Among the many places to visit in Brazil, we want to suggest a different – and very tasty – tour of the most surprising themed restaurants.

Gastronomy, as we already know, is an important part of every trip. Going to a place and not tasting its cuisine leaves the experience incomplete. Therefore, the destinations' bars, restaurants and pizzerias are included in all itineraries. 

However, some of them go further and, more than offering regional flavors, they started to invest in the decoration of their environments to become, in fact, tourist spots.

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Taking this into account, among the many places to visit in Brazil, we want to suggest a different – and very tasty – tour to the most surprising themed restaurants.

Check out our tips on 13 themed restaurants to visit in Brazil and get ready to live unforgettable experiences.

The best themed restaurants to visit in Brazil

Magical world, rock'n roll, videogames and eroticism are among the themes of ambiance of the most incredible restaurants. The menus are also varied and leave nothing to be desired when it comes to excellent quality and unique flavors. 

Meet, now, the 13 best themed restaurants to visit in Brazil:

Broken Broom – São Paulo (SP) 

themed restaurants in Brazil

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The best of magical cooking, where snacks are spells and drinks are potions. It's what promises broken broom.

Located in the neighborhood of Perdizes, in São Paulo, this is one of the most incredible themed restaurants to meet in Brazil. 

Whether or not you are a Harry Potter fan, this is an unmissable place to visit in São Paulo.

Upon entering Broken Broom, you are transported to the magical world of the young wizard's saga. In addition to all thematic ambiance, the menu features snacks inspired by elements of the saga. 

By the way, the hamburgers are sensational!

Viking Axes Brazil – Nova Friburgo (RJ) 

themed restaurants in Brazil

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Are you stressed? Throw some axes at Viking Axes Brazil what happens. 

It sounds crazy, but it's not. 

THE themed restaurant inspired by nordic warriors, it reproduces the practice of the viking people and provides four spaces for throwing axes against wooden targets.

It is worth mentioning that everything is done very safely, following strict standards to ensure everyone's well being. 

The restaurant is all set up to make you feel like you are in an authentic Viking bar. The delicious snacks follow the same theme and complete the incredible experience at this place.

Viking Axes Brasil is located in the Nova Friburgo neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. 

Willi Willie Bar and Arquearia – São Paulo (SP) 

themed restaurant

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Rock bands, medieval atmosphere and archery range. This unusual mixture forms the Willi Willie Bar e Arquearia, in Moema, São Paulo.

The bar is a place to enjoy with friends, in a relaxed and surprising atmosphere.

The menu includes a wide variety of national and imported beers, as well as snacks and portions. 

The first archery in Brazil, Willi Willie has been teaching the art of archery for over 38 years.

Legos Pizzeria – São Paulo (SP)

themed restaurant

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Videogames on every table with thousands of games and an environment that takes you into this universe of games, this is the Legos Pizzeria, in Sao Paulo.

If you are a video game lover, be careful not to forget about the time inside. And, you who love a beautiful pizza, it will be hard to choose. The menu is varied and has a pizza tastier than the other.

Finally, the desserts are also surprising and make the experience at Legos Pizzeria unforgettable.

Hector Thematic Pizzeria – Gramado (RS) 

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Located in Gramado, in the mountains of Rio Grande do Sul, the Hector Pizzeria Theme it is a true world of magic, where those who enter don't want to leave, either because of the beauty of the place or the delights served there.

Despite reminding a lot of Harry Potter, the setting of this themed pizzeria has nothing to do with the famous saga. The main character is the dragon Hector.

More than just a themed restaurant to discover in Brazil, Hector has become one of Gramado's tourist attractions. 

The House Food and Fun – Belo Horizonte

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THE The HouseFood and Fun it's a place to go and feel good. 

The staff is super friendly and welcoming. The environments are decorated with elements from series, movies, drawings and artists to awaken good memories. And the menu is the culmination of the experience at this themed restaurant. 

On the first floor, for example, there is a replica of the famous sofa from the series Friends, which invites anyone who passes by to make a record among friends.

The women's bathroom resembles Alice in Wonderland, while the men's is set like James Bond.

The House Food and Fun serves everything from elaborate dishes to artisanal burgers, drinks and desserts.

Eat Asia+Hello Kitty – São Paulo (SP)

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Opened at the end of 2019 and with a few months of operation, due to the restrictions of the covid-19 pandemic, the Eat Asia+Hello Kitty is one of the themed restaurants to visit in Brazil.

Located in the Liberdade district, the place is a tribute to the famous Japanese cat. The environments are very beautiful and cozy. Snacks and sweets are also personalized.

The Eat Asia+Hello Kitty menu also has options for Japanese dishes.

Kongo Pizzeria – Gramado (RS)

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Imagine enjoying a delicious pizza in the middle of a tropical forest. This is the proposal of Kongo Pizzeria, in Gramado, in the Rio Grande do Sul.

Tourist attraction and an almost obligatory stop for those who pass through the road that connects Canela to Lawn, Kongo Pizzaria impresses with the beauty of its ambiance.

Everything is reminiscent of the Congo rainforest, including animal sounds. In fact, there are several replicas of them scattered around the pizzeria and the highlight is a large gorilla. 

Pizzas are served on an all-you-can-eat basis and there are over 80 flavors to choose from. It really is an amazing place to visit.

Steam Factory – São Paulo (SP) 

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Inspired by the literary steampunk movement, the themed restaurant Steam Factory It has an interesting atmosphere.

It is a retro-futuristic bar, hamburger and steakhouse that will make you feel inside a magical world where the future mixes with the past.

Curious, no? How about getting to know this amazing place? Steam Factory is located in the Ipiranga district, in the capital of São Paulo.

Medieval Tavern – São Paulo (SP)

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Seasonings and ingredients from the Middle Ages, the Medieval Tavern offers delicious snacks that will conquer you.

The environment literally takes you to the medieval era, on a journey of aromas and flavors. The drinks are a spectacle apart and there are options for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 

The hamburgers receive names that also refer to this time. An interesting example is the Simple Peasant with a Noble Heart that Goes Every Day to the Bosque Recolher Lenha, a shredded ham snack with red cabbage salad.

Have you ever thought about ordering your snack like this?

Valen Bar – Porto Alegre (RS)

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First erotic-themed bar in Brazil, the Valen Bar offers aphrodisiac gastronomy, erotic art and a decoration that will surprise you.

It is the place for those who enjoy sex, without being vulgar.

The menu is divided into quickies (potions), foreplay (starters), H-hours (main dishes) and cigarettes (desserts).

Valen Bar is located in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. 

Wall Street Bar – São Paulo (SP)

themed restaurants to visit in Brazil

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Inspired by the movement of the stock exchanges, in the Wall Street Bar Beverage prices fluctuate according to the number of orders.

The game is controlled by customers on touch screen terminals that are on the tables. The rise and fall of values can be followed on electronic signs on the walls.

At its entrance, a replica of the famous Wall Street bull statue is already impressive. The interior is sophisticated and welcoming.

The menu includes, in addition to drinks, delicious snacks. The Wall Street Bar is located in Itaim Bibi, in São Paulo.

Books & Beers – Florianópolis (SC)

themed restaurants to visit in Brazil

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Beach soul, bookstore content and room comfort. This is the proposal of Books & Beers, one of the themed restaurants to visit in Brazil. 

Located in Florianópolis, in Santa Catarina, Books & Beers is a place for lovers of good reading and its charms.

The menu, as well as a library, is very varied and has options for all tastes.

More than a bar, Books & Beer is a place to stay, enjoy and enjoy yourself, just like reading a good book.

It's not just the natural beauties that surprise in Brazil, the creativity and ability of the Brazilian people to turn moments into unforgettable experiences is truly incredible.

So, if you are passing through some of these cities, include these fantastic themed restaurants in your travel itinerary. 

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