Find out what it's like to study English at The English Studio, a British education network with locations in Dublin and London

THE The English Studio is a British educational institution with origins in the City of London and branch in Dublin, Ireland. The English school is certified by the British Council, Cambridge English, Trinity College London and English UK. And in Ireland, the unit is recognized by ACELS, an Irish entity that qualifies which schools are able to receive foreigners.

Many who want to take the exams Cambridge or Trinity choose to study at institutions of this format, which guarantee all the necessary qualifications to take the exam and obtain the certificate. This certification serves to prove your fluency in the language, being able to work abroad or in a multinational. In addition, this document may be required to study at colleges outside Brazil, obtain scholarships and take certain long-term courses.

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The English Studio - English School in Dublin and London

The English Studio – School of English in Dublin and London. Photo: Disclosure

English classes in Dublin and London

With students of different nationalities, the schools in the network The English Studio present teaching methods that aim at total immersion in the language from the first day of class. There are different activities for students to interact with while learning new vocabularies and improving their understanding of rules, pronunciation and conversation. The teachers are always in a good mood and bring a more relaxed atmosphere to the classes.

For professional life, this experience becomes a great advantage and can be a decisive factor in an increasingly competitive job market. Even the exchange to make graduation abroad it is one of the fastest growing modalities in Brazil and for that, the student needs to have a proof showing the level of English.

But, definitely, such a trip is not just remarkable for your CV. Live in another country for a while and make a language course abroad goes far beyond perfecting a foreign language.

Students gain more self-confidence, being an open door to various personal opportunities, such as living in other countries and traveling to different destinations in the world in complete safety. Companies also value this professional profile, not only because of their experience abroad, but also because of their determination and ability to achieve great goals on their own.

Brazilians are looking for Dublin as an exchange destination

Study English in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. Photo: Disclosure

What English classes are like at The English Studio

The school works with teachers from different countries to improve the student's ability to talk to people of any nationality. The daily activities propose everyday themes, bringing greater vocabulary and security in the student's communication.

Other factors also facilitate learning, as the student will be immersed in the language for at least 15 hours of classes per week, studying from Monday to Friday. The rooms are limited to a maximum of 14 students, allowing greater interaction between them and the teacher.

for the students of The English Studio Extra classes and different events are also offered to bring students closer to attractions inside and outside the school.

The English Studio, English school in Ireland

Educational network receives Brazilians in Dublin and London. Photo: Disclosure

What is the duration of the course?

You can set the duration of the course as per your need, it can be a course of a few weeks, a month, a quarter or six months in total. The most chosen among exchange students is the one-semester course. In this one, there are 2 months of vacation and the possibility of having a permanent visa to work in Ireland for up to 20 hours per week. If you have European citizenship, there is no limit on hours worked.

* This trip was made in partnership with the agency World Study, with the education network The English Studio and Better Travel Guide.

Find out what it's like to study English in Ireland

Find out what it's like to study English in Ireland and organize your exchange. Photo: Disclosure

» What is it like to study English in Ireland?
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What is it like to study English in Ireland?

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