Everything you need to know to make the most of your first trip to Turkey

THE Turkey, in addition to being one of the great cradles of civilization, it has some of the most beautiful and exotic landscapes on the planet. There are beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, deserts, forests, mountains and stunning scenery that make the country attract more and more tourists from all over the world.

Surrounded by exoticism and fascinating places, the Turkey, different from what many imagine, it is also a very safe country that offers an excellent infrastructure combined with a rich cultural and historical legacy.

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With a privileged location and a gigantic territorial extension, stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea with areas in Europe and Asia, the country is one of the most surprising destinations you can visit.

For those who are already convinced that the Turkey It is a destination that deserves a visit, it is worth getting informed about the main precautions before embarking in the country. Check out the best tips for planning your first trip to Turkey.

What documents to submit?

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to enter the Turkey for tourism and with a stay of up to 90 days, no visa is required, just a passport valid for at least three months. In addition, it is important to have on hand:

  • The reservation of hotels guaranteeing your accommodation;
  • Financial resources that can guarantee your stay in the country;
  • Proof of round-trip airline tickets to Brazil.

Which currency to take?

THE currency used in Turkey is the Turkish Lira. At the Brazil, it is not easy to find Turkish Lira in an exchange office – if you do, the values do not usually compensate much. The best tip is to buy Euros or Dollars and exchange them later at an exchange office in Turkey. Although not part of the European Union, the Euro is well accepted in Istanbul.

You can also use international credit and debit cards – these charge IOF for each purchase or withdrawal made, but they are also widely accepted in the country. Always remember to find out about fees so you know exactly which option pays off the most on the date of your trip.  


The official language is Turkish, but English is very well spoken in many places, so those who master this language will be able to communicate easily when visiting the country.  

What is the best transport option within the country?

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THE Turkey It is a large country and offers several public transport options, whether buses, boats, planes or trains. The possibilities are many and you will certainly not have great difficulties to move around and discover new places there.

Buses that go from one city to another are comfortable and often have on-board service. The main companies operating in the country are: Kâmil Koç, Metro Turizm, Ulusoy and Varan Turizm.

By plane, the main airline that takes off to various Turkish regions is Turkish Airlines, but there are several others that offer flights, including cheaper ones, such as Pegasus Airlines, Anadolu Jet, Sun Express Airlines, Atlasjet and Onur Air.

In Istanbul public transport works well and, as the attractions in the city are very close, walking through its streets can be quite pleasant.

If you are traveling for the first time to Turkey and are unsure about getting there, the agency guide in turkey offers visits to exclusive places in the country with Portuguese-speaking guides.

How should I dress in Turkey?

Many people are in doubt about the clothes they should wear when visiting the Turkey. Rest assured, there are no restrictions on clothing. Only to enter mosques it is necessary for women to cover their legs, shoulders and hair.

When is the best time to visit Turkey?

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In the spring, which runs from April to May, the cities of Turkey are in bloom and full of tulips, a true show of colors and aromas.

During autumn, the period from September to October, temperatures are milder and the weather more serene, but this is the time when attractions receive fewer visitors and cities are less crowded.

For those who enjoy a cheerful and sunny climate, the summer, which runs from July to July, offers visitors beautiful days that only get dark around 9:30 pm. In cities like Istanbul it's not so hot and sometimes it's even necessary to leave the house with a light jacket.

The Turkish winter is quite cold, humid and can even reveal blizzards, so prepare your coat if you go to the country during this time of year, which runs from November to February.

Are you thinking of visiting Turkey for the first time? Meet the agency guide in turkey which offers exclusive tours through Turkish destinations, with guides who speak Portuguese and know every special corner of the country. The agency also does all the advice before and during the trip, facilitating the service with personalized tours according to your profile.

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