A new theme park is already being finalized and guarantees snow all year in Pomerode, in the European Valley of Santa Catarina.

the charming city of pomerode, located within the Santa Catarina, is one of the must-see attractions of the European Valley and has been recognized by the UN for hosting one of the best tourist villages in the world! Now, the destination promises to attract even more visitors with its newest attraction: a theme park that promises to have snow all year round to entertain visitors.

THE Alles Park is just 30 km from Blumenau, and promises to offer snow all year round to entertain visitors. According to the local city hall, the part of the complex called “Vila da Neve” will have slides, igloos, snowmen and a real cold of -5ºC. Tourists who wish to be transported to the European winter will receive special clothing at the entrance of the thousand square meter cold room to enjoy and play in the snow.

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The park will offer eight different attractions, including the only handcrafted wooden carousel in Brazil. Its first portion, covering 5,000 square meters, is currently under construction on Avenida 21 de Janeiro, in downtown Pomerode.

Alles Park

pomerode sc snow park

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Entrance to Alles Park will be free, but access to attractions will be paid. Within the space there will also be the Vila Germanica, with craft shops, brewery and typical cuisine. Another characteristic of the place is the absence of virtual or technological devices, since most of the recreations will be analog, which requires physical interaction. This is the case of Kinderplatz, which will have the largest inflatable obstacle course in Brazil.

“The park's attractions are predominantly analog, requiring physical interaction. The idea is to take the visitor out of the virtual and technological environment”, explains Cícero Fiedler, partner of the enterprise. Also according to the city hall, Kinderplatz (or “children’s square”, in free translation from German to Portuguese) will have the largest inflatable obstacle course in the country, in addition to a large area with suspended nets to entertain adults and children.

The second portion of the park, which will be installed in an area of 50 thousand square meters, is already under development, but construction has not started. For this point, a cable car that will connect the park to the Mirante do Morro da Turkey, 450 meters high, is in the plans. The idea is that ecotourism activities are created up there, such as zip lines, alpine sledding, topeary labyrinths, as well as visits to a chapel and the village of half-timbered houses.

The first stage of Alles Park, which began construction in January 2020, is already 75% completed and is expected to open to the public in June, the city of Pomerode said.

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