Among the city's most amazing attractions are the Science World, with its incredible interactive collection, the colorful Botanical Garden and a vibrant nightlife. Discover fantastic museums, ski resorts and itineraries around Vancouver  

The port city of Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada, is one of the largest cities in the country, with a vibrant nightlife, good restaurants and several attractions. Among the places to visit in Vancouver They are Stanley Park, one of the largest on the North American continent, with its large nature reserve. The large green area includes trails, bird watching areas, in addition to allowing from relaxing activities, such as picnics, to mountaineering and other extreme sports. Another attraction worth mentioning is the Museum of Anthropology, which has a collection of more than 50,000 ethnographic objects and 535,000 in the archaeological department. These are collections that illustrate different civilizations and cultures from the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. The museum also has several art exhibitions, as well as temporary exhibitions.

A setting that looks like something out of an impressionist painting, the VanDusen Botanical Garden is one of the most exciting places in Vancouver. Strolling among the gardens full of tulips, roses and the most varied trees and plants allows the tourist to have a pleasant contact with nature. Scattered greenhouses contain a number of rare plants and species, as well as a collection of books and various materials on gardening and botany. For a walking tour of the city, nothing better than a walk in the english bay, an area where the coexistence between the urban and the natural form an elegant setting. With its beaches, green areas, gardens and sculptures, the place is also close to museums and restaurant areas.

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Completing your visit in Vancouver, explore the world of science, a place to discover curiosities about the universe of biology, physics, chemistry and astronomy. The objective of this great museum is to travel through the various forms of science and transmit knowledge in an innovative way. The space is usually very appreciated by a public of different age groups, but is especially attractive for children and adolescents.

See here some of must-see tourist attractions in Vancouver:

What to do in Vancouver

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Stanley Park

This is the third largest urban park in North America, being one of the most popular places for tourists. Its large green area allows for a wide variety of activities, from picnics to mountaineering. During the summer months there is an open swimming pool with heated water. In addition, a museum about the Amerindian peoples, as well as an exhibition of totem poles, bring some history and culture to the tour. Several trails run through the forest area, the main one being about 9 km long.

Museum of Anthropology

With one of the largest collections in all of British Columbia, this museum is one of the most interesting ways to travel through time and history. Counting on archaeological pieces and artifacts from thousands of civilizations, from almost every continent, it is one of the most enriching tours of the trip. Among the collection items are pieces from Chinese, Japanese dynasties, from various African and Oceanian kingdoms, as well as vast collections about tribes and civilizations of the Americas. The material is separated by special rooms and sectors that also share space with temporary exhibitions.

VanDusen Botanical Garden

Looking straight out of a fairy tale, this large botanical garden is one of the most colorful places in Vancouver. Its beautiful lawns are dotted with tulips, roses, lavender, rare trees and labyrinths of shrubs. The park has been cared for for over 40 years by volunteers who help to preserve and expand the variety of flowers. Several greenhouses have been installed to keep rare plants from different biomes. Cultural facilities in the gardens offer a complete library, as well as thematic exhibitions. It is an ideal walk for picnics, relaxing under the shade of trees or reading a book.

english bay

Walking along this bay, especially at sunset, provides one of the most enchanting scenery in Vancouver. With large green areas, this beautiful boulevard offers a meeting point between museums and parks, with restaurants and nightclubs. This region of the city is one of the most sought after for those looking for fun at night. During the day, a good setting for running and shopping.

world of science

Embark on a world where science interacts with you, bringing knowledge and fun. The proposal of this museum is to deal with the most diverse areas, such as biology, physics, chemistry, astrology and even archeology, in a way that arouses attention and a taste for knowledge. The tour is especially interesting for those with children or teenagers, but provides fun for all ages.

Other places to visit in Vancouver:

  • Queen Elizabeth Park
  • Vancouver Public Library
  • Bloedel Conservatory
  • Vancouver Aquarium
  • Canada Place

How to get to Vancouver

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Vancouver is just a ticket away, and the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) the main gateway. To get to know the best places in the city, it is recommended to use public transport, which has an efficient network of buses and trains. Those who want more convenience can choose to use taxis or rented cars.

Best time to visit in Vancouver

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The best time of year to get to know the city is between the months of May and October, when the temperatures are more pleasant. It is also the most beautiful time of the city's parks and gardens. But it is important to point out that, even during the summer, it can be cold in Vancouver, so be sure to bring warm clothes.

Where to stay in Vancouver

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Find accommodation in Vancouver here.

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