Fall in love with the historic cities and the typical gastronomy of Minas Gerais cuisine, discover what to do and what are the main places to visit in Minas Gerais

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the state of Minas Gerais guards an immense historical heritage and many natural attractions. The famous Estrada Real passes through most of the colonial cities in the state, taking visitors on an irresistible journey through the past. About 60% of the national historic heritage belongs to the state of Minas Gerais. Centenary cities impress with the colonial baroque architecture expressed in the various churches and buildings scattered throughout the region, such as Black gold, diamond and Tiradentes.

The capital Belo Horizonte, has well-planned streets with great restaurants, bars, shops and parks that invite you to take walks in the open air. Throughout the city you can find works by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, such as the São Francisco de Assis Church in the region of Lagoa de Pampulha, one of the most famous postcards of BH.

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Nature also predominates in much of the state, National Parks and hundreds of waterfalls, viewpoints and canyons of all sizes, shapes and characteristics, enchant tourists who explore the hidden beauties of the state. Another popular attraction is the Instituto Inhotim, an open-air museum with around 500 works by over 97 artists from 30 different nationalities, in addition to traveling exhibitions. Do you want to fall in love with Minas even more? Here are some places to visit in Minas Gerais:

Tourist destinations in Minas Gerais

Belo Horizonte

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Black gold

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São João del Rei

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green Hill

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» Inhotim, the largest open-air museum in the world


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Alto Caparaó

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Royal Road

» Travel by car along Estrada Rela in Minas Gerais

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