If you are part of the ecotourism and adventure tourism lovers, Aiuruoca, in Minas Gerais, is the ideal destination for you…

Located in the south of Minas, the small town of Aiuruoca, which is approximately 300 km from Rio de Janeiro, is a true paradise for nature lovers, if you are part of this group of people who love new discoveries and seek the tranquility of a small town. with just over 6 thousand inhabitants, you will certainly be enchanted by the beauties and natural attractions found in the charming Aiuruoca.

The small town enchants with its incredible waterfalls, some of which can reach up to 130 meters of waterfall, such as Cachoeira do Fundo, one of the most chosen attractions among visitors, or Cachoeira Deus Me Livre, for those who like a little more of adventure. And if you think that it stops there, the destination also has incredible paradisiacal trails that lead to the main tourist attractions in the city.

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In addition to the trails immersed in nature, many visitors choose to practice trekking that goes up to Pico do Papagaio. On one of these trails towards Vale dos Garcia, where the Joaquim Bernardo well is located, you can find relaxing natural whirlpools and stone slides. The access to Cachoeira do Fundo, ideal for those looking for a little more challenge, requires greater physical preparation, as it takes approximately 2 hours of walking to reach the place, all of this grouped with beautiful landscapes.

And after this incredible experience?

Well, between one adventure and another, nothing better than relaxing in a comfortable and welcoming place. Aiuruoca has rustic and very cozy inns for all tastes, ranging from accommodation with hammocks, more well-structured spas, and located at the top of the mountain, accompanied by a spectacular view, however due to being well disputed, reservations need to be made in advance so that you do not run the risk of encountering unavailable stays.

Some details about the main tourist attractions of Ayuruoca and that you will surely love to know.

Places in Minas Gerais - Aiuruoca

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Parrot's Peak


With a round trip hike lasting approximately 7 hours inside the Serra do Papagaio State Park, it ends up requiring the visitor to be physically prepared for long journeys. It is also recommended to bring plenty of water, sweater, repellent and small snacks to take along the tour.

The trail crosses through stretches of Candeia Forest, Altitude Tropical Forest and Rupestre Fields. Arriving at the top, the visitor can still witness a wonderful 360 degree view of the entire region, in addition to being at an altitude of approximately 2,100 meters.

Vale dos Garcias

In this destination, you can also visit Poço do Joaquim Bernardo, an ideal place for older people, small groups of friends or families. It is also possible to visit the Tiziu Waterfall, Garcias Waterfall, Esperança Waterfall and Prainha. The place has an incredible view of altitude and its vegetation is very similar to the Cerrado and in some higher parts it is very similar to the Campos de Altitude biomes.

A destination with a wide itinerary and with several and different attractions for its visitors, it is recommended before starting your visit, to gather some information at Casarão do Matutu. In addition to bike and horse trails, tree climbing, therapies and massages and other practices can also be enjoyed there.

Aiuruoca - Places in Minas - Cachoeira

Garcias Waterfall, in Aiuruoca. Photo via: Wikimedia

God Forbid Waterfall

With a light walk of approximately 20 minutes it is possible to reach 3 waterfalls approximately 15 meters high. Each of them form wells that turn into spas to relax, like the last one, suitable for bathing in icy and refreshing waters. In addition, the first two falls make it possible to practice canyoning – a modality that consists of descending through canyons, using the help of ropes and climbing equipment.

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