Can you imagine being able to discover the beautiful barrier reef of Alagoas on board a water bike in Maragogi? Learn all about this amazing tour in the “Brazilian Caribbean”

Go to alagoas and are you looking for options of what to do there? I have a sensational tip: you can discover the crystalline sea of Maragogi – known as the Brazilian Caribbean – on board a water bike. Super cool, isn't it?

Extremely safe, this unmissable tour allows you to see, up close, the great barrier reef that surrounds the shore and, also, cool off in the beautiful natural pools of this little piece of paradise.

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That's why we prepared this post to give you all the details of the water bike tour, in addition to telling you how to get to Maragogi and how to enjoy this privileged region of the northeastern coast.

Water bike tour in Maragogi

water bike maragogi

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Held exclusively by the company Porto do Sol Maragogi, the water bike tour can be done from Ponta de Mangue beach, about 8 km from the center of Maragogi.

The water bike resembles a pedalo, but in a bicycle format, with pedals and handlebars, supported by floats. To move it, as with a traditional bicycle, it is necessary to pedal, only in the sea.

THE Porto do Sol Maragogi There are two models of water bike: with a higher seat, very similar to a regular bike, and with a low seat, similar to a chair. In the first model, the person has the foot more stretched out on the pedal and the back is unsupported. In the second, the person is leaning against the support, with the legs more stretched.

To take the tour it is not necessary to know how to ride a bike or swim, but it is necessary to respect the minimum height of 1.40 m and the maximum weight of 110 kg. The company provides safety equipment, such as life jackets, and instructions for using water bikes, which is very simple. The tour also includes videos and photos of the route.

There are some options, too, on how to do the water bike tour in Maragogi. You can rent a bicycle to use it freely or participate in the expeditions that depart daily from Ponta de Mangue beach. Let's talk more about each of them.

Water bike expedition

The expeditions depart daily from Ponta de Mangue beach, but it is necessary to schedule in advance, as the number of participants is limited to 7 per departure. The tour starts on the sand of the beach and continues to the coral barrier. There are about 4 km covered in approximately 2 hours.

The pace of the expedition is smooth so that everyone enjoys the view. Two instructors accompany the group and, along the way, talk about the particularities of the region. In addition, stops are made at strategic points for bathing in the natural pools and many photos. The price per person is R$ 150.00, including photos and a video of the tour.

Water bike rental

If you prefer, you can rent one of the water bikes and enjoy the incredible sea of Maragogi by yourself. Before pedaling, however, you will receive all the instructions for use to make the most of the ride.

There are two water bike rental points: at Barra Grande beach and at Ponta de Mangue. At Barra Grande beach, the rental price for 30 minutes is R$ 40.00. At Ponta de Mangue, the value for every 30 minutes of use is R$ 30.00.

How to get to Maragogi

water bike maragogi

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Maragogi is halfway between Maceió, capital of Alagoas, and Recife, capital of Pernambuco. Therefore, if you plan to visit the city from other states, you can choose between the airports of the two capitals: Maceió International Airport-Zumbi dos Palmares and Recife-Guararapes Gilberto Freyre International Airport.

From Maceió to Maragogi it is 135 km and the journey can be done by taxi, Uber, transfers and rented car. There is no public bus or van that travels between the airport and the destination, to take public transport, you have to go to Maceió – the airport is in the neighboring city of Rio Largo – to board one of the buses that go to Maragogi. The route between Maceió and Maragogi is made by highways AL-105 and AL-101, passing through the cities of Paripueira, Pedro Calvo and Japaratinga.

From Recife to Maragogi it is 123 km and the journey can be done by bus, taxi, Uber, transfers and rented car. In addition to having a larger structure than the airport in Maceió, the airport in Recife receives more flights from all over the country. The route between the capital of Pernambuco and Maragogi is also better, since the road is better maintained and well signposted.

Other tours to do in Maragogi 

water bike maragogi

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The water bike is one of the unmissable tours to do in Maragogi. But this incredible destination on the coast of Alagoas has other attractions that are worth knowing.

Natural pools

The natural pools of Maragogi – better known as Galés de Maragogi – are among the most famous in Brazil. They are in the sea near Maragogi beach and are formed by coral reefs at low tide. Beautiful, the natural pools of Maragogi have crystal clear waters full of fish, corals and various marine species. And, therefore, they are great for diving.

The region is also home to the Galés de Taocas, other beautiful natural pools near Maragogi Beach. The difference from the Galés de Maragogi is that, in them, the waters are warm and less busy, perfect for those who want to enjoy the sea more peacefully. Finally, it is also worth visiting the Galés de Barra Grande, which can be accessed by boat, water bike or through a sandbar that appears at low tide at Praia de Barra Grande.

antunes beach

Considered by many to be the best in Maragogi, the antunes beach is the most famous in the region. There the sea is calm and the waters are warm and crystalline, with a stunning blue. A paradisiacal look that conquers all who visit it. And the best: it is just 7 km from the center of Maragogi.

The left corner of the beach has more structure, with some kiosks. The rest of the waterfront has makeshift trailers that, in addition to selling drinks and snacks, have umbrellas and chairs. To complete, you will find hammocks in the sea, great for relaxing and making several clicks.

Round trip in Tamandaré

the beautiful beaches of tamandaré, in Pernambuco, are just 49 km away from Maragogi and is a great option for a day trip to do, either privately or through a local tourism agency.

Tamandaré is a municipality in Pernambuco known for its beaches surrounded by coconut trees and calm seas. Among them is the paradisiacal Praia dos Carneiros, with beautiful natural pools.

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