With approximately 80 fervedouros cataloged in Jalapão, the attractions have scenarios that look like oases in the midst of closed vegetation.

The incredibly clear waters of the boilers became one of the great attractions of the jalapão, in the state of Tocantins. You boilers are natural pools with crystalline waters formed by an underground spring. The water temperature is very comfortable, and the sensation of diving into the boiler is unique.

There are approximately 80 boilers cataloged throughout the jalapão being only some of them open to the public, among the most visited are the Bela Vista FervedouroBuritizinho Fervedouro, Fervedouro do Encontro das Águas, Buriti Fervedouro it's the Sono River Boiler.

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No matter how hard you try, it's impossible to sink in boilers, the explanation lies in the pressure created by a phenomenon called upwelling of the waters, which prevents the body from sinking. This is because under the pool there is a water table and just below it is an impermeable rock. Without finding an outlet in the rock, the water rises and gushes out with force, pushing the sand up.

Check out a photo gallery of the fervedouros in Jalapão

Boilers in Jalapão. Photo: VisitBrasil

Fervedouro with crystal clear waters. Photo: Stephanie Lamenza

Tourists snorkeling. Photo: Magnus Lucius

Boiler in Jalapão. Photo: Josadaik Alcântara

jalapan boilers

Photo: Helena Abreu

jalapan boilers

jalapan. Photo: Flickr – haru haru

Tocantins fervedouro

Tocantins. Photo: Fabricio Azevedo

Pictures of jalapão fervedouros

Boilers in Jalapão. Photo: Diogenes Araújo


jalapan. Photo: Bruno Bezerra

jalapan boilers

Tocantins. Photo: via VisitBrasil

Best time to visit jalapão

You can get to know the jalapão throughout the year, with the most interesting months being from June to September. October is the hottest month. In July and on long holidays, the chance of finding the attractions crowded is greater. From November to April the rains are more frequent

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