Soft sand, clear waters, native vegetation, dolphins and untouched dunes: discover the most beautiful beaches on the South Coast of São Paulo

THE South Coast of Sao Paulo It is known for receiving thousands of tourists who leave the capital on weekends to renew their energy on many beaches in the region.

Always associated with crowds, few know that the region, which includes coastal municipalities ranging from Baixada Santos on the border with the State of Paraná, it reserves true natural paradises.

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These are beaches with white sand, crystal clear waters, lots of greenery and native vegetation. It is possible to swim close to dolphins, discover beautiful dunes and visit places practically untouched by man.

Take the time to visit the most beautiful beaches on the south coast of São Paulo and be amazed by its incredible beauty.

Cardoso Island – Cananéia

Very close to the border between São Paulo and Paraná, in the extreme south of the coast of São Paulo, is the Cardoso Island. Practically untouched by man, the island is a paradisiacal setting formed by deserted beaches, waterfalls, trails and 90% of native forest that are part of the Cardoso Island State Park.

Contact with nature begins with access to the island, carried out by boats departing from Canaanite. On the way, it is practically impossible to miss several Guiana dolphins – a species of dolphin – jumping between the boats. The path already indicates the immense biodiversity of flora and fauna present in the place.

The island is divided into two parts, Perequê, with incredible trails over the mangrove that lead to waterfalls, and Marujá, a quiet fishing village that offers accommodation options. There are several beaches that can be accessed, all with a wild environment and almost uninhabited.

At Pereirinha beach, it doesn't take much luck to swim with dolphins within ten meters of visitors. already in Laje beach, which is accessed via a 1.5-kilometer trail, the scenery is pure wonder.

The most beautiful beaches on the South Coast of São Paulo

Photo: Yuri Cruvinel Ribeiro / Wikimedia COmmons

White Beach – Guaruja

Another tip among the most beautiful beaches on the South Coast of São Paulo is the White Beach. IT'S the ideal destination for those who want to escape the rush and relax in a true isolated paradise. Only 116 kilometers away from the capital, access is via a light trail of approximately 20 minutes, very close to the border between Guarujá and Bertioga, in the Serra do Guaruru.

The roots environment, simplicity and good energy that circulate in the air attract many people who stay in campsites and small inns in the region. There is nothing luxurious, quite the contrary, the White Beach still preserves its rustic and caiçara traditions.

The calm sea, the exuberant nature and the cozy climate are great attractions of this charming place. At night, parties to the sound of reggae and forró make everything more cheerful and fun.

On summer days and on some holidays, the place usually receives many visitors and the weather is much busier. 

The most beautiful beaches on the South Coast of São Paulo

Photo: Rafael Ramos/ Flickr

Sangava Beach – Guaruja

A remote beach, surrounded by rocks and lots of nature. THE Sangava beach – also known as Congava – in Guarujá, it is only 170 meters long, but the scenery makes it worth it.

To get there it is necessary to take a trail that starts at Praia do Góes, in Guaruja. The path goes towards the Morro dos Limões and the ascent is demanding, but the panoramic views along the way are worth the effort. Got lazy? ok, pFor faster access, there are boats departing from Pilots' Bridge, in Santos, until the Sangava beach.

Once there, it's time to enjoy the calm of its clear and calm waters, perfect for relaxing. The high tide forms a charming natural pool, also ideal for diving and SUP.

THE Sangava beach still has two small neighboring beaches, the Smells Lemon and the Praia do Góes, both charming and full of nature.

Photo: via Masterfade / Flickr

Juréia Beach – Iguape

THE Juréia Beach It is located in the municipality of Iguape, approximately 20 kilometers from Peruíbe. The beach is part of Juréia-Itatins Ecological Reserve, and is the ideal place for those who appreciate a closer contact with nature. This is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful beaches on the South Coast of São Paulo.

In addition to an immense rocky shore and a lot of native forest, the beach gives access to several waterfalls, rivers and mangroves. Inhabited by local residents who preserve the region's caiçara culture, there are inns, campsites and restaurants close to the beach.

The wide strip of sand is accompanied by an extensive sandbank plain, ideal for long walks. By the way, for those who like trekking, there are trails that lead to other beaches, such as One Bar, in Peruíbe, another unmissable option to discover the region.

On rainy days, access by car on the road to Praia da Juréia can get more complicated, so pay extra attention to the steering wheel.

The most beautiful beaches on the South Coast of São Paulo

Photo: Luciano Faustino / Wikimedia Commons

Arpoador Beach – Peruíbe

A true paradise hides in the Juréia-Itatins Ecological Reserve, in the municipality of Peruíbe. One of the most beautiful beaches on the south coast, Arpoador Beach is isolated and its access is only possible from boats departing from Praia do Guaraú or through a trail.

As it is an environmental reserve, its entire length is monitored and it is not possible to remain in place for more than a few hours. But this time is enough to be dazzled by the rocks, the preserved forest in its surroundings and two beautiful waterfalls that flow into the beach.

The scenery is totally wild and uninhabited and the waters are very clean. The sunset, reflecting the mountains in the sea, is not to be missed. Therefore, this is one of the most beautiful beaches on the South Coast of São Paulo.

Photo: via Crazy for the Beach

Gonzaga Beach – Santos

Holder of one of the largest beach gardens in the world, the coast of Santos could not be left out of the most beautiful beaches on the South Coast of São Paulo. THE Gonzaga Beach It has a long wooded area, a bike path, many kiosks and all the necessary infrastructure to enjoy the sea and an enchanting sunset, with a view of the boats that depart and arrive at the Port of Santos.

At night, the beach gathers young people at kiosks and lively bars. All lit up, the beach is a great option for a quiet walk, feeling the sea breeze. 

The most beautiful beaches on the South Coast of São Paulo

Photo: Rafael Rodrigues / Wikimedia Commons

Araçá/Juruvaúva Dunes – Comprida Island

With 74 kilometers of beautiful beaches, Long Island it is a paradise for new discoveries. The municipality, which is located between Cananéia and Iguape, maintains the last untouched sand dunes of the State of São Paulo.

From the top of the dunes it is possible to have a view of the sea, lakes and the exuberant vegetation of the place. At Araçá Dunes are located in Balneário do Araçá, to the north of the island.

already the Juruvaúva Dunes are located in the south direction of the island, close to Boqueirão Norte. They are the tallest in the city, reaching up to 10 meters in height.

Despite not being as big as the dunes of northeastern Brazil, the scenery is surprising and provides a beautiful panoramic view of the surroundings, whether looking at the sea or the continent.

Photo: Monica Novaes / Wikimedia Commons

So, do you know other more beautiful beaches on the South Coast of São Paulo? Share your tip!

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