Everything you need to know to play and dazzle yourself on a first trip to Italy

oh, the Italy! A destination for romance, beautiful bucolic landscapes, historical and cultural wealth, incomparable gastronomy and a warm and lively people. The most charming boot on the world map is a travel dream for many people.

From the imposing Coliseum to the bucolic landscapes of Tuscany, Italy offers unforgettable attractions, places and landscapes. It is this unique beauty that makes the country one of the most charming in the world and the ideal destination for any traveller.

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for those looking plan a trip to Italy for the first time, some doubts may arise. which currency to take? What are the documents needed to enter the country? What is the best way to transport between major cities?

These questions are common and necessary, because only with much planning you can enjoy everything a trip to Italy has to offer.

Check out our Tips for planning your first trip to Italy!

How to buy cheaper tickets?

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Before embarking on the Italy, try to get a good airfare deal. A tip is to create an alert on a search engine, so you know when there are cheaper tickets. The sooner you start your search, the more chance you have of finding a cheaper ticket.

What documents to submit?

To enter Italy for tourism and with a stay of up to 90 days, no visa is required, just a passport valid for at least three months. In addition, it is important to have on hand:

  • The reservation of hotels or the letter of invitation signed by an Italian citizen guaranteeing their accommodation;
  • Travel insurance with a minimum deductible of 30,000 euros;
  • Financial resources that can guarantee your stay in the country and prove that you can support yourself during the period of the trip;
  • The return area passage to Brazil.

If you intend to drive or rent a car in the country it is essential that you bring your Brazilian driver's license or, if you intend to stay for a long time, you must obtain an international driver's license.

What is the best transport option within the country?

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The train is one of the main means of transport to move from one place to another in the Italy. The country's rail network is well-connected and you can get to know the main cities by rail, such as Milan, Rome, Florence and Naples.

If you have more time to travel and also want to visit small towns, the best option is rent a car. In the region of Tuscany, for example, some charming destinations do not have rail access.  

The main train company in Italy and responsible for operating most lines is trenitalia. In addition to being very reliable and safe, it has a fleet of very fast trains, La Frecce. If your travel time is tight, you can opt for these higher speed trains, which can reach up to 300 kilometers per hour. Don't forget to check the destinations and timetables on the company's website.  

The other option of company that operates trains in Italy is the italo. It also has lines that operate at high speed between some of the main Italian destinations. Click here to check.

The advantage of traveling by train in Italy is that they are extremely comfortable, have several services on board and pass through beautiful landscapes. Also, if the tourist prefers a slightly more luxurious experience, they can opt for a first class trip.

Rome and Milan are home to the country's two main airports. Flights to the south of the country depart from Rome and those to northern cities depart from Milan. Before securing your flight to move between Italian cities, do some research. Flying is not always the fastest option compared to trains, nor the cheapest.

Which currency to take?

Like most European countries, Italy's official currency is the Euro. In Brazil it is very easy to find places to buy your Euros, just look for a reliable exchange office. Taking cash in cash you do not pay the IOF, only the exchange rate on the day of purchase.

In addition to euros, you can use international credit and debit cards – they charge IOF for each purchase or withdrawal made.

Always remember to find out about fees so you know exactly which option pays off the most on the date of your trip.

Base cities to travel

Photo: WikiImages / Pixabay

Some of the main Italian cities are ideal to serve as a base of exploration for other regions, small towns and nearby attractions.

Located right in the center of the country, Pomegranate is main starting point to visit other places in Italy. From the Italian capital, you can easily travel to the main cities and regions of the country by train or plane.

In a round trip from Pomegranate, by car or by train, it is possible to discover the Vatican, Tivoli and Naples. From Naples you can visit Pompeii, Herculaneum, amalfi coast and Capri.

Florence is strategically located between Milan, Pomegranate and Venice, which makes it a perfect city to discover other destinations. Furthermore, Florence is a starting point to explore the beautiful and bucolic region of tuscany, allowing day trips to cities such as Pisa, Siena, Lucca, Pistoia, San Gimignano, Volterra and Monteriggioni.

Milan, like this Pomegranate, is located in a perfect zone, to the north of the Italy, and with many possibilities for nearby destinations such as Venice, verona, bergamo, Turin and padua. In addition, it is also possible to visit cities such as Genoa, bologna and parma.

When is the best time to visit Italy?

This is a difficult question because it involves another question: do you like it cold or hot? It is worth remembering that the winter in Italy, which lasts from December to March, despite not being one of the most rigorous, is much colder than what we are used to here in Brazil. During the coldest season of the year, days are shorter and drizzle is more frequent. It is worth taking advantage of the weather to taste a delicious red wine.

The summer, from June to August, is very hot and with a very strong sun. As is customary in European countries, this is when outdoor festivals take place. During the summer the days are longer and there are more tourists at the main attractions, which means you will have to queue longer. On the other hand, it is the perfect climate to try a delicious Italian gelatto.

Spring and autumn are seasons with pleasant temperatures. During the spring, which runs from mid-April to the end of May, the gardens are more flowery and romantic. Autumn, from September to November, despite the milder temperature and colder nights, the mornings are beautiful and the leaves on the trees take on different colors.

Buying tickets in advance: is it worth it or not?

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Nobody deserves to waste precious vacation hours in a gigantic queue. Well, know that in some museums and attractions in Italy, especially in summer, the wait in line can be three hours or more. Therefore, the tip is to buy tickets in advance online.

in the case of train tickets, prices vary a lot and, if you buy it right away, you will pay more. With your itinerary in hand and already aware of the routes you intend to take, it is essential to anticipate the purchase of tickets to guarantee discounts.

transfer services

On a special trip like this, any time saving becomes an opportunity to discover amazing new places. Therefore, a service that can compensate on the way from one place to another is the transfer. THE Elmocar It has drivers who speak Portuguese to make your trip even easier and ensure your arrival, without error and with great safety, to all destinations.

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