Beaches as far as the eye can see with fine white sand strips that accompany the crystal clear waters of a river so extensive that it looks like the sea. At first glance it is difficult to imagine such a scenario when we talk about Amazon rainforest, but the region bathed by the Tapajós River has been gaining visibility among tourists due to the paradisiacal scenarios formed in this tropical Amazon region.

There are many support points for tourists to get to know the region along the entire length of the Tapajós River, the most famous and structured of which is the village of Alter do Chão, in the municipality of Santarém. All the others are riverside communities that are further into the forest, with a much simpler infrastructure but that leaves nothing to be desired, in these villages they are worked with the concept of community-based tourism, where you can stay in hammocks and rooms in the house of community members, buy products from the cooperative of local artisans, taste the typical gastronomy together with the residents and get to know the Tapajós National Forest with guided tours by the natives themselves.

The community of São Domingos is the closest to the area considered a national reserve (FLONA) then are Maguari, Jamaraquá, Pedreira, Piquiatuba and Tauari, each with its unique attractions and characteristics. In addition to beautiful beaches – a characteristic that all of them have – tourists can also take walks to lookouts and ancient trees, observe animals in the region and discover streams with crystal clear waters.

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Among the tours, the highlights are the Igarapé de Jamaraquá, the millenary samauma and the tip of the Maguari, a huge water peninsula that meets the Tapajós River.

Photo: Tom Alves

Photo: Tom Alves

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Photo: Gustavo Albano

It is worth remembering that this region of Brazil has landscapes that change according to the time of year. In summer, when river levels are at their lowest (period when beaches emerge from the water) and winter, months when rains are constant and rivers reach their maximum level, covering the beaches and forming flooded forest landscapes.

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