Built with straw and wood, the elephant-shaped hotel stands out for its unusual design in Sri Lanka.

There are hotels and accommodation very unusual and creative around the world. In this case, however, the different design has everything to do with where the hotel is situated: in the middle of a small village in southeastern Sri Lanka known as Grape. The site, which borders the Yala wildlife park, is home to several species of animals and, among them, the elephant.

Elephant Villa

As a way of paying homage to the giant animals, the Elephant Villa hotel is shaped like a huge 12 meters tall elephant. In addition to an architectural wonder, the space features two spacious bedrooms on the upper floor that also have a lounge with hot water bathrooms.

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elephant hotel in sri lanka

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Constructed of wood and straw, the structure of the accommodation is ecological to blend in with the nature around you. The cuisine offered at the hotel is authentic Sri Lankan with traditional dishes, but also includes other options to please those who are not used to local seasonings.

As the space is surrounded by lush nature, it is common for animals such as peacocks and the elephants themselves to make recurring visits to guests. The hotel offers tours that run through the mountains and the beautiful natural paths on guided tours of the region.

elephant hotel in sri lanka

Photo: disclosure

THE night at Elephant Villa costs approximately US$ 171 (R$ 659) and it can accommodate up to 10 people at a time with a minimum occupancy of four guests.

elephant hotel in sri lanka

Photo: Disclosure

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