Don't miss out on the beautiful sights of Toronto, which include places like the formidable CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum and the beautiful Edward's Gardens. Find out which places to visit in the city

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, home to a metropolitan region with nearly six million inhabitants. on the banks of the great lakes, developed thanks to trade, which largely relies on its American neighbors. One of the tourist attractions in the capital of ontario and the CN Tower, with its 553 meters high. It has been for more than three decades the largest construction on the planet. At its top it is possible to enjoy a panoramic deck, in 360° of the city, as well as enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant and bar that operates there. The tour yields good photos and the guided tour allows you to know a little more about the tower that recently had its name changed to National Tower of Canada. The weather in Toronto, which usually has temperatures between 25°C and 30°C between the months of May and September, allows visitors to explore nature, with boat trips through the great lakes and visits to National Parks and environmental areas, where extreme sports can be practiced. A fine example is the Bluffers Park.

Other places to visit in Toronto include a visit to Canada Aquarium – Ripley's, one of the largest and most complete on the planet. It is possible to meet different species of animals from the most different aquatic biomes. From crustaceans, fish, sharks and various other creatures. The site also features themed exhibits in the areas of science and biology. As for spending the day in a bucolic setting full of romanticism, be sure to enjoy the High Park, a very well preserved piece of nature. Its central lake is adorned with willows and wildflower gardens. Ideal for picnics and relaxing. Art lovers, in turn, will be able to find good works to appreciate in the Ontario Art Gallery. The place has an interesting collection of art and crafts, which interacts with the fine architecture of the environment. The establishment also houses a charming bistro, with French cuisine and a good selection of drinks.

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Another interesting point of the cultural circuit involves the Royal Ontario Museum, the best space to learn about the history of Canada and its cultural wealth. With a collection of works of art, archaeological artifacts, and collections of clothing and period objects, this is the most complete museum on the country's historical customs. In addition, the international exhibition features pieces from peoples and civilizations such as the Greeks, Persians, Chinese, Romans and several other empires. To relax and enjoy the colorful flowers, Edward's Gardens serve as a good mid-afternoon stop to recover energy. Good for a picnic, reading a book and relaxing in the shade, it is a space full of delicate landscaping, with varied species of flora and fauna. Finally, it is worth knowing the Historic Distillery District, an industrial area that has undergone several interventions in recent years, to house art galleries, bars, restaurants and various artistic and commercial spaces. It is usually a good option for those who want to enjoy the city's nightlife, especially on weekends, in bars and clubs in the region. To be able to take advantage of all this, the easiest way is to get a flight to Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ), which is the main gateway to the city.

See here some of must-see tourist attractions in Toronto:

What to do in Toronto

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National Tower of Canada

With its 553 meters, this tower, a symbol of the city, was completed in 1976 and held for 32 years the title of the largest structure built by man. For decades, it inspired the economic and architectural development of its region, establishing a new phase for the city. Its panoramic observatory has a delicious restaurant and bar, which has the best view of the entire region.

great lakes

Be sure to explore this incredible region that was one of the main drivers of growth for the region, allowing for trade between Canada and the United States. The region comprises five large lakes, which bathe several American states and Canadian provinces. It is possible to do diving, water skiing and several other extreme sports and water activities. Its edge includes several parks and forest reserves, ideal for skiing in mountain resorts. Other activities such as climbing and mountaineering also awaken the most adventurous.

Canada Aquarium – Ripley's

This large aquarium is the largest in Canada, with over 16,000 species of animals from different biomes on the planet. Glass tunnels run through immense aquariums, giving the sensation of walking under the ocean. It is possible to interact with some species of animals, in addition to visiting interactive exhibits that explain life in rivers, seas and oceans. Guided tours last two hours.

High Park

One of the most charming settings in Toronto, this tourist spot offers a setting of peace and tranquility, with a large lake surrounded by several species of trees. Very popular with families, it is an ideal spot for picnics, reading a good book under a tree, taking a paddle boat and even exercising. The place also has some cultural facilities, such as the mini-zoo with typical animals of the country, as well as a playground for children.

Ontario Art Gallery

Be sure to visit this gallery which features works of art by painters such as Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet and Paul Gauiguin. Its architecture involves sculptures and paintings, making the museum environment a unique setting. In the photography section, there are more than 40 thousand that help portray the history of Canada and human society from different perspectives. The space has artistic and landscape interventions, as well as temporary exhibitions.

Royal Ontario Museum

Among the places to visit that you cannot miss on your visit to Toronto is this immense museum, which helps to tell the story of Canada and humanity in an incredible way. Among the numerous sections and different floors, there are areas dedicated to the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese and various civilizations that once existed on the planet. There is a natural science wing, showing the different phases experienced by the planet. Finally, a large collection with paintings, photos, statues, sculptures and works of art by national artists, which help to portray the history and customs of Canada. The space dedicated to Amerindian cultures impresses with the wealth of details.

Edward's Gardens

One of the best areas to relax and recharge, this pretty garden is a good stop for picnics. It is also close to shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, making it a good area to try some of the local cuisine. When the weather in Toronto is sunny, the park is particularly elegant.

Historic Distillery District

This area further away from the center was one of the first industrial areas in the city, having been the seat of an old distillery. In recent years, the region has undergone several urban, artistic and social interventions, becoming a famous center for leisure and gastronomy. Several restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs and art galleries take over the spaces of old factories and warehouses, creating a unique atmosphere.

Other places to visit in Toronto:

  • Toronto Island Park
  • Royal Conservatory of Music
  • St Lawrence Market
  • Toronto Public Library
  • Hockey Hall of Fame
  • Princess of Wales Theater

How to get to Toronto

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Flights to Toronto depart from Sao Paulo International Airport to Canada's largest city, Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ).

Best time to visit Toronto

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To enjoy the best weather in Toronto, plan your trip between May and September to make the most of sunny days with pleasant temperatures. However, it is always important to bring coats and warm clothes, as the weather in the city tends to change quickly, even in summer. To see the best places in Toronto, it is important to wear comfortable shoes, as public transport is the best way to get around.

Where to stay in Toronto

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Find accommodation in Toronto here.

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