United States: Brazilian tourists share some of the funniest English mistakes they made while traveling internationally

Mispronunciations, surreal translations and tight skirts always mark the travels international of Brazilians, regardless of their destination. Who has never felt extra shame during their vacation outside Brazil? Learning a new language can be challenging most of the time and mistakes are part of any kind of learning. 

Even the most studious are not immune to speaking a foreign language while traveling abroad. If you go to a destination where the locals speak English, like the U.S, the difficulty of guaranteeing a quality “embromation” is even greater. After all, speaking in real time is very different from the English classes we have in schools. 

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The path to fluency in a new language can be a fantastic and very rewarding journey. We all have the ability to learn a new language and traveling can be a great incentive to do so. However, the heat of the moment always leaves a tension when it comes to speaking or answering queries from foreigners during these trips. 

Brazilians in the United States

These stories will make your day so much more fun. Photo: Pascal Bernardon / Unsplash

Even without having full command of the English language, it is not for this small detail that we fail to travel abroad, right? However, despite the slight embarrassment that seems to arise at the time, sometimes these little perrengues bring us great stories in our luggage and somewhat unusual memories that make anyone laugh.

Traveling always puts us in unexpected situations. At that moment, having fun with our own mistake can be the best way to overcome the tension of the moment. 

Funny Stories of Brazilians in the United States

In a post made in a group in the social media called Orlando stuff, Brazilians share some “tamarins” that they passed during their trips to the U.S. And to make your day a little more fun and light, we had the audacity to separate some of these “stories” that we found there. See below:

at the entrance of Universal Studio, asked if he hadcoke can” in the backpack. The security asked so fast that I understood it was dope, I almost died right away. And I said no, wide-eyed. He started rummaging through his backpack, and yes, I had”coke can” (coke can) in the backpack. What a shame!

In Key West, which is very humid, there was a cockroach in the hotel room. My uncle went to reception and said: “We have a huge cucaracha in our room.” Cucaracha is cheap, but in Spanish, in English they call it cockroach.

I ordered at McDonald's “there's a Big Mac” and the clerk put 10 snacks on the bill. 

Please, man. Have a little alligator in my bedroom“. In an attempt to say: please, lad, there's a gecko in my room. The tourist said: “there is a small alligator in my room”.

In the market, tourist asks: “Do you have paper for ass?” The right would be toilet paper or bum

Brazilians share some tamarins while traveling

One of the tourists told the story of her sister, requesting an adapter in the hotel room: “The need one adapter!

Another traveler shared: “I would ask in the parks: Do you speak spanish? The person answered yes and I started to speak in Portuguese”.

Another tourist shared: I felt sick on the plane and told the flight attendant “I need the bag“.

We were having dinner and my husband ordered. “Please, one 'refrigerator'”. The attendant started to laugh. She said: "Could be a can of coke?

At Immigration, the policeman asked how long we were going to stay and my husband replied: “10 years”. Not even the officer could stand it, he died laughing.

Brazilians in the United States

Brazilians share funny stories while traveling. Photo: Amy Humphries / Unsplash

In one of the parks disney we lost the car in the parking lot. And after finally finding where the car was parked, we found that the alarm battery (from the key) had run out. There was no place to put the key, I didn't speak English nor did my boyfriend. After a lot of miming, with a lot of sacrifice, we called the rental company's phone. It was also hard to know that it was free like an 0800 number. We tried several times. After finally speaking to someone in Portuguese, we found out that all we had to do was remove the cap that was on the door handle.

I went to order a pizza at a restaurant to take away at the hotel, I didn't know the right word and had to order it "box for travel”.

My husband asked: “Water with gas, please!” (i.e. water with fart.)

Newly arrived in the United States, just eating a snack, I wanted to eat chicken. I went to the market, but I couldn't find chicken, I was looking for something roasted like what we have in Brazil. I found eggs, took the eggs and went to the box. I started to mime and talk "I need the mom, mom, do you understand? I need mom.”

I went to buy a package of socks, the attendant tried to explain to me that if I took two it would be cheaper. I was already desperate, because I had a little dollar and I said “only one same.

Another tourist shared: I went to lunch with friends at Whole Food Market. At the end looking for the exit I saw a door written "exit”. I pressed the door button and tried to get out, but it was the emergency door. I set off the alarm for the whole market. Another customer told me: “emergency only”. I went to apologize to the security, saying it was me, he just shook his head pissed off

It was in a 7eleven the day I arrived and asked: “the thing to put in the wall to charge the phone!”. The young man understood that I needed to charge my cell phone and showed me a bunch of cables and headphones, and then there was a plug. So obvious! I still left happy saying: “this is what I need”.

in a hotel of U.S, the person who was with me arrived late for breakfast and asked if they were still serving and the receptionist said that now only lunch (lunch). She came over and told me they were only serving snacks for breakfast.

During one of the trips to the United States, my mother said that she needed to get something out of her suitcase: “I need to withdraw“. For those who don't know"remove” in English means to retire.

My uncle was at Walmart looking to buy turkey breast. There were already two employees trying to help him, but I needed to save him. So, understanding the situation, I used my English. if "turkey leg” is something like a turkey leg or thigh and “show your boobs” is show your chest, I thought: easy, I threw a “turkey boobs, we want a turkey Boobs”. The staff didn't like it, they left us alone. We are out of turkey breast, but we have a mico for the collection.

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