NASA offers several virtual tours and activities beyond the stratosphere of our planet. Learn how to travel to space: 

If the different possibilities of virtual tours around the planet Earth are no longer enough to enjoy your quarantine at home, we have good news. THE NASA offers diverse virtual experiences and activities beyond the stratosphere of our planet. In addition to exploring different places in our galaxy, these virtual tours also make it possible to learn more about the work of the space agency. 

This includes a ride aboard the SOFIA aircraft, a tour of the Hubble Space Telescope's operations center and a tour in the company of an astronaut to the International Space Station. 

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Journey to the stratosphere

Ready to travel into the Earth's stratosphere? On this virtual tour you can board the SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy), a Boeing 747SP aircraft carrying a giant telescope. On this tour you will be able to explore the flying mission control center, where operators and scientists control the telescope and perform observations while flying in the stratosphere, observing stars, galaxies and black holes.

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Visit the Hubble Operations Center

Those who are curious can take a 360-degree virtual tour of the Hubble telescope, which NASA uses to record its explorations of the stars and planets. It is possible to visit the operations control center, the exhibition hall and even take a tour to see the equipment used by astronauts on site. This is another one of the virtual tours promoted by the space agency.

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NASA tours

How about taking a tour of NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope? This experience provides a narrated tour where you learn to command the equipment, understand how it observes the sky from a unique point of view from space and also observe a large collection of images that Spitzer has collected over sixteen years of operation.

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International Space Station 

In this experience you will be able to travel outside the Earth's atmosphere, to the International Space Station, together with NASA astronaut Suni Williams. The tour includes accompanying the scientist floating through space, using equipment and actually experiencing her profession. Did you like this option best? virtual tours offered by NASA?

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Exoplanet Travel Bureau

In this virtual tour you can explore planets and stars in 360º. In addition, it is possible to carry out various activities on the platform, with information about celestial bodies, free posters that you can print and high resolution images for download. 

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