Looking for a hot spring destination in Brazil? Check out a list of destinations to enjoy and relax in therapeutic waters in Brazilian spas

Much sought after due to beneficial health properties, thermal waters always come from natural sources very rich in salts taken from rocks and subsoil sediments.

Some Brazilian destinations are very popular because they are in regions where these springs are constantly sprouting, offering rejuvenating baths to those who choose these places as their next stop. Discover some destinations that offer these therapeutic waters.

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Caldas Novas – Goiás

The most famous destination for the thermal springs is certainly Caldas Novas, the city that is 270km from Goiânia, capital of the state, receives thousands of visitors every month, offering an admirable hotel structure, with numerous hotels, inns and resorts that provide activities and spaces leisure for the whole family.

spa in Brazil

Hot springs in Brazil. Photo: Disclosure

Where to stay:
Hotel Privé
Phone: (64) 3513.9813

Mossoró – Rio Grande do Norte

The second largest city in Rio Grande do Norte, Mossoró is the only place in the northeast that offers these health-beneficial sources. Planeta Água municipal water park, connected to Thermas Hotel and Resort, has 12 thermal water pools, connected and pumped from a central with water reaching a temperature of up to 58°C, and distributed to the pools, losing the heat gradually.

hot springs in Brazil

Hot springs in Brazil. Photo: Disclosure

Where to stay:
Thermas Hotel and Resort
Phone: (84) 3422.1200

Águas de Lindoia – São Paulo

Located 180 km from São Paulo, almost on the border with the state of Minas Gerais, the municipality of Águas de Lindóia is famous for its waters that come out of the ground at 28°C. At the Municipal Spa, tourists have therapeutic services, Scottish showers, hydromassage, as well as pools with mineral water and water slides.

Hot springs in Brazil

Photo: Disclosure

Where to stay:
Grande Hotel Gloria
Phone: (19)3824.8484

Olympia – Sao Paulo

Another municipality in the state of São Paulo, famous for its waters rich in mineral salts and sought after for the relief of various ailments, is Olímpia. Thermas dos Laranjais park has more than 20 thermal pools, surrounded by white sands and coconut trees, with temperatures that reach 38ºC in winter. The variety of attractions enchants tourists from all over the world: there are pools with waves, river with current, zip lines, pools for surfers.

brazilian spas

Photo: Disclosure

Where to stay:
Thermas Olimpia Resort
Phone: (19)3518.5092

Araxá – Minas Gerais

Araxá is 380km from Belo Horizonte and is one of the gateways to the Serra da Canastra National Park. The vast majority of visitors seek it out because of the therapeutic waters of the hot springs and the huge leisure area of the Tauá Grande Hotel, a huge complex opened in the early 1940s that still preserves all the elegance and glamor of the works of the time.

Brazilian spas

Brazilian spas. Photo: Disclosure

Where to stay:
Great Hotel in Araxá
Phone: (34)3669.7020

Gravatal – Santa Catarina

The city of Gravatal in Santa Catarina is well known for the Estancia de Águas Hidrominerais, a place that had its hot springs ranked among the best in the world. In addition to having a great leisure structure, hotels and gastronomy, the city is blessed by the nature that surrounds the municipality, with trails, viewpoints, caves and waterfalls, a full plate for nature lovers.


Brazilian spas. Photo: Publicity / flickr

Where to stay:
Gravatal International Hotel
Phone: (48)3648.8100

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