Get to know the low-cost airlines, also known as low-cost airlines, that started operating in Brazil

With the dollar on the rise and the instability of the Brazilian economy, those who want to travel have to research a lot and plan everything in advance. One of the first things you need to research are airline tickets and, in this sense, the arrival of low cost airlines (that is, who have cheaper tickets) are a real consumer dream.

In 2016, the National Civil Aviation Agency – ANAC approved significant changes for all passengers. The intention was to promote competition between airlines, and thus, create low-cost airlines. 

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The term low cost it can refer to low-cost companies operating in different sectors, or even define travel and hotel styles. In the case of airlines, they are companies that offer flights with prices well below the market. These companies basically eliminate all the costs traditionally offered by common airlines, in search of a simpler and more direct service.

As people today are seeking more experience and are less concerned with the luxury of travel, the option to low cost is being highly anticipated. For Carla Santos, editor of the portal Guide 55, backpackers are no longer a closed group, and the desire to discover many places on a budget has attracted the attention of most travelers. With the wide acceptance of collective services such as Uber, Hostels, among others, luxury and exclusivity lost their power in the market.

cost reduction

To take advantage of this cheaper ticket option, it is important to keep in mind that some points are left out by low cost airlines. There is a whole strategy for these companies to be able to offer flights at such attractive prices. The main ones are:

  • They have only one type of aircraft (such as the A320 or Boeing 737);
  • Airplanes have only one class;
  • Those who buy tickets in advance will pay less. That is, as the aircraft fills up, the value of the ticket goes up, valuing those who buy in advance;
  • Seats are not assigned;
  • You pay for checked bags (here it really works);
  • The flights depart to secondary airports and with cheaper costs for the company;
  • Most flights are on non-business or busier times;
  • Companies have simplified management, often without a window or over-the-counter sales, operating completely online;
  • Companies provide more seats on planes;
  • Stopping time at airports is reduced;
  • Air tickets are sold separately for each segment, with no connection possible;
  • Drinks, snacks, headphones and other services are paid separately by passengers who wish to use them.

But, if even without some small luxuries you want to take advantage of this service and pay less to travel, be aware of the three companies that have already arrived in Brazil

  • the chilean Sky Airline, which flies from Rio and São Paulo to Santiago – and will also operate the Salvador-Santiago section as of December –; 
  • the norwegian Norwegian, which flies from Rio to London; 
  • Air China, which made occasional flights from São Paulo to Beijing in high season since 2009 and started operating the destination regularly this year.

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