Everything you need to know to make the perfect trip to Bariloche for the first time

when we think about bariloche soon comes to mind the image of a white oasis surrounded by a lot of beauty. For Brazilians, the destination is one of the best and closest to enjoy the snow, but the truth is that the city, located in the south of Argentina, also offers many wonderful attractions that do not involve ice.

Whether in winter or summer, the destination surprises with beautiful lakes, mountains and natural beauties full of charms. With its privileged location, in the north of Argentine Patagonia and very close to Andes mountain range, the city is a perfect place to spend your holidays with family, friends or as a couple.

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For those who go to the city for the first time, it is natural that some doubts arise as to the documentation, transport, among other issues. For your trip to be more peaceful and profitable, we have separated tips for planning your first trip to bariloche.

How to get to Bariloche?

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The regular route that leaves Brazil towards Bariloche involves a connection in Buenos Aires. From the Buenos Aires capital to the destination city, it takes about two hours by flight.

Buenos Aires It has two airports, Aeroparque, which is in the central region, and Ezeiza, which is about 50 minutes from downtown. Pay attention to the schedules, as flights from Brazil usually arrive in Ezeiza and flights to Bariloche usually depart from Aeroparque.

In winter, which runs from July to August, there are direct flights departing from Brazil towards bariloche, without the need for a connection in the Buenos Aires capital. The trip, which lasts about 4h30, departs from São Paulo via LATAM, Gol and Azul.

What documents to present to enter Bariloche?

The good news is that Brazilians do not need a passport and much less a visa to visit bariloche, which makes the destination even more attractive. For Mercosur member countries, which is the case of Brazil, it is necessary to present only the identity card issued less than 5 years old or the passport.

Which currency to take to Bariloche?

the currency of bariloche is the Argentine Peso, accepted in all establishments. You can exchange your Reais for Argentine Pesos in Brazil or in Argentina itself, where the exchange rate is usually better. Some local establishments even accept Brazilian currency.

International credit and debit cards are also accepted at all establishments, however they charge an IOF fee. The tip is to always check the quote on official websites at exchange offices on the date of your trip.


The official language of Argentina It's Spanish, but the brothers are already very used to receiving Brazilian tourists. Don't worry, it's very easy to communicate in Bariloche, even if it's to risk the good old portunhol.   

What is the best transport option within Bariloche?

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If you are staying in the center of bariloche walking can be a great option. The city center is not very big and walking through it is possible to visit many shops – especially the chocolate ones.

To access other places the bus can be an economical way to get around. There are lines that lead to the main tourist attractions and, to use public transport, it is necessary to purchase a card sold in some stores in the center of bariloche. It is worth remembering that the bus is not one of the most comfortable ways to travel, so if you are with family or children it can be more complicated.

In addition, there are many taxis scattered around the city and the “remis”, which are taxis with a fixed price. Renting a car can be a good option for those who want to have more autonomy to get around the city and see the attractions.

A great option are transfers and excursions that can be booked at agencies in the region. THE Bariloche Select, for example, which has a highly skilled and specialized team, in addition to a special infrastructure to receive Brazilian tourists in Bariloche and carry out the main tours in the region.

When is the best time to visit Bariloche?

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Unlike what most people think, bariloche it is not a place to be visited only in winter. Although the snow is the main attraction, during the other seasons there is a lot of beauty to see and several tours to take.

The snow season peaks between July and August. If you want to escape the crowded city, the second half of August has lower prices and the city is relatively empty.  

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