Between the modern skyscrapers and the busy streets, the city has ancient temples and attractions such as the beautiful Nan Lian Garden, the Big Buddha and the view of the International Commercial Center.

The semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong It is one of China's two special regions, managed by a mixed political-economic system, allowing foreign capital and ideals to enter the country. Hong Kong has a different history from other major Chinese cities, having served part of the British Empire until 1997, when it was returned to the Asian giant. Among the places to visit in Hong Kong, there are beautiful temples such as the one that houses the statue of Big Buddha – Tian Tan, completed in 1993, with an impressive 34 meters of height. Another very famous temple in Hong Kong and the Monastery of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Both locations are fine examples of traditional Chinese architecture. It is also possible to appreciate beautiful works of sacred art, as well as being able to get in touch with the spirituality and cultural history of this part of China.

To enjoy the best view of the city, one of the best attractions in Hong Kong and the Sky100 Observation Deck, located on the top floors of the International Commercial Center, one of the tallest buildings in the city. With its more than 480 meters, it is one of the most famous and beautiful buildings in Hong Kong. In addition to enjoying a panoramic view, tourists will be able to taste traditional Chinese foods or international menu options. The restaurant is located on the top floor and can be a great experience around town.

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Also taking tourists to the heights, but this time close to nature, be sure to visit the Cable car Ngong Ping 360, which takes visitors to the top of the Victoria Peak. The mountain, named in honor of the British queen, has a preserved area of nature, from where you can see the entire bay and the port of Hong Kong, one of the busiest on the planet.

Completing your tour among the numerous attractions of Hong Kong, it is impossible not to know the rich collection of Hong Kong History Museum. Having one of the largest collections in the region, it has archaeological pieces, which tell the history of human occupation in the area from the Paleolithic period, through sections of clothing, ceramic objects and a series of artifacts used in the past by the Chinese Dynasties.

Those who want adrenaline and excitement on the trip cannot leave out a tour of the Disneyland Hong Kong, which has a series of toys such as roller coasters, bumper cars, and extreme attractions, with the most famous characters of the American company. It is a place that deserves at least a full day of your stopover, even more so if you are traveling with kids in hong kong. Check out more tips and see some must-see tourist attractions in the city:

Places to visit in Hong Kong

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Big Buddha – Tian Tan

This impressive bronze statue, 34 meters high and weighing 250 tons, is one of the most visited attractions in Hong Kong. The buddha is seated on top of a hill, within the area of the Po Lin Monastery, the most popular Buddhist temple in Hong Kong, built in 1906. The large bronze statue was completed in 1993, and established the site as one of the most important prayer centers in the metropolis, attracting visitors from different parts of the country and Asia, every year. With popular culture festivals taking place in its space, the Monastery and the Statue form one of the most interesting places to visit in Hong Kong, also allowing tourists to come into contact with a vast collection of objects and religious arts, some very old, dating back thousands of years.

Monastery of Ten Thousand Buddhas

In fact, this vast complex of temples and gardens has thirteen thousand buddha statues scattered across its grounds, not ten thousand buddhas as its name suggests. Nestled amidst well-preserved woodland vegetation, this monastery was completed in 1957. However, the site is no longer managed by Buddhist monks. Its tower, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding nature, also keeps a collection telling the history of the monastery, its tragedies, conquests and reformulations. A rich collection of works, most of them from the Tang Dynasty, which reigned in the country between 618 and 917 AD, makes the visit even more interesting and curious.

Sky100 Observation Deck

The 360°C view allows visitors to take good pictures of the city, seeing the entire urban fabric of Hong Kong seen from another angle. THE deck, which is located in the International Commerce Center, one of the tallest and most famous buildings in the city, is one of the most recommended tours for those who like to contemplate skylines many different. The place also has a good restaurant that serves traditional and international cuisine, but the main highlight is certainly the spectacular view of the city.

Victoria Peak and Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

Those who like to enjoy contact with nature, walk trails and explore the environment will love the ride on this cable car, which takes visitors to one of the highest points in Hong Kong, Pico Vitória. Named after one of the most important monarchs in the European country, the area contains trails amidst preserved vegetation, a stunning setting, adorned by the sea and the city's glass and metal buildings. The tram, with its glass floor, adds even more adrenaline to the ride. The view is unique and much sought after by those who like to take pictures.

Hong Kong History Museum

With a vast collection of clothing, masks, handicrafts and everyday objects from Chinese civilizations, this great museum is the ideal place to get in touch with the unique history of Hong Kong. In terms of archaeological artifacts, visitors travel back in time to discover statues, sculptures and paintings from the Chinese Middle Ages, passing through various dynasties such as the Tang and Qing. The British colonial period is also portrayed in the museum, with numerous works of art, treatises and documents, as well as impressive photo exhibitions, which reveal the evolution and accelerated progress in recent years in the region.

Disneyland Hong Kong

This is one of the attractions that cannot be left out of your list of places to visit in Hong Kong, especially if you are traveling as a family. This Disney theme park has several attractions such as roller coasters, carousel, bumper car, Ferris wheel and several other toys to please the most varied ages. Similar to the size and infrastructure of the EuroDisney, in Paris, this Disney unit has the best-known characters from the children's universe, in restaurants, hotels and a series of toys and adventures.

Nan Lian's Garden

Being one of the largest green areas in the city, this garden has a large lake, where it is possible to take boats and pedal boats. Its beautiful gardens adorn jogging trails and picnic spaces. It is often popular with families on weekends, hosting traditional Chinese festivals on special occasions. Its area has temples full of sculptures, statues and displays of typical culture and architecture. Good place to practice sports activities and try typical foods.

Other sights and places to see in Hong Kong:

  • hong kong park
  • Victoria Harbor
  • Nan Lian's Garden
  • Sik Sik Yuen Temple
  • IFC Shopping Center
  • Hong Kong Science Museum

How to get there and how to get around in Hong Kong

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The destination is accessible through the Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) and has a good public transport network. It is possible to access the main tourist attractions using the subway, buses and electric trams. Rental cars and taxis are recommended for those who want more comfort.

Want a tip? Don't forget to download maps and simultaneous translation applications to your cell phone, such as Google Translate it's the Google Maps. This can make it easier for you to find your way between rides.

What is the time difference between Brazil and Hong Kong

Hong Kong it has a time difference of 12 hours more, compared to Brazil, so it's important to plan your round trip, taking into account the difference in time and flight stopovers.

best time to visit hong kong

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The best time to visit the city is between the months of November to February, to avoid the period of intense rain, which extends during the summer, from April to October. It is recommended to bring warm coats and clothes, as temperatures can vary from 28°C to 4°C.

Where to stay in Hong Kong

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Find accommodation in Hong Kong here.

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