THE maranhão is one of the largest states in northeastern Brazil and has a rich ecosystem made up of mangroves, beaches, rivers, waterfalls and a tropical desert. Undoubtedly, the location between the northeast and north regions shelters typical natural beauties of the northeast, with all the audacity and esoterism of the northern region of the country. see the amazing tourist destinations for meet in Maranhão, which are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and deserve to be admired up close.

Santo Amaro


One of the incredible and less frequented destinations to visit in Maranhão. Photo: Maira Soares

Although it is still little frequented by tourists due to the difficult access, the bucolic city of Santo Amaro is in front of the Lencois Maranhenses National Park and is called “the lost paradise of the sheets” thanks to its huge lagoons that are not very busy.

In addition, the most interesting thing about Santo Amaro is its proximity to the park. Therefore, when in town, be sure to visit Lagoa das Cabras, Lagoa das Andorinhas and Lagoa da Betânia.

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Photo: Aris do Mar Turismo

Starting point to discover the natural beauties of Chapada das Mesas, the friendly city of Carolina is located in the south of Maranhão on the banks of the Tocantins River. Thus, the region is much sought after by fans of ecotourism thanks to the numerous waterfalls, canyons and the incredible rock formations spread across this magnificent territory.



Photo: Dan Brooke

Another city option to explore Lençóis Maranhenses is the old fishing village Atins. However, the city only has streets of fine sand and no public lighting. The destination is very close to several lagoons and has been called Jericoacoara Maranhão.



Photo: Manuel Jose Pereira

The historic city of Alcântara is located a few kilometers (in a straight line) from São Luís, that is, if access is made by boat through the Praia Grande neighborhood, in the historic center of the city. However, if the access is made by own transport, it is necessary to travel 421 km around the island.

Alcântara was undeniably one of the richest cities in the state, built between the 18th and 19th centuries. Therefore, great vestiges of the past can be seen in the various colonial mansions, squares and scattered ruins of the small town.

Lençóis Island


Ilha dos Lençóis is one of the main tourist destinations in Maranhão. Photo: Gabriel Castaldini

Ilha dos Lençóis is part of the municipality of Curupuru and is located in the middle of one of the largest mangrove areas in the world. The region certainly has landscapes of unique beauty that make up a paradisiacal setting on the coast of Maranhão.

The island is formed by a field of dunes up to 35 meters high, wild trails in the middle of the mangrove and is a sanctuary for birds such as jaçanã, herons and guarás. In addition, it is also known for its deserted beaches, some of which are kilometers long.



Photo: Flickr – SLZshots

The city is surrounded by beaches, dunes and mangroves. Tutóia is undoubtedly one of the attractions of Route of Emotions, and is in a location where the sun shines year round. Therefore, it has become one of the main tourist routes in the State.

First Cross

Photo: Flickr - Quetalnao

Photo: Flickr – Quetalnao

Municipality 207 km from São Luís that is home to Lagoa do Cassó, a huge lake with calm and transparent waters surrounded by native forests. The difficult access and isolation of the region keep the lagoon far from civilization, with clean and unpolluted water. The area is preserved by the local community, which derives its sustenance from nature itself.

São Luís

Photo: Antonio Rezende

São Luís, capital of the state, is one of the incredible destinations to visit in Maranhão. Photo: Antonio Rezende

THE capital of maranhão without a doubt, it houses one of the greatest historical architectural complexes in Brazil. There are more than 3,000 townhouses and mansions spread across the streets and squares of the Historic Center that consecrated the city with the title of Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1977.


Photo: Manuel Jose Pereira

Photo: Manuel Jose Pereira

barriers is certainly among the most visited tourist destinations in Maranhão. After all, in addition to the traditional walks to the incredible dune park with ponds formed by rainwater, visitors enjoy the huge area of mangroves cut by the Preguiça River. With numerous freshwater beaches and super charming villages.

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