Are you planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro and looking for a place to stay? Yoo2 Rio offers the best accommodation with an incredible view in the rooms and on its Rooftop 

Imagine opening your bedroom window and seeing the Sugar Loaf, Corcovado and Guanabara Bay right in front of you. Amazing, no? when staying at Yoo2 Rio you will be treated to the best view of Botafogo. The design hotel is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro and in one of the most connected neighborhoods in the city. 

THE Yoo2 Rio is part of the independent luxury hotel conglomerate of Preferred Hotels & Resorts. The entire setting seeks to connect guests to the Carioca soul, as an eclectic musical mix. The decor has a lot of color and wood, with details that make the environments cozy and uncluttered. 

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And everything is even more pleasant with the best view of Botafogo, whether in the rooms and suites or on the Rooftop of the Yoo2 Rio, a terrace specially designed to sit and enjoy the scenery. This is because the hotel was strategically built in an area that allows you to see the main postcards of the city. As well as connecting the center of Rio to Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and the beautiful beaches of the south. 

Get the best view of Botafogo from your room 

discover the Yoo2 Rio hotel in front of the Sugarloaf Mountain

Photo: Yoo2 Rio

When staying at Yoo2 Rio, you will be amazed at the quality of the rooms and suites that go beyond mere accommodations. The hotel has created environments so that its guests can connect to the city and not just pass through it.

All rooms are carefully decorated according to the guest's profile, always bringing outstanding features of the carioca culture. In addition, they reveal the best view of Botafogo from their large windows. 

You can even choose which postcard you want to see from your room. Like, for example, choosing the Corcovado Room, which has a beautiful view of Corcovado Hill, where the Christ the Redeemer is. Or decide to stay in the Bossa e Açúcar suite, which, in addition to Corcovado, allows you to see Botafogo beach and Sugar Loaf Mountain. 

There are also rooms specially designed for those traveling as a family or for those traveling to Rio de Janeiro to enjoy all the excitement of the state capital.

Yoo2 Rio's Rooftop Among the Best

discover the Yoo2 Rio hotel in front of the Sugarloaf Mountain

Photo: Yoo2 Rio

However, it cannot be denied, the best view of Botafogo is from the Rooftop of Yoo2 Rio. This is because, from the top of the 13th floor, it is possible to have a privileged panoramic view of the region. It's no wonder that Yoo2 Rio's Rooftop was the “Best Visual” category winner from Veja Rio: Eat & Drink 2019/2020.

For guests, the Rooftop is the ideal place to sit back, relax and enjoy the view, either by the pool or in one of the signature cabanas. The place has a relaxed bar, great for making new friends. The incredible drinks are signed by the Bahian bartender Roger Bastos and the dishes prepared by chef Mbark Guerfi. 

Following the concept of a meeting place, Yoo2 Rio's Rooftop is also open to non-guests who usually come to enjoy the sunset or for a happy hour, but need to make a reservation in advance. There is always good music, played by DJ's who frequent the place, creating a permanent party atmosphere.

Indulge in Yoo2 Rio's gastronomy

discover the Yoo2 Rio hotel in front of the Sugarloaf Mountain

Photo: Yoo2 Rio

In addition to the amazing Rooftop bar, Yoo2 Rio offers an in-room dinner menu, with the flavors of Carioca cuisine and healthy options. The suites are equipped with the perfect environment for unforgettable dinners against the backdrop of the best view of Botafogo.

Another option is the Cariocally Restaurant & Bar, designed to reflect the people and culture of Rio de Janeiro. The menu features typical dishes with the best local ingredients. Try seafood, Brazilian beans, cassava and specially prepared barbecued ribs. 

The restaurant serves all meals in a vibrant setting with textured wood paneling and a conservatory decorated with colorful tiles. To top it off, the Cariocally wine cellar has one of the largest selections in town, with the best drinks in Latin America and elsewhere in the world.

Relax and take care of your health at Yoo2 Rio

discover the Yoo2 Rio hotel in front of the Sugarloaf Mountain

Photo: Yoo2 Rio

Worried about keeping fit and healthy? When staying at Yoo2 Rio you will have a gym with state-of-the-art equipment and professional support to help you with your exercises. Yoo Fit also promotes morning runs along the beachfront, very pleasant for those visiting the city.

If your aim is just to relax, be sure to visit the Bossa Spa, which provides relaxing massages and a lot of tranquility for you to reconnect. 

Don't just see, live Rio de Janeiro on Yoo2

discover the Yoo2 Rio hotel in front of the Sugarloaf Mountain

Photo: Yoo2 Rio

Yoo2 Rio's proposal is to bring guests closer to the carioca culture and, there is nothing better than taking them to know more about the local culture. 

For this, the hotel offers Yoo Explorar: prepared employees indicate the best bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the city. In addition, they promote walks and bike rides through the neighborhood, showing street art and visiting art galleries.

If you want to explore Rio de Janeiro on your own, Yoo2 Rio helps you with the Insider's Guide. In it you will find the best shops, restaurants, bars, clubs and cultural activities in the city. 

To assemble the guide, the Yoo2 team sought indications from people connected to the culture of Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, by following the tips from the Insider Guide, you will be able to enjoy the best of life in Rio. 

In other words, Yoo2 Rio is prepared to offer you the best travel experience in Rio de Janeiro. The design hotel is the ideal place for those who want to connect with carioca culture and experience incredible days in the wonderful city. Don't miss out on getting to know him.

Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro
Botafogo Beach, 242
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Tel: +55 21 3445 2000
Tel: +55 21 9 9830 9337

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