Check out incredible possibilities to take a day trip from Milan

Located in northern Italy, Milan it concentrates a lot of history, culture, architectural riches and cultural attractions. The fashion capital is a charming city and the gateway for many Brazilians to the country, as well as Pomegranate.

With the advantage of being in a geographically strategic position, Milan it is just a few kilometers from other cities and regions, making it an excellent base city for day trips.

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With a tour of a few hours in these nearby cities, you don't have to worry about several hotel reservations and you still have the chance to discover stunning regions, full of charm, incredible lakes, historic buildings, vineyards and much more!

How about checking out some possibilities and including them in your itinerary through Italy? Check below for cities to take a day trip from Milan.


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the charming verona is 160 kilometers from Milan, approximately one hour and twenty by car. At Piazza Bra is where you can find some of the most beautiful and ancient historic buildings in the city and, among them, its most notable attraction: the Arena. Very similar to the Roman Colosseum, the amphitheater from the year 30 BC is the third largest in the world. The state of conservation of the imposing monument is impressive, so much so that it is still used today for presentations.  

The charming city was also the scene of the greatest love story of all time, that of Romeo and Juliet. At Via Capello 23 there is the supposed house of the young Juliet, with the famous balcony where Romeo swore his love vows. verona it really is the city of lovers, as people from all over the world usually leave notes on the statue of Juliet or on the walls of the house. In addition, placing your hands on the statue's right breast is said to bring luck in marriage and even true love. It doesn't hurt to try, right?

In case you still have a little time on your trip back from Milan to verona, try to visit the duomo, the city's cathedral and Giardino Giusti, an amazing 16th century garden.


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the grandiose Turin or Turin was the first Italian capital and is 145 kilometers from Milan. Versatile and elegant, it is the fourth largest city in the country in terms of population and has an incredible diversity of places to visit and discover.

One of the main points of Turin and the Piazza Castello, which is located in the center of the city. In it are its two main palaces, which today are also museums, the Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Madama. The two imposing buildings are essential points to visit and feature Roman, Medieval and Baroque traces in their architecture, as well as incredible art exhibitions.  

The city is also home to the second largest Egyptian museum in the world, the Turin Egyptian Museum, second only to the Cairo Museum. The space is dedicated exclusively to exhibitions of Egyptian art and culture and features a fascinating collection of priceless sarcophagi, mummies and relics. If you appreciate and are interested in Egyptian culture, you cannot miss visiting one of the most impressive collections in the world on the subject.

The city also reserves a fascinating surprise for lovers of the seventh art. THE Mole Antonelliana is a symbol building Turin and currently houses the Cinema Museum of the city, a project by the Swiss scenographer François Confino. It is an incredible museum for those who want to know more about the evolution of cinema in Italy and in the world. As a bonus, you can see the city from above with an exciting view of the Alps in the background.


return from milan

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padova (or Padua) is another destination narrated by Shakespeare, as it is where most of the play A Shrew Tamed takes place. THE 239 kilometers from Milan and quite populous, the city has more than 3000 years of history and is home to the renowned University of Padua, one of the oldest in the world, founded in 1222.

Its architecture impresses by the constructions in perfect state of conservation. One of its main attractions is the famous St. Anthony's Basilica, where thousands of pilgrims pass each year and where the mortal remains of the saint are kept.

The historic center of the city still preserves the ruins of an ancient Roman arena, with a beautiful garden around it. THE Plate from the Valley it is one of the largest squares in Europe and has several statues in honor of important personalities who lived in the city, such as the scientist Galileo Galilei.

THE Café Pedrocchi, from 1831, is also a must-visit, as it was a literary café frequented by writers and artists of the high bourgeoisie. Don't forget to walk through the market Piazza del Erbe, which presents a variety of local products, fruits and vegetables, in addition to being a possibility to experience the day to day of the city.

Finally, the Padova Botanical Garden is a must-visit as it was the first botanical garden in the world, founded in 1545, and currently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


return from milan

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the incredible franciacort is a region located on the outskirts of the lake d'Iseo, at Brescia. With a landscape full of hills, there are more than three thousand hectares that are home to hundreds of vineyards. 90 kilometers from Milan, the region is the ideal place for those who want to know a little more about the production processes and taste one of the most famous and traditional sparkling wines in Italy, the franciacorta.

In addition to the incredible landscape surrounded by lakes and beautiful hills, ideal for grape production, the drink is a delight for anyone who appreciates the art of oenology. Today the franciacorta production is limited to 15 million bottles a year, most of which are consumed by the Italians themselves.

The big difference is franciacorta is the method used and its manufacture, known as champenois. The sparkling wine process stands out for going through two fermentations: the first in stainless steel tanks and the second inside the bottle, which can age for more than seven years. The result is an elegant and unique drink, perfect for pairing with white meats.

If you are in Milan and appreciate good wines and sparkling wines, a tasting at the wineries of franciacort it is indispensable!


return from milan

Photo: Svein-Magne Tunli / Wikimedia Commons

You must have heard of the Bellagio, a famous casino in Las Vegas named after a beautiful little Italian town. No wonder: the charming city is one of the most charming possibilities for a day trip from Milan, because is just 70 kilometers away.

the impressive Lake Como It is a romantic and fascinating spot that attracts tourists from all over the world. There are many Italian cities overlooking the How, but Bellagio stands out among them. With a beautiful scenery formed by the lake, the panoramic view is incredible.

The city also has a historic center composed of many shops, restaurants and charming places such as its villas, private properties that give tourists the opportunity to take a stroll through its gardens full of beautiful flowers, fountains and ponds.

In addition to numerous beautiful attractions, full of delicacy, Bellagio has the history Basilica of S. Giacomo, from the end of the 11th century, and with the construction of its Roman period, the church of São Jorge. So if you're staying in Milan, don't hesitate to take this amazing tour.

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