Discover the charms and pleasures of Caldas Novas and Rio Quente, in Goiás. Brazilian cities internationally known for their irresistible thermal baths 

The city of Caldas Novas, in Goiás, and its neighbor Rio Quente, are two of the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil, not only for their rich culture and incredible landscapes, but also mainly for their hot springs. Caldas Novas, for example, is one of the largest hydrothermal destinations in the world, receiving more than 3 million tourists a year.


The neighbor Rio Quente, 31km away from Caldas Novas, is also not far behind in the numerous leisure and tourism options. Between thermal baths, water parks, natural pools, the warm waters are rich in minerals and are popular with all audiences.

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In addition, the economy of cities revolves around the tourism sector, with a wide variety of hotels, inns and restaurants. But water parks are responsible for making tourists happy, regardless of age. Thus, for those who want fun, peace of mind or even a treatment for their health, this double national destination is an unmissable experience.

During the summer, temperatures easily reach 30ºC and the rains in the late afternoon arrive to relieve the heat a little. But it is in winter that the cities receive the largest number of tourists, the weather is drier, with little rain, and temperatures tend to remain above 25ºC.

Among the attractions that stand out in Caldas Novas is the Hot Park, the largest thermal water park in the world. With activities for children, family, in addition to water and extreme sports, it has numerous pools, aqua river and even tree climbing, for example.

Those who are tired of staying in the water and thermal baths, can take some time to visit Lago de Corumbá, which supplies the Corumbá I Hydroelectric Power Plant. In fact, the place is ideal for those who want to ride a speedboat or jet-ski. The scenery is even more incredible with the waterfalls near the attraction.

Where to stay in Caldas Novas – Goiás

You hotels and resorts in Caldas Novas they are certainly already an attraction in themselves. Full of leisure activities, floating bars, thermal pools, toboggans and water parks, the accommodation options offer activities for all ages and all budgets.

diRoma group

The diRoma Group has eight options for hotels scattered by Caldas Novas – Goiás, which offer comfortable accommodation and a multitude of thermal pools. THE Thermas DiRoma Hotel Club, for example, has 333 apartments and suites, with air conditioning, TV, balcony and panoramic views. In addition, it has a Water Park with 15 pools for thermal baths, three of which are covered so the rainy days don't go unnoticed, water bars and a water slide. Other options such as gyms, sports, event hall and restaurants are ready to not let anyone get bored.

The group also owns a large water park, DiRoma Acqua Park, the largest in Caldas Novas. With giant slides, pools with fountains, a large pirate ship and another variety of attractions that mix relaxation and adventure, the park is synonymous with guaranteed fun.


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Ecologic Ville Resort

Mixing spa and an immense variety of thermal pools, the Ecologic Ville Resort It has 478 apartments and has become a reference in luxury hotels and gastronomy in Caldas Novas. Framed by the Serra de Caldas, the hotel undoubtedly offers an impressive view of the city's natural beauties. For families with small children, the hotel also offers a playground with wooden toys, themed pools and trampolines, all monitored by children's recreation professionals.


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Prive Riviera Park Hotel

One of the biggest hotels of the city offers guests 14 swimming pools, including thermal and cold, as well as waterfalls, saunas and slides. In addition, those staying there can have access to Prive Diversão, a complex with three water parks: Water Park, Clube Privé and Náutico Praia Clube. The hotel has luxury apartments or apartments for families, with air conditioning, cable TV, microwave and minibar. Wifi, gym and pet-care are among the extra services offered.


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Where to stay in Rio Quente – Goiás

Finally, who to choose Rio Quente you can find in the city a hotel chain as plentiful as in Caldas Novas. Among the best options in town are:

Rio Quente Resorts

In the heart of Rio Quente, the hotel offers modern rooms and free WiFi, as well as breakfast. With several pools, children's playground and access to the Hot Park, the largest water park in South America has numerous attractions. Therefore, with spacious suites, minibar and safe, the rooms are comfortable and provide a good night's sleep, after enjoying the day at the pools and attractions at the water park.


Rio Quente Resorts, in Goiás

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Where to eat

Made in Brèsil Bistro & Cafe

With a menu of snacks, coffee and even more elaborate dishes, the restaurant is located in the central region of Caldas Novas, with easy access to visitors. The service and ingredients of the restaurant are a differential, in addition to the charm of the decoration.

Ms. Maria

Mixing Brazilian flavors, Dona Maria, in Caldas Novas, offers simple and sophisticated dishes to please all tastes. In addition to the flavors offered, the restaurant has a little shop where sweets and jams of the most varied types are sold, ideal for those who can't resist a sweetie.

Magnolia Pizzeria

Anyone who is in Rio Quente and can't stay long without pizza or looking for a quick and tasty meal after a day on the water will find first-class food and service at Magnolia Pizzaria. With seating options both inside and outside, the pizzeria has thin crust and plenty of fillings to please all tastes.

How to get?

In addition to Caldas Novas Airport, which offers flights from São Paulo, Campinas and Belo Horizonte, and has easy access to the city and Rio Quente, by means of buses and transfers, it is still possible to reach the city through Goiânia Airport , 172km away. Leaving the capital, to get to Caldas Novas, the access roads are BR-352 and GO-139. Bus companies make the route, such as Viação Estrela and Viação Paraúna. The same path is used to get to Rio Quente. An alternative route is taking the BR-153 and GO-217 highways.

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