Amazing treehouses in Bali with breathtaking views of the rainforest can be rented for less than R$150. Know how: 

Have you ever imagined staying in a tree house in Bali, with an incredible view of a tropical forest? And the best: paying less than R$ 150 a day? This is possible at the Lift, a charming hotel built in Ubud,the highlands of Bali, at Indonesia, known for its regional traditions, nature and rice plantations. 

What are treehouses like in Bali? 

Signed by the architect Alexis Dornier, the project brings together a series of tree houses, raised more than 12 meters from the ground. One of them, called "Ernest Hemingway House”, offers rates starting at R$ 133. 

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tree houses in Bali

Photos: Publicity

tree houses in Bali

Photos: Publicity

Completely integrated with nature, the suites of this wonderful tree house in Bali offer wonderful views of the rainforest that surround them. But don't think that, because it's located in the middle of the green, this dream accommodation doesn't offer comfort and sophistication. The property, although rustic, is equipped with a swimming pool, sauna, bar, space for meditation and a long deck, which reaches the treetops. 

Did you feel like enjoying a few days in this true natural paradise? Well, yeah, it wasn't just you. This is because space is very popular on the Airbnb rental platform. It might take a while to get one night there, as the reservations are very popular.

However, nothing that good planning well in advance – and a little luck, it's true – can't get you to find a date. 

tree houses in Bali

Photos: Publicity


Click here and check out more information about the tree house in Bali. 

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