created in 1948, Union Distillery has the capacity to produce around 3 million liters of the drink per year and reached the wine route in 2015 (its other unit is in Veranópolis). The tour runs from Monday to Saturday and costs R$ 40 per person, with tasting of four labels and a free glass.

Serra Gaúcha wine region: where to eat

Galeto di Paolo. Photo: Better Travel Guide

Galeto Di Paolo

For those who want to taste the traditional cuisine of the region, including chicken, pasta and the famous capeletti soup, the Galeto Di Paolo, a franchise that was born in Garibaldi, offers a rich sequence in a rustic environment and a beautiful view surrounded by trees. In addition, to accompany the chicken, there is also a tasty fried polenta and a dry and crispy breaded cheese.

Dal Pizzol Ristorante

With a cozy and relaxed atmosphere close to nature, the Dal Pizzol Ristorante It is ideal for lovers of good meat, pasta and good house wines. It opens on Saturdays and Sundays and offers a salad buffet along with a generous selection of meats, risottos and pasta at a fixed price.

Clo Restaurant

With a breathtaking view of the Luiz Argenta vineyards, the Clo Restaurant It is a great choice for those who want to harmonize sophisticated dishes with the winery's extensive drinks menu. In addition, the menu changes according to the season and offers a set menu with a starter, main course and dessert.

Serra Gaúcha wine region: where to stay

Serra Gaúcha

Dall'Onder Caxias do Sul. Photo: Better Travel Guide

The region has a wide and varied hotel chain, with options ranging from the most luxurious to the simplest – some within the wineries' own facilities. However, it is important to remember that, in high season, in winter and summer, it is necessary to make reservations in advance to guarantee your stay.

With two hotel units in Bento Gonçalves, one in Caxias do Sul and one in Garibaldi, Dall'Onder hotel chain It is a good option for those looking for comfort, good facilities and a varied breakfast. The network not only offers a complete structure for those looking for leisure destinations, but also spaces for events, congresses and meetings.

Serra Gaúcha wine region: best time to visit


Aurora Winery. Photo: Better Travel Guide

There is no better time to visit the wine region of Rio Grande do Sul: throughout the year you will find beautiful landscapes, activities and tours to take. In winter, for example, temperatures drop and make the scenario more romantic and cozy.

However, those who visit the region during the summer can participate in the harvest, as the grape harvest is called. From January to March, the wineries allow visitors to participate directly in the harvest and some even offer a special program, with tastings and other activities. There will certainly be no shortage of activities to do whatever the season you choose.

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