A Brazilian travel consultancy can make your trip to Turkey much easier: discover tours to do in Istanbul accompanied by a local guide

When traveling to another country, it is natural that several doubts start to arise, such as the best form of transport, how to get around, which places to visit, among others. That is why, many times, the private guide service makes all the difference for those who want to make the most of their trip and in complete safety.

in the case of Turkey, language and cultural issues can often be a reason to feel insecure. If you are traveling with your family or in a group, renting a car may not be feasible. Therefore, it is worth hiring a Brazilian guide through a receptive agency in Turkey.

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These professionals will act as true hosts, assist in communication and add interesting information about each place.

The Brazilian Simone Karaatli and Andy Sevinc, have lived in the country for more than 10 years and offer a reception service in Portuguese and a concierge service for Brazilian tourists through the agency Kleos Turkey.

By hiring this service, it will not be necessary, for example, to worry about issues such as purchasing tickets and transportation: the Brazilian consultants will assist in every detail to make your experience unforgettable. To further inspire your trip, they helped us set aside some tours in Istanbul to get away from the beaten path.

Istanbul tours to go with Brazilian guides

Classic and unmissable tours

Tourism in Istanbul: tours in Turkey to go with Brazilian guides

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On a trip to Istanbul, some well-known sights can never be overlooked. In these tours, the Brazilian guides from Kleos Turkey, in addition to providing important information and historical details about each place visited, they also schedule attractions in an agile way, making time that is always so precious on a trip to be saved.

This includes a visit to some of the most famous mosques in the city, such as the Blue Mosque, one of the great Turkish symbols and the incredible Hagia Sophia, a Byzantine cathedral recently transformed into a mosque. In addition to them, there is also the Suleymaniye, an Ottoman imperial mosque built by Sultan Süleyman I.

Another classic tour is to get lost in the midst of more than 4400 stores in the Grand Bazaar and negotiate, as the Turks appreciate so much, for good prices to purchase typical products from the country. It is also worth taking a boat trip on the Bosphorus Canal, to sail across two continents at the same time. These curiosities and many other tips are even better accompanied by a local professional service.

Istanbul's trendy neighborhoods: a different way to get to know the city

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Only a specialized consultancy knows a particular destination so well, to the point of indicating the best places to visit, escape from crowds and hurricanes. Those tours that are true hidden treasures and that usually only the locals usually know about will certainly be part of your itinerary. This is the case of these cool neighborhoods to discover in Istanbul.

Lively, full of charming cafes and bars, the neighborhood  from Karakoy It is located on the European side of the city. Full of trees, trendy streets with art galleries, this is one of the most fun neighborhoods to visit and get to know a very different facet of that historic Istanbul. Following this same atmosphere, but on the Asian side of the city, is Kadiköy, another cool, but quieter option, full of places to enjoy the night.

For those who want to discover one of the most sophisticated neighborhoods in Istanbul, the tip is to plan a visit to Bebek, on the European side of the city. Mansions, palaces, luxury ships, boutiques and award-winning restaurants positioned on the edge of the Bosphorus Strait make this one of the most interesting places in the city, especially for those who love luxury.

Çamlıca: discover the largest mosque in Turkey 

Tourism in Istanbul: tours in Turkey to go with Brazilian guides

Photo: Unsplash

To give you an idea, in Turkey there are more than 80,000 mosques, with more than 3,000 of them concentrated in Istanbul. Its vaults and domes adorn and stand out against the city's skyline from different angles. In addition to the mosques mentioned above, which are better known, there are also some that tourists do not usually visit – among those that are open for tourist visitation, of course. With the help of a specialized Brazilian guide, it is possible to discover true gems.

One of them is Çamlıca. Inaugurated in March 2019, it is currently considered the largest mosque in Turkey. Visiting the huge building is a great tour, as, in addition to its grandeur and beauty, it is a different mosque to visit. To give you an idea, this mosque occupies an area of 15 thousand square meters and has a capacity for more than 60 thousand people. In addition to being the largest, it was built in a strategic location, in a high part of Istanbul, making it possible to see it from various points of the city.

Unmissable day trip: Principe Islands

Photo: Unsplash

In search of an unmissable day trip from Istanbul? A tip is to visit the incredible Principe Islands, which are located in the Sea of Marmara. The islands have this name because they served as an exile for the Ottoman princes during the Byzantine period, a kind of “royal hiding place”.

Later, the archipelago attracted the nobility of Istanbul and became a place full of mansions and luxury. The only way to reach the islands is by boat. This tour is one of the coolest tours to do with a specialized Brazilian guide, like the ones from Kleos Turkey, which offer itineraries to these other places, getting away from the traditional tours.

In it, it is possible to know some of the islands most visited by tourists, which is the case of Büyükada, the largest island in the complex, which is full of historic places, beautiful beaches and nature, as well as several charming restaurants and hotels. Few Brazilians know this part of Turkey, but they should. For those who love nature, Heybeliada Island is more isolated, therefore, it allows for quieter walks.

Schedule a shopping day in Istanbul

Tourism in Istanbul: tours in Turkey to go with Brazilian guides

Photo: Unsplash

In addition to the attractions and beautiful landscapes, the Turkey It is also a great destination for those who love to take advantage of a trip to do good shopping. In addition to rare, exotic, oriental and Turkish products, which can be purchased in the famous and traditional markets, those who want to find the most famous European brands will also find good finds. It is even possible to find more interesting values than in many European countries.

For those looking for luxury items, a tip is to visit the Istinye Park, Zorlu Center and Kanyon malls. In such cases, the Kleos Turkey offers a personal shopper and personalized itinerary according to the items that the customer wants to purchase. In addition, the company also conducts a survey of average prices, preventing tourists from falling into “holes” and paying more for the product they want to purchase.

Beach near Istanbul: a summer morning in Kylios 

Tourism in Istanbul: tours in Turkey to go with Brazilian guides

Photo: Ozan Kilic/ Wikimedia Commons

The diversity of attractions near Istanbul is really impressive. Those who want to enjoy a beach close to the city can visit the coastal village of Kylios, located at the northern end of the city, about 35 kilometers away. The destination is bathed by the Black Sea and very famous among Istanbul residents, especially in summer, when the beach is more popular. In this type of tour, having the comfort of a modern fleet of cars and qualified drivers makes all the difference to feel safe and enjoy your trip better.

How to hire a Brazilian guide in Turkey

When planning your trip, it is essential to anticipate and make sure about the host who will organize your tours. Choose to close these itineraries with agencies accredited and authorized by the government of Turkey, to avoid problems during your trip.

When we travel to a different country, especially when we do not know the language of the destination, having expert advice and guides who speak our language will guarantee greater comfort and safety to take only good memories home.

Kleos Turkey
Yukari Mah. Fatíh Cadd. No 71 – Uchisar / Cappadocia / Turkey
Phone: +90 (384) 219 2047/ +90 (549) 861 0050 (Portuguese)
Email: [email protected]
Site: https://kleostourism.com/

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