Coldest cities in South America: the tropical climate becomes attractive for tourists, but it is also worth knowing the snow destinations that are here

The countries located in South America are known, for the most part, for their tropical climate and an environment valued for its exuberant nature. This aligning its beaches, waterfalls, rivers and lakes that annually attract a huge amount of tourists. After all, in most regions of Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela, the sunny climate remains practically all year round.

However, there are wonders spread across the continent that refer directly to the colder climate, that is, a colder temperature and great possibility of seeing snow, especially during the winter. And here we can highlight Patagonia, which encompasses the extreme south of Argentina and Chile and part of the Andes Mountains.

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Destinations to see snow in South America

Cerro Castor Ski Station in Ushuaia, Argentina. Photo: Disclosure

The latter passes through both countries and also through Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and parts of Colombia and Venezuela. These places also attract many tourists looking for snow destinations in South America, mountain hiking, mountaineering, ski touring and winter sports.

 For those who prefer a little chill, maybe these are ideal trips for your next vacation. Discover some of the coldest cities in South America and snow destinations that will delight you:

Falkland Islands

Coldest Cities in South America

Photograph: Wikimedia Commons

Influenced by the cold currents of Antarctica, the recurring climate in the Falkland Islands is cold temperate. Located about 1,200 km north of Antarctica, the climates are not hot in the summer and, but it is during the winter months that the islands turn into a surreal scenery. With fewer variations, the climates resemble those found in Great Britain. For those who still prefer higher temperatures, it is recommended to go between them from September to November, the spring period when the weather is drier.

The Falkland Islands were for a long time the scene of political disputes. This history begins with its colonization process that brought together English, French, Dutch and Spanish interests. And centuries later, after the independence of Argentina, it harbored new territorial disputes. Due to this troubled historical past and stage of wars, the Islands value and remember the past through their historical museums that go back to each period. For Argentines, the Falkland Islands are theirs and, honestly, they should be!

El Chalten

Coldest Cities in South America - Winter Destinations in South America

Photo: Gustavo Albano

In 1985 the village of El Chalten became an official city in Argentina and today is considered the trekking capital in the country, due to its nature full of mountains, lakes, forests and cliffs. Between May and September, most accommodations are closed and transport is limited. That's because the cold intensifies and the snow actually makes it difficult (but not impossible) its main tourist attractions: the trails through scenic landscapes.

During the summer, which lasts from November to March, the climate is milder, still cold, but it does not snow. It is during this period that it is possible to appreciate the natural landscape of the region amid the trails.

The city is situated between rocks and is a peaceful village. There are few restaurants serving typical foods, as well as markets and small fairs. That's why it's advisable to value the trekking in the region, and be sure to see the majesty of Fitz Roy and Laguna de los Tres up close.


Coldest cities in South America. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego, this typically tourist city is located in the extreme south of South America, and despite belonging to Tierra del Fuego, its cold climate is constant. In one of the theories, this region is called Tierra del Fuego, as it has volcanic activities resulting from the movement of tectonic plates, on the other hand, they say that the first ships that arrived found small flakes of fire, made and maintained by the original inhabitants, known as Mapuche.

Despite the city being a major tourist attraction, there is also an economy that works on the basis of local commerce. And, even though it is known as the last city in South America, Ushuaia It has an excellent structure. Therefore, it is also a region to appreciate and get to know the typical Patagonian culture, as well as the trails that lead to mountainous landscapes, snowy peaks, rivers and lakes that are frozen during the winter.

During the summer period temperatures vary between 11º and 21º, with very cold winds. In the winter period, the temperature is between 0º and -20º, even though with many visitors, especially those who prefer to walk in the cold or enjoy the snow sports stations such as the Cerro Castor Ski and Snowboard Station. In spring and autumn, the temperature fluctuates dramatically. The Patagonian climate is extremely demarcated and it is easy to notice this change in the local landscape.


Coldest Cities in South America

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

San Carlos de Bariloche, is the real name of the city in the Argentine Patagonia region, popularly known by Latin Americans as the city of ski and snow sports. Bariloche is one of the most populous cities in the region with around 130,000 inhabitants and, therefore, the city has a structure aimed at both its visitors and its inhabitants, so there is much more to do in Bariloche than skiing.

Take the opportunity to visit the restaurants, which can be suitable for all budgets and take advantage of the winter weather to stroll through one of the coldest cities in South America.

It is often through Bariloche that many Brazilians have their first contact with snow. This is due to the ease of reaching the region, either through distance or through agencies that offer various travel promotions to discover the beauty of the Argentine winter.

The rugged geography, which favors the practice of snow sports, enhances the local scenery that often refers to the great classics of cinema. A movie worthy environment with cinematic and beautiful landscapes!

The privileged and preserved nature, with several crystalline lakes, hills full of green during the summer and covered by snow during the winter, attracts numerous visitors throughout the year.

Puerto Williams 

Coldest Cities in South America

Coldest cities in South America. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This Chilean port region is also located in the region of Tierra del Fuego. It is considered the southernmost inhabited place in the world, then only Antarctica (where there are research bases from different countries).

The small town greatly values the natural exuberance of the region. When walking through the village, one often notices the care taken with the plantations, fauna and flora that live there. It is even possible to visit the various botanical gardens in the city, from the smallest to the largest.

The Martin Gusinde Anthropological Museum and the Stirling House are the oldest built houses in the region, now turned into a museum. They reserve the memory and history of the first peoples who occupied the region and later histories of Spanish and English colonization.

The port is located in front of the Beagle Channel, which takes its name from the various British expeditions in the region. Beagle was the name of the vessel carried by the English. Even, later, on another expedition, the naturalist scientist Charles Darwin was present, in fact, these trips were fundamental to elaborate his natural theories.

It is also worth checking out the vast virgin nature bathed by the cold climate. Due to preservation, it is possible to notice the numerous varieties of species in the region, whether of specific plants or local fauna, which are still well preserved.

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