Vienna tourism tips: most interesting places to visit in the capital of Austria. Find out when to go, where to stay and what to do in Vienna

Imperial City, the capital of Austria brings together architectural beauties such as the Schonbrunn Palace, rich museums and colorful parks.

vienna  it was for almost a thousand years the seat of one of the most important royal families in Europe, the Habsburg Monarchy. on the banks of the river Danube, the destination concentrates stunning buildings, worthy of what was once considered the European cultural capital.

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Between the 18th and 19th centuries, Vienna flourished in the arts, especially in music, architecture and operas. so much so that the vienna opera it is one of the most magnificent and imposing buildings, deserving not only a visit, but special attention to its artistic programme. The waltz, which still drives the pace of the walks, sets the tone for the sophistication of the monuments, such as the Schonbrunn Palace, former home of Franz Joseph and his beloved wife Sissi, considered the embodiment of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

There are numerous attractions to discover when visiting. vienna, at the Hofburg Imperial Palace, for example, tourists will find an immense collection of crockery, silverware and the personal collection of Empress Sissi, the most beloved of the Austrians. Among so many attractions full of culture, art, history, in addition to delicious cuisine, there is no shortage of nice tours to discover and be enchanted by. Here are some of the must-see sights and places to meet in Vienna.

Places to visit in Vienna

Vienna tourist tips

Vienna tourism tips. Photo: manfredxy / iStockphoto

Vienna's Old Town

Walk along the cobblestone streets lined with centuries-old buildings dating back to the city's founding, during antiquity. Once a bastion of Christian culture in Central Europe, countless churches still reign majestically through the narrow streets. The site is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Several shops, restaurants, cafes, museums and parks delight tourists passing through the area. Remnants of the old walls, torn down during the 19th century to modernize and enlarge the capital can still be seen.

Schonbrunn Palace

visit to Austria and not know Schonbrunn it's like going to France and not seeing Versailles. The palace that symbolizes the might of the Habsburg family was inspired by the court of Louis XIV and has one of the most splendid interiors in all of Europe. Its walls and ceilings contain paintings, frescoes and architectural details from French Baroque and Rococo, a style in vogue at the time. The works that brought grandeur to the building were orchestrated by Maria Thereza the Great, one of the most powerful and beloved Austrian monarchs. Several exhibitions are available inside, some of which are temporary.

It is also worth enjoying the incredible gardens, avenues and other attractions in the outdoor area, especially in summer and spring. They are places that bring together tourists, families and offer a series of cultural activities.

Hofburg Imperial Palace

Discover all the class and elegance of one of the most refined courts in Europe, which was already the home of etiquette, long before versailles be built. This palace is one of the oldest and houses a dizzying collection of everyday objects from the court, such as dinnerware, crockery, silverware, clothes and much more.

It is also famous for its exhibition on Empress Elizabeth of Austria, Sissi. Wife of Emperor Franz Joseph, the monarch's life of suffering and luxury attracts and enchants generations of Austrians, having been immortalized in several films.

St. Stephen's Cathedral

This cathedral is the symbol of the city's splendor, having played an important role throughout the history of vienna. Its architecture and decoration received special attention from the Habsburg monarchs, as the temple was used for the coronation of most archdukes, kings and emperors. It is possible to climb to the top of its tower and observe the whole city at your feet, in one of the views that yield the best photos.

Kunsthistorisches Museum

In one of the most architecturally outstanding buildings, this museum has one of the largest art collections in the nation, bringing together the best artists from the Germanic world and Europe. Works by Tintoretto, Veronese, Rubens and several other names pose alongside sculptures, statues and other works of fine art. It is located on one of the avenues known for bringing together several museums and cultural buildings.

vienna opera

Built in the mid-18th century, this magnificent concert hall hosted concerts and operas for the emperors and nobles of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Its interior was designed to reproduce the classic and romantic style of the period. This temple dedicated to classical music deserves more than your visit, be sure to follow the cultural calendar and watch a piece from the rich collection of operas, waltzes and Viennese concerts.

Imperial Treasure Museum

Having been one of the richest and most powerful families in Europe, the Habsburgs amassed one of the largest collections of jewels and precious stones. They held countless crowns, such as that of Austria, Croatia, Hungary and of various other kingdoms and states over the centuries. This entire collection can be appreciated in this museum, which brings together the scepters, cloaks and other objects of Austrian royalty.

Other places to visit in Vienna

  • Belvedere Palace and Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
  • St. Peter's Church
  • Vienna Zoo
  • Albertina Museum
  • National Library of Austria

How to get to Vienna


Vienna tourist tips

Vienna tourism tips. Photo: manfredxy / iStockphoto

By airplane

The main Austrian airports with international connections every day are Vienna, Salzburg, Inssbruck, Graz and Linz. The easiest way to access the city is through the Vienna International Airport (VIE). The vast majority of European capitals are connected by flights to airports in Austria.

Among the airlines that fly to the country are national Austrian Airlines and the Tyrolean Airaways, other options are the giants KLM, Air France and the Fulthansa. Low-cost options are between Ryanair and the easyjet.

By train

Vienna is also connected to several capital cities by rail such as Milan, Berlin, Paris, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava and Zurich. You can view timetables and make your reservation online at Eurail.

By bus

Depending on the country you are in, the bus can be a good option. Although it takes a little longer, European transport companies are usually well organized and all cars are comfortable. This can also be a very economical way depending on the route chosen. A great option is Flixbus.

Best time to visit Vienna


Vienna tourism tips. Photo: unclepodger / iStockphoto

The capital of Austria has an oceanic climate, with mild temperatures most of the year. During the summer months the temperature is hot and exceeds 30°C. Between the months of May and October is the best time to enjoy the city. The hottest months are July and August, with average temperatures of 22ºC.

In winter, temperatures in Vienna fluctuate between 4ºC in January, the coldest month, and 12ºC in March. If you want to catch snow-brushed Austrian cities, the months between December and February have the coldest days of the year, ranging from -1°C to 4°C, and receive light snowfalls regularly.

Where to stay in Vienna

Vienna tourist tips

Vienna tourism tips. Photo: canadastock / Shutterstock

Vienna is subdivided into numerical districts, located around number 1, the historic city center. Altogether there are 23 districts, with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 13 being the best to stay.

The Innere Stadt, the center of the Austrian capital, is also called the “first district“. The neighborhood is home to some of Vienna's main attractions, such as the Stephansdom Cathedral, the Hofburg and the Albertina museum. THE Grand Hotel Wien It is a very luxurious option with a great location. If your idea is something more familiar and cozy, we recommend the Hotel Austria.

The second district, Leopoldstadt, also offers great options such as SO/ Vienna, The Stefanie Hotel it's the Meininger Hotel Wien Downtown Franz, which also offers shared rooms.

The fourth district is certainly one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Vienna. It is very close to Belvedere Palace and Karlskirche. The options on this side of town are the Das Triest Hotel it's the Carlton Opera.

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