The natural pools of Maragogi are 6 km away from the mainland, there the water is incredibly crystal clear and full of colorful fish that live in the corals of the region.

the municipality of maragogi is the main tourist attraction in the state of alagoas. The name of indigenous origin means "Passion Flower", the municipality has an immense coastline protected by the second largest coral coast in the world (the first is in Australia). Approximately 6 kilometers out to sea, by speedboat or regional boat, you can reach the Welsh of Maragogi, a natural aquarium with clear waters, forming a large swimming pool in the open sea, full of corals and small sandbanks.

Every day dozens of boats take visitors to discover the famous natural pools in Maragogi, which appear only during low tide. As a result, the tour schedules are varied, depending exclusively on this phenomenon. During a day the tide usually oscillates more than once. Ensuring a photo in the crystal clear waters full of colorful fish is the goal of any traveler who chooses the state of alagoas. The marine life of the region is very rich and diversified, those who propose to go scuba diving have a great chance to see different species, such as octopus and stingrays. The lucky ones may witness a turtle or another, but these species are not so common in the region.

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For those who want to venture into the beauties of alagoas, it is worth setting aside a few more days to get to know the region better. In addition to Maragogi, some nearby towns also offer exuberant beauties, such as the scenery of Japaratinga, São Miguel dos Milagres and the charming Porto de Pedras, a small town with the appearance of a fishing village and paradisiacal beaches, such as Praia do Patacho, a destination that known recently.

With 31 thousand inhabitants, the municipality is formed by 10 beaches, with 23 km of coastline: Praia de maragogi, Mangrove Point, Big Bar, Xaréu, Golden, Camacho, Burgalhau, Peroba, São Bento and the most famous in the region, the antunes beach, which surprises visitors in a Caribbean setting.

when you are by maragogi, be sure to visit one of the most imposing viewpoints in the destination. THE Alto do Cruzeiro works as a restaurant and Hotel, with a privileged location providing a panoramic view of the coast and the sea of maragogi. For visitors who take a few extra days to explore the surroundings of Maragogi, we advise you to find a local agency that can help you choose the tours.

Tamandaré and Porto de Galinhas are part of the itinerary of some of them, we did and we approved a lot. Discover the main tours to do in Maragogi, Porto de Galinhas, Tamandaré and the region.

Things to do in Maragogi

photo: George Hamilton

Praia do Antunes

Considered by many to be the most beautiful of the destination, the Praia do Antunes it is a quiet beach, practically without commerce and, therefore, very popular for those who want to relax. The location, like other Maragogi beaches, has coconut trees and has calm seas at low tide.

Mangrove Point

Beach with many vacation homes and very quiet. Calm and warm sea. It has natural pools at low tide where it is possible to have contact with several species of fish.


Beach with fine sand, calm sea and warm water. Great for diving in its 500 meters of extension, the beach has natural pools at low tide, being much sought after by divers.

Camacho Beach

THE Camacho Beach is located on the south coast of Maragogi. Without many bars or kiosks along its stretch, this beach is more visited by locals and fishermen than tourists.

Big Bar

the village of Big Bar It is very old, it is a simple fishing village, some summer houses and few paved streets. There are also some hotels and inns in the region. The sea is very calm and it is customary to find many fishermen.


Less frequented is a sandy beach and a beautiful barrier reef. Praia do Burgalhau is located just after Rio dos Paus, where we find a mangrove swamp, and is a great option for those looking for a quiet day away from the tourist concentration of Maragogi.

Xareu beach

Xareu beach is another one of the beaches that deserve to be highlighted. The stretch of sand on this beach is not extensive, but at low tide it is possible to walk several meters into the sea and enjoy a beach with shallow waters, ideal for children.

Maragogi beach

It is the most frequented and most famous beach in maragogi, has an excellent infrastructure of bars, restaurants, hotels and inns. Located near the Maragogi River, its waters are calm, blue and warm. It is from here that the tours to the Galés (natural pools) leave.

São Bento

São Bento is a beach with murky waters, due to the meeting with the Maragogi River, located in a fishing village, surrounded by many coconut trees and a barrier of rocks.

How to get to Maragogi

Photo: Publicity Sec Turismo Maragogi

Starting with location, maragogi is precisely in the middle of two beautiful Brazilian capitals, Maceió and Recife. in the heart of Brazilian Northeast, in one of the most privileged places on the map, consecrated as one of the most visited routes in the country.

The average distance between each of them is 130 km. For those traveling by plane, you can choose the Zumbi dos Palmares International Airport (AL) or the Recife International Airport (FOOT).

Best time to visit Maragogi

Photo: Alan McGowan

Maragogi has high temperatures throughout the year, with no major changes over the seasons.

During the summer, Maragogi receives many tourists due to the school holidays and the fact that the water is calmer and more transparent between these months.

Between the months of October and January, the region usually has the cleanest days and the possibility of rain is very difficult. During the months of April to August, the rainy season occurs, leaving the beach water a little cloudy.

Where to stay in Maragogi

photo: George Hamilton

The municipality of Maragogi is quite small and basically offers three different areas to stay: the city center, where the great concentration of the general commerce of the destination is located, the south coast, towards Japaratinga, and the north coast, where other famous beaches in the region such as Praia de Antunes and Barra Grande.

In the city center, the best options are the Areias Belas Hotel, and the Pousada Orla dos Corais. THE Maragogi Salt Flats is located just under 2 km from the center of Maragogi and offers all inclusive in an imposing seaside resort, with several leisure areas by the sea.

Booking offers more than 200 options for accommodation in MaragogiSee all available hotels on here.

Maragogi has great hosting options on Airbnb. The platform that offers house, apartment and room rentals can be much cheaper than hotels. And if you haven't registered yet, you can use this discount code.

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