The lively and cool BH is full of charms! In addition to its authentic gastronomy, the capital of Minas Gerais has numerous historic buildings, beautiful parks and great options for nightlife.

The city that inspired Brasília has almost 2.5 million inhabitants and has architectural gems. Works by architect Oscar Niemeyer can be found all over Belo Horizonte. Urban and at the same time bucolic, Belo Horizonte it has cheese bread, cachaça, parks and bars; in addition to an intense cultural program, sophisticated shops and star-studded restaurants. The Church of São Francisco de Assis in the region of Lagoa da Pampulha is one of the most famous postcards of the capital of Minas Gerais and deserves a visit.

With the Serra do Curral as a background, planned streets and its imposing buildings surrounded by greenery, Belo Horizonte makes an invitation to walks in the open air. There are countless places to know, in Praça da Liberdade, with imperial palm trees and fountains that attract the attention of visitors, there are museums and cultural centers of the city. Lagoa da Pampulha and the Savassi and Lourdes neighborhoods are also great options as the region concentrates most of the capital's bars and restaurants.

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Despite the glamor and expansion of haute cuisine, Belo Horizonte does not give up its traditional pubs. The city is proud to have the highest rate of bars per inhabitant in the country, which encouraged the creation, in 2000, of the Comida di Buteco festival. The event takes place in April and May, when customers choose the best snacks served in the capital. Delights enhanced with sausage, tenderloin or crackling always come out ahead and are even more successful when accompanied by a cold beer or a typical branquinha.

Things to do in Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte. Photo: Aleksandar Todorovic / Shutterstock

Liberty Square

Architectural ensemble formed by Praça da Liberdade and the attractions in its surroundings, bringing together eight old buildings that have been transformed into ateliers, libraries, museums, spaces for courses and workshops. In Versailles-inspired gardens square, neoclassical and post-modern buildings take us back in time.

Pampulha Architectural Ensemble

Around Lagoa da Pampulha there are only the most beautiful architectural ensembles in Belo Horizonte, three of them signed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Minas Gerais Valley Memorial

Occupying a historic building from 1897, the Minas Gerais Vale Memorial aims to modernize the state's tourism and culture and increasingly consolidates itself as a space for leisure, culture, knowledge and tourism in Belo Horizonte.

Palace of Arts

The Palácio das Artes is a cultural complex that spreads art and culture, providing a multiplicity of experiences for the public that visits the place.

Banco do Brasil Belo Horizonte Cultural Center

With a wide and dynamic cultural program, the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in Belo Horizonte receives creations in visual and scenic arts and musical shows. The space also has a multimedia room dedicated to audiovisual and permanent educational activities.

Mangabeiras viewpoint

The Mirante das Mangabeiras provides the visitor with a privileged panoramic view of the capital of Minas Gerais. The movement is intense in the region, precisely because the place is considered one of the tourist attractions in Belo Horizonte. In addition to enjoying a beautiful sunset, it is possible to see Lagoa da Pampulha and Parque das Mangabeiras.

Mineirão – Governador Magalhães Pinto Stadium

Football fans cannot miss visiting Mineirão, the stadium offers guided tours every day when there are no games. During the tours, visitors get to know the stands and areas for exclusive use, such as changing rooms and lawn.

MM Gerdau – Museum of Mines and Metal

It houses an important collection on mining and metallurgy, documenting two of the main economic activities in Minas. The Museum uses state-of-the-art technology in a playful and creative way to show the universe of rocks, the processes of transformation of ores and their importance for human life and social, economic and cultural development.

Church of Saint Francis of Assisi

Known as Igrejinha da Pampulha, it was inaugurated in 1943 by Oscar Niemeyer, its interior houses the Via Sacra, with 14 panels by Portinari. The gardens are signed by Burle Marx.

Mangabeiras Park

Located at the foot of Serra do Curral, Belo Horizonte's cultural heritage, Parque das Mangabeiras, designed by landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. Visitors can enjoy natural corners, shuttlecock, tennis and sports courts, skate park, toys and cultural activities.

Other tourist attractions in Belo Horizonte

  • Liberty Palace
  • St. Joseph's Church
  • Museum of Arts & Crafts
  • Basilica of Our Lady of Lourdes
  • Lagoinha Baptist Church
  • King do Mato Grotto
  • Américo Renee Giannetti Municipal Park
  • Abilio Barreto Historical Museum
  • Belo Horizonte Central Market
  • Serra da Coin
  • Piripipau Nativity Scene
  • Minascentro
  • Israel Pinheiro Square
  • Museum of Natural Sciences

How to get to Belo Horizonte

Independence Square. Photo: Aleksandar Todorovic / Shutterstock

By airplane

Tancredo Neves International Airport is one of the main airports in operation in Brazil and receives daily flights from the main capitals of the country.

By car

From Rio de Janeiro, access via BR-040
From São Paulo, access via BR-381
From Espírito Santo, access via BR-262

By bus

The city receives daily buses from several Brazilian capitals. For up-to-date information on which companies operate to Belo Horizonte, it is worth calling the bus station in the capital of Minas Gerais.
Belo Horizonte bus station
Tel: (31) 3271-8933

Best time to visit Belo Horizonte

Serra do Cural Municipal Park. Photo: Pedro Vilela/MTur

Belo Horizonte is a destination option that can be visited throughout the year, it all depends on the purpose of your trip. If you like to enjoy the morning and afternoon of the big urban centers, we recommend the months of April and May when the city receives an injection of extra animation thanks to the renowned festival Buteco food. An incredible competition where the main bars and restaurants in the city compete to see who offers the best snack in town.

The rainy season in the capital of Minas Gerais is during the summer, between October and March, with December and January being the wettest months. At this time, it is recommended to enjoy more of the closed attractions such as museums, galleries and public markets.

Where to stay in Belo Horizonte

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Booking offers more than 400 options for accommodation in Belo HorizonteSee all available hotels on here.

Belo Horizonte has great accommodation options on Airbnb. The platform that offers house, apartment and room rentals can be much cheaper than hotels. And if you haven't registered yet, you can use this discount code.

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