Avoid surprises and find out what tourism fees are and how they are charged around the world

Scheduled vacations, booked tours, paid accommodation. But is that all? Depending on your destination, a tourism tax may be charged and generate extra expenses during your tour.

Although European cities are best known for their tourism tax, other destinations around the world are also joining the practice. The tourist tax is nothing more than a small municipal charge used to preserve tourist attractions, in addition to being a means of containing, even if minimally, the massive tourism that some regions currently face.

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But do you know what they are exactly and where these fees are charged? We will clarify everything in this post to avoid surprises along your trip.

What are tourism fees?

Tourism fees are small municipal charges that tourists find in some destinations around the world. They are important ways to get locals to invest in preserving natural landscapes and historic places, such as museums and buildings. In addition, tourism fees are often used for maintenance and modernization of facilities in these places, such as signage and accessibility, as well as public cleaning and sanitation.

Tourism fees do not have a fixed amount, it is up to each municipality to decide how to charge and how much to charge. Values may vary according to location and time of year – some destinations tend to increase the rate in the high season, when there is a greater concentration of tourists. At other times, fees are a strategy to contain massive tourism, which can often harm local heritage.

The collection of some tourist taxes around the world is incorporated in advance in the value of the accommodation, in other cases, it is carried out at the time of check-out from the hotel. Generally, it is calculated based on the number of days the visitor stayed in the city.

There are exemptions for specific situations, such as people traveling for medical treatment, children, tour guides and tourists staying in hostels, but this will also depend on local policies.

Which destinations charge a tourist tax?

Many destinations around the world are adept at the tourism tax. In Europe, most cities, especially the most famous ones, usually practice charging, such as Venice, Italy, which charges 3 euros a day even for those who don't stay overnight – but don't be alarmed, this is one of the biggest Europe rates.

In France, the well-known “Taxe de Sejour” is charged per person per night, according to your accommodation and cities. Prices range from twenty cents to 3.50 euros per person. Greece, for example, at the beginning of 2018 started charging a fixed tourist tax that varies according to the category of accommodation chosen, reaching up to 4 euros per day.

In Brazil, there are several locations that have joined the charge, such as islands and national parks, which collect values for the environmental preservation of these natural biomes. Gateway for those who want to know the beauties of the Jalapão State Park, the city of Mateiros, in Tocantins, charge R$ 20 for each day of stay in the municipality. The rate that the visitor will pay per day in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, for example, is R$ 2.

How to know if your destination charges the tourist tax

You already know that several cities around the world charge the tourist tax, but how do you know if your holiday destination is one of them and find out the values? A tip is to search on the websites of the prefectures of the municipalities where you intend to stay, which usually inform you about the value of these fees. Another option is to check with the hotel booked, who will be able to inform you about the prices charged.

The important thing is to find out about tourism fees to organize yourself financially and avoid surprises along the way.

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