Discover places, must-see attractions and tourism tips in Guarapari, Espírito Santo

Located 50 kilometers from Victory, the coastal Guarapari It's the main tourist city of Espírito Santo. And it is not for nothing that the municipality holds this title. With a good structure to receive visitors and leisure options for all tastes, Guarapari is increasingly sought after for the vacation period and for those who want an alternative to the coast of the Northeast or the Rio de Janeiro, for example.

The city is surrounded by the Atlantic forest, with more than fifty exuberant beaches and other natural beauties that can even be seen in its ecological parks. And for those who like destinations with historical attractions, the place also leaves nothing to be desired.

With buildings from past centuries and churches from the colonial period, Guarapari retains a charming historic center, which is not so well known, however, it is a great choice of tour. 

Guarapari it is also famous for its monazitic sands, a type of material with natural radioactivity that has medicinal effects. Many believe that its use also brings benefits in cases of rheumatism, arthritis and muscle diseases. Check out tourism tips in Guarapari:

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Tourism tips: what to do in Guarapari

Tourism tips: what to do in Guarapari

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Very busy, especially in the summer, Guarapari pleases people of all ages, who can choose attractions such as walks on the beautiful beaches to the practice of sports. With many bars and restaurants, the concentration of the youngest is in the Enseada Azul region. Those who prefer tranquility take the North direction, where the calmer scenarios are. Tourists can also venture into extreme sports or diving, discover the region's handicrafts and, of course, enjoy typical dishes such as the famous moqueca capixaba. 

Areia Preta beach 

Famous for its dark monazitic sands, which attract many tourists, Praia da Areia Preta is small and has calm waves. It is very popular with visitors during the summer days, so it is another tip for tourism in Guarapari.

Castanheiras beach

Praia das Castanheiras is next to Praia da Areia Preta and next to Praia do Meio. It is one of the busiest in the high season, with kiosks, a sea with few waves suitable for bathing and small natural pools that form between the rocks, as well as, of course, the chestnut trees that provide a pleasant shade to visitors. The beach is one of the most beloved in Guarapari, frequented by many families.

Next to Praia das Castanheiras is Praia dos Namorados. A small strip of sand where, legend has it, couples enjoyed full moon nights. Walking a little further on Avenida Edízio Cirne, you will find Praia das Virtudes, another short beach.  


One of the most beautiful beaches in the city, Meaípe, is located in an old fishing village 9 kilometers from the center. With calm seas, coarse sand and rocks, the beach is preferred by couples and families, as well as those seeking the benefits of monazite sands. The place is also known for its restaurants, famous for the preparation of moqueca and seafood. At night, the action is on account of the bars and the concert hall Multiplace More. Access to the beach is via Avenida Beira Mar, which is very busy in high season. The alternative is to take a road that runs outside the shore.

blue cove

The beaches of Peracanga and Bacutia are located in the region of Enseada Azul, approximately 6 kilometers from the city center. The beauty of this resort attracts mainly young people, who also enjoy the hustle and bustle of the region's nightclubs. Families, the elderly and children seek the beaches mainly for the infrastructure and the calm and crystalline waters, ideal for bathing.

Peracanga beach

Praia de Peracanga is 960 meters long, is surrounded by luxury buildings, has practically no waves and small bushes and vegetation around it. There are kiosks at the beginning of the beach and movement of some street vendors, however, prepare your pocket, as the prices of snacks and drinks are usually more expensive in this region.


Great for diving, with transparent waters and some trees that offer shade, Praia de Bacutia is mainly frequented by young people, who in the summer vie for its 450-meter space. 

Close to the beaches of Bacutia and Peracanga, the visitor can find Praia de Guaibura, which is more rustic and Praia do Riacho, which is simple and has rough seas. 

Praia dos Padres

On the other side of Praia da Bacutia is Praia dos Padres, another among the tourist tips in Guarapari and half hidden between the rocks and the forest. Small, with about 140 meters of sand, the greenish seascape and the shade of chestnut trees around make the beach a paradise for those who want to escape the hustle of Enseada Azul. If you want even more privacy, go to the right, going around the rocks and you will find natural pools and a lot of tranquility.

Morro Beach

One of the largest beaches in Guarapari, Praia do Morro is four kilometers long. On one side the waves are strong, on the other the waters are calm. Bustling during the summer, visitors will find kiosks, bars and restaurants on the waterfront. One of the attractions of the place is the Monument to the Marlim-Azul, a replica of the 636-kilogram fish that fisherman Paulo Amorim caught in the Guarapari Sea in 1922. 

Adventists Beach

With 400 meters of extension and located in front of the Colônia de Férias dos Adventistas – justifying its name – Praia dos Adventistas is the means of access to other beaches in the region. Surrounded by coconut and almond trees and waters with calmer waves in the morning and moderate to strong with high tide in the afternoon, this is another tip for tourism in Guarapari. 

Village Beach

Between Praia dos Adventistas and Praia da Cerca Norte, is Praia da Aldeia, in front of a private condominium. With a view that impresses visitors, preserved nature, a narrow strip of golden sand and calm waters, the place is great to take the family. Praia da Aldeia is on the right side of Praia dos Adventistas and, to get there, just go around the rock that separates them. 

three beaches 

The place, formed by three beaches (Praia Mateus Lopes, Praia da Leontina and Praia do Saco or Ancoradouro), is one of the favorites for those who want tranquility and peace. With calm and clear waters, the beauty of the place enchants visitors. Separated by rocks and surrounded by native forest, access to the beaches is via a small trail from Praia dos Adventistas. As it is a more isolated place, there are no kiosks or restaurants, so it is advisable to bring food and necessary items for a comfortable ride. 

Paulo Cesar Vineyard State Park

Paulo César Vinha State Park was created in the early 1990s with the aim of preserving a continuous strip of sandbank, one of the most threatened ecosystems in the Atlantic Forest. With ponds, dunes and flooded plains, in addition to numerous plant formations, the park is home to endangered species of flora and fauna. The trails lead to several attractions, which add up to approximately 4 km.

The Restinga Trail, the main one in the park, leads to Praia de Caraís and, walking a little further, we can see the Caraís Lagoon, also known as Lagoa da Coca-Cola, due to the similarity of the reddish color of the water with the soda. With a paradisiacal landscape, which yield incredible photos, the visitor can end the tour with a relaxing bath in the lagoon. 

It is important to bring a snack, as the place has no structure for food. The park is open every day from 8 am to 5 pm and has free admission. 

Morro da Pescaria Natural Park

Another tour worth taking is the walk around Morro da Pescaria, a peninsula with 73 hectares of Atlantic Forest. A trail of approximately 1 km with breathtaking views takes the visitor to Ermitão beach, where there are usually several natural pools (depending on the tide level). To do the trail, R$ 4 reais is charged. Morro da Pescaria Park is at the end of Morro beach, on Avenida Beira Mar.

Ruins of Nossa Senhora da Conceição Church

Also known as the Old Church, built in 1677, it is said to have suffered a fire before it was even inaugurated. Today, only the ruins and the bell tower (bell tower) remain. The ruins are located on Rua Nossa Senhora das Graças. This is another tip for tourism in Guarapari

Former Church of Our Lady of Conception

One more tip for tourism in Guarapari: Built on top of a hill by Father José de Anchieta in 1585, this church is considered a landmark in the foundation of Guarapari.  Currently, with the name of Parish of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, it has a large sacred collection, with pieces from the 18th century and is open for visitation during the times of the masses (Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 5:30 pm; Saturdays, at 4:30 pm and on Sundays). , at 9 am). The church is located on Ladeira Salvador Souza, 1588.

Sant'Ana Grotto

Built in stone in 1944, the “little cave”, as it is also known by the locals, was left without maintenance for a long time and fell into ruins, being restored in 1991 and given to the community as an Affective Heritage of the Municipality. In addition to the image of Our Lady of Lourdes, inside there are paintings of Sant'Ana and Nossa Senhora Menina. The cave is located on Ladeira Dom João Cavati, close to the Old Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição; 

Jesuits' Well

Built in the 16th century, in the shape of a dome with overlapping stones and a mortar composed of sand, crushed shells and whale oil, it is the only well built by the Jesuits that remains in the city. As it is located in the Praia da Fonte area, it is also known as the “fountain well”. The work is located on Rua da Fonte, close to the Casa da Cultura;

Aquamania Water Park

Another tip for tourism in Guarapari, Acquamania is the largest water park in Espírito Santo, with 250 thousand square meters. Built in the middle of the Atlantic Forest and with more than 50 attractions for all ages, the place is one of the options for fun in Guarapari. Tickets can be purchased on the park's website: for R$ 55 reais. Children under 1 meter tall do not pay. Acquamania Park is located on BR 101 – Km 319, in Amarelos, Guarapari. 

schooner trips

For those who don't have much time to visit the main points of the city and for those who want to observe the beauties of Guarapari from the sea, the tip is to take a schooner tour, or, as the locals say, “sea tour”. Departure times, routes, stops for swimming and the duration of the tours differ between companies. It is possible to hire the service directly at the departure point, which is located on the downtown pier, on Avenida Pedro Ramos.

Best time to visit Guarapari

Tourism tips: what to do in Guarapari

Photo: Disclosure / MTur

Guarapari has a humid and hot tropical climate and can be visited at any time of the year. In high season, from December to March, the city is crowded, receiving 1 million tourists. During this period, it is recommended to make accommodation reservations in advance and there are traffic jams in the city center.

To enjoy all the attractions with more tranquility, it is recommended to visit the city between autumn and winter, which has a mild climate. To avoid getting rain on the beach, avoid going in October, November and December. 

How to get to Guarapari

Tourism tips: what to do in Guarapari

Photo: Disclosure / MTur

By airplane

The nearest airport is Vitória, 64 kilometers away. From the airport to Guarapari, the best way to get there is via the Viação Alvorada express. With four departure times during the day, the fare is $ 24.80. 

By car

From Vitória: access via the Third Bridge, Vila Velha and Rodovia do Sol (ES-060). Coming from other regions of the country: access via BR-101 to the entrance of the city. 

By bus

The companies Kaissara, Águia Branca, Gontijo, Rio Doce and Itapemirim make the journey to Guarapari from several cities in the country. In addition to the express departing from Vitória Airport, those departing the capital from the state capital via the bus station can use the Viação Planeta buses, which depart every day, at various times, for R$ 16.12. 

Where to stay in Guarapari

Tourism tips: what to do in Guarapari

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Booking offers more than 100 accommodation options in Guarapari. See all available hotels on here.

Guarapari has great Airbnb accommodation options. The platform that offers house, apartment and room rentals can be much cheaper than hotels. And if you haven't registered yet, you can use this discount code.

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