Coffee Route, in Paraná: Starting in Londrina and going through 8 other destinations in the state, the tourist itinerary presents the typical delights of the region

THE coffee route, at the Paraná, I have more than 30 attractions within a radius of 200 kilometers that are distributed in 9 municipalities in the north of the state. The path seeks to preserve and rescue the culture of this region, a world highlight in coffee production, in addition to the characteristics of the population, which make the place even more welcoming.

If you intend to do this Coffee Route accompanied by a guide, several local receptive agencies promote this tour, preparing the road map according to each client's profile, time and available budget. You Coffee Route tours include visits to historic farms, cultural centers, museums, restaurants and of course many coffee shops. During the visits, tourists have the option of experiencing the habits and customs of the traditional families of coffee plantations, tasting a cuisine specialized in the product and staying in places with scenic beauty, in addition to learning all the current and ancient production process of coffee.

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Route of Coffee in Paraná

In Londoner, the second largest city in the tourist itinerary, has 13 attractions for tourists to learn about the coffee culture. The city's coffee shops are a great way to immerse yourself in this world. Boleria Dom Leonardi works through tasting memories, taking customers to reinterpretations of classic cakes and more innovative ones. '

Londrina Coffee Route

Coffee Route, in Paraná: delights of the region. Photo: Disclosure

Another very famous attraction of the city is the Dual Cafeteria, a cozy place that combines very modern architecture with a differentiated menu full of different and wonderful delicacies. Most drinks are made with either hot or iced coffee. Sweets, sandwiches, pies and snacks complete the menu.

If you're looking for a quieter spot away from the city, the route also offers farm hotels and inns scattered along the way. THE Monte Bello Farm It is a historic property founded in the early 1900's. Its charming and welcoming structure welcomes visitors to share family stories, a tour of the old café structure and hikes along ecological trails.


Coffee Route, in Paraná: tour through the coffee plantations. Photo: Disclosure

Londrina Coffee Route

Coffee Route, in Paraná. Photo: Disclosure


Coffee Route: London. Photo: Disclosure

THE Museum of the Rural Society of Paraná at Parque Governador Ney Braga, in Londrina, it houses 28,000 photographic images, original documents, objects and relics displayed in air-conditioned, well-lit and organized environments to illustrate in chronological order the history of the development of northern Paraná. The modern structure of the museum brings together a collection that represents the socioeconomic trajectory of the municipality and the region.

Another well-known museum is the London Historical Museum, a great icon of the Coffee Route and an important historical-cultural attraction of the municipality. The space was installed on an old train platform that stopped running in 1981 and 1982. The museum occupies it. Due to its architectural lines, it constitutes a historic landmark of the English origin of the colonization of the Paraná.

With a mission of preservation and dissemination of the cultural heritage of Londrina and region, the site seeks to make visible the historical trajectory of the population. The museum is still a space for experiences, resignifications and a stage for important social events in the city. A great place to get to know a little about the history of Rota do Café, in Londrina.

Souvenir, handicraft and local products shops can also be visited, Muller House for example, it is a typical private property that offers visitors stories and the daily life of the local population. The family participates in the Farmer's Factory Program with the production of wines, grape juice and liqueurs, opening the property to visitors and, during the harvest period of some fruits, they offer the “harvest-pay” system.

Visits on the property include a tour of the fields and native forest, sharing about the history of the property and the Muller family. In addition, the rural café and the tasting of wines, liqueurs and the traditional strawberry and grape juice. The property is located between the cities of Londoner and Cambé.

Londrina Coffee Route

Photo: Disclosure

London coffee route

Photo: Disclosure

London coffee route

Photo: Disclosure

In South Marilandia, the Artesanu agroindustry manufactures organic products and specializes in dehydrated fruits and jellies, a good choice is the coffee flavored one, a very Brazilian delicacy that results in the combination of apple, sugar and organic coffee and other ingredients.

You best places to taste the local gastronomy are the Brasiliano Bar and Cozinha restaurants, installed in a brick house from the 1940s, the restaurant mixes the atmosphere of a Brazilian-style bar with the refinement of the gastronomy, offering a complete menu that brings pasta, meat, fish, salads, soups, sandwiches, snacks and, above all, a wide and rich variety of risottos and the Casarão Restaurant, founded in 1975, the house is famous for the “Bisteca O Casarão”, a dish specially flavored with coffee.

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