One of the most sought after winter tours by tourists, the tour to Refúgio Roca Negra brings together snow, adventure, history, nature and beautiful Patagonian landscapes.

One of the most interesting experiences a Brazilian can have traveling to bariloche in winter is to have contact with the snow, right? If you are going to take an exciting tour through one of the most beautiful snowy mountains in the city, with lots of adventure, breathtaking views and on top of that, celebrate the outcome with a delicious fondue, everything gets even better.  

That's why one of the favorite winter tours of visitors bariloche is the ride on Roca Negra. The place is the most traditional refuge – charming and cozy wooden cabins in the middle of the mountains – bariloche and is located at 1620 meters of altitude, in the middle of Cerro López.

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The experience starts from bariloche towards Cerro López. From the city center to the mountain, it is about 25 kilometers. The first stage of the ascent to the Cerro Lopez is carried out with a 4×4 vehicle and the adventure starts there. The climb is full of curves and already shows the exciting scenarios to come.

Then, the 4X4s park and the rest of the route is carried out on foot, with the help of snowshoes. For those who don't know, snowshoeing allows tourists to access the icy mountains without skiing.

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These snow-suited accessories allow you to move more comfortably and quickly on snowy or frozen terrain, giving you a feeling of being floating on the surface. In addition, the rackets are very safe, as they fix the feet in the soft snow, preventing slips or other accidents.

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During the journey, what is glimpsed is an impressive scenery of bariloche, in addition to natural viewpoints to the immensity of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, with its lakes, islands and mountains. On the way through the forest, in addition to these incredible views, you can see centenary “coihues”, a species of native Patagonian tree that has dark green foliage and can reach up to 40 meters in height.  

During the journey, the guide who accompanies the visitors will report interesting data about the place, some curiosities and clarify doubts that may arise on the way. The view from the highest point is breathtaking and one of those moments that will stay in the memory forever.  

On the way back, the adventure doesn't end there. Visitors return to Refuge Roca Negra where a delicious chocolate or cheese fondue, as well as a warm fireplace await you. On site, it is possible to enjoy this delicious lunch with one of the most incredible views that bariloche reservation.

Photo: Publicity Bariloche Select

Photo: Publicity Bariloche Select

Did you like the tour Refuge Roca Negra? THE Bariloche Select is an agency that has been in the market for over 10 years and is specialized in Brazilian tourism in bariloche. Every year the company increases the number of tourists who are satisfied with the excursions carried out with complete safety, support and a huge variety of tours.

THE Bariloche Select counts with a highly qualified and specialized team, in addition to a special infrastructure to receive Brazilian tourists in bariloche. Nothing like enjoying the best of the region with those who understand the subject, right?

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