Buying or selling an inn has become an excellent business opportunity. Check out tips that will help you in this process!

An inn to call your own. This is the goal of many who aim to have their much-deserved rest. Some are still attracted to the idea of buy an inn for business reasons, as this is an excellent chance to enter the hospitality industry and invest. 

The search for developments is also an opportunity for those who are interested in selling their property. This is a consequence of, for example, the growing search for foreign investors who find in Brazil a promising place with a low investment cost, especially at a time when the national currency is undervalued. Regardless if you intend buy or sell an inn, there is a platform that can assist you in this process.

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Why buy or sell an inn?

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After a long period of social distancing, many travelers are already planning to resume their routes. Domestic travel is even considered the driving force for the post-pandemic scenario. In addition, destinations known for providing experiences and not working with mass tourism gain even more prominence, with inns being an alternative for those travelers who want to leave home and guarantee their safety in more intimate and select places. 

It is with this in mind that many investors are interested in owning a property and gaining space in the national tourist market. Foreign investors have been betting on the segment for a long time. According to figures released by Rio Grande do Norte – one of the states that stood out at the beginning of the decade -, the state registered more than R$ 8.4 million in international investments in the first six months of 2010, representing 15% of all funding from the country. The main investment? Tourism area, including the furniture segment focused on creating new inns and hotels. 

This is a reality that remains to this day, mainly motivated by the devaluation of the Brazilian currency and the tourist potential of many Brazilian states. Thus, it is possible to note that this is an opportune moment to sell an inn, given the existing demand or buy a venture and invest in the sector that promises to grow in the coming decades.

Buying or selling an inn: how to do it?

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Bringing together buyers and sellers of inns in one place was the solution found by the site Free Ads, which was developed precisely with the proposal to connect these two audiences. Leaving aside the bureaucracy, the platform allows users to buy or sell an inn intuitively and securely. And the process is simple! Check out the step by step below:

sell an inn

To advertise a venture, simply register a valid e-mail that is constantly used and create an access password. After filling in all the personal data, just add information about the property, including value and details of its infrastructure. To attract customers in a more assertive way, it is valid to add photos of spaces, tourist attractions and the means of accommodation. 

Sellers will be able to take advantage of a range of tools available on the platform. Among them is the possibility of including videos, detailing each space of the property. Another very important tool is the map, which offers the seller the chance to demonstrate the exact location of the inn and the local tourist potential.

buy an inn

Those interested in purchasing a pousada in Brazil can simply access the search area of the site, located at the top of the page. Free Ads. To help users find exactly what they are looking for, the platform allows buyers to use filters, thus making the search even more effective. In this way, the customer can define location, price and the type of enterprise they want (whether land, inn, hotel or even a resort with a greater number of accommodations). Another facility made possible by the tool is the opportunity to find properties recently registered on the site. 

After finding the property that fits the desired profile, the user just needs to access the ad and check the details provided by the seller, including the advertiser's contacts. And then just close the deal!

Guaranteed sale of the inn

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Online contact is very important in this sales process and, therefore, it is necessary to enrich the details of the property. Want to secure the sale? So see below some tips that we provide to help you sell an inn!

  • Cleaning and organization: You know that idea that the first impression is the one that stays? Therefore, be sure to bet on cleaning and organization of the enterprise. This can be a good sign for the buyer. Demonstrate the venue's true potential and gain the customer's due attention.
  • Photos and images: this is one of the main features available on the platform and, using it in the best way, can bring even faster benefits. So how about investing in a good photographer and recording the environment from all its best angles. Videos are also great complements, so it may be that uploading videos to YouTube generates even more customer confidence in buying the venture. After all, image is everything, isn't it?
  • Location: as mentioned above, the site allows the advertiser to leave a map with the exact location of the property and many customers prioritize this information when buy a inn. To complement, how about giving some details of the main local attractions? This can be an important differentiator and a decisive factor in your sale. 
  • Information: doubts will arise for the user who wants to buy the property, and the more information he has about the project, the better. In this way, be sure to give details of the infrastructure of the hosting medium. A well-informed customer is a satisfied customer. 
  • flashy title: it is possible to win over the customer with a catchy title that attracts him. Therefore, bet on a call that already demonstrates the potential of the property. This will be the customer's first contact with your business. 

Right destination to buy an inn

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The ideal place is certainly the deciding factor for the purchase of the property. But after all: how to be sure that is the right destination? There are several Brazilian cities that can win over those who want to buy an inn, since this will also be one of the determining points for travelers looking for a means of accommodation. 

Check out some suggestions that can help you in this task!

  • Tourist potential: it is essential to analyze the main attractions of the destination where the inn is located. So, research the flow of visitors, the calendar of events and be sure to see government investments in the hospitality sector. 
  • Infrastructure: Be sure about the size of the enterprise you intend to operate and plan future investments in adaptations, expansion and possible renovations of the property.
  • Reputation and legacy: With the internet, many travelers take the opinions of other customers into account. So, be sure to research the reputation and legacy left by the venture with its previous visitors. The same must be done for the destination. Degraded and poorly evaluated places can be warning signs.

favorable moment

Regardless of whether you are an advertiser or a buyer, buy or sell an inn it's possible. And with the tips above, this process will be even more assertive. So enjoy!

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