Tinder launches tool to reduce anxiety generated by social distancing, “Passport” tool allows you to interact with anyone in the world 

Chat with people from different places in the world is one of the most enriching parts of a travel. With the necessary self-isolation of the last few weeks, people are starting to have to deal with a new problem: the lack of human contact. To talk, exchange experiences and creating in community are fundamental acts for human existence. 

As social distancing increases, so does a society with more anxiety than normal. You may even like to stay at home, but when there is no choice, isolation can be torture. To contain this collective loneliness, the tinder has just launched a function called “Passport”, where the user can connect with people from different cities and countries. 

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“We hope that our members, many of whom are eager and looking for more human connections, will be able to use the Tinder Passport to transport yourself from self-quarantine to anywhere in the world”, says Elie Seidman, CEO of the platform. 

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“Passport” function is now available in the app. Photo: Jonas Leupe / Unsplash

In times of social distancing, tinder, a famous dating app created in 2012, which usually allows you to find people who are close to you, released a new update to the app this week. The algorithm works by crossing information that is published on other networks, such as Facebook and Spotify, to show people who have an affinity with your profile. 

Last Sunday (29/03), the brand reached the highest number of swipes of your story. Swipes is the name of the swipe function, allowing you to see which users are currently logged in. 

Tinder Passport travel app

Users are staying connected longer. Photo: Paul Hanaoka / Unsplash

Stay at home: the appeal that has worked

The constant dissemination about the importance of staying at home has had an effect. Among the relationship apps, awareness is also being disseminated with calls made by the companies themselves, warning of the need for social isolation. 

Another record noticed by the platform was the change in the biography of most users. In them, words like “stay at home” and emojis with masks are being found more frequently. 

It was also noticed that the conversation time on the platform increased. The last few weeks have brought some interesting data, such as longer conversations, greater amount of interaction and exchange of information between people. The conclusion we can draw from this is somewhat obvious: human beings are increasingly lacking in interaction. After all, we are collective beings, who form societies, create ideas and engage together. 

Since at this point we can only plan our travels, talking to people around the world can be a way to relieve anxiety and exchange ideas about other cultures. Want to travel the world without leaving home? Training your English, Spanish or talking to foreigners from different countries can be a possibility. Download the app and easily connect with any user in the world.

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New tool lets you chat with people from other countries. Photo: Priscilla Du Preez

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