Beaches, lagoons and cliffs: check out natural beauties and tourism tips in Marataízes, in the south of Espírito Santo

Known as Pérola Capixaba, marathizes is famous for its more than 25 km of coastline, as well as landscapes surrounded by cliffs and extensive pineapple plantations. 

The municipality, which is 127 km from the capital Victory, is part of two tourist routes – Rota dos Vales e do Café and Rota da Costa e da Imigração – which encourage visitors to discover historical monuments from the colonial era, traditions of the immigrants who populated the place and the natural beauties of the region. 

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As it has a tropical coastal climate with sea breezes, some beaches of marathizes provide the practice of nautical sports such as kitesurfing and windsurf, in addition to paragliding flights and other sports. Check now tourism tips in Marataízes:

Tourism tips in Marataizes 

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Siri Lagoon

Calm waters, golden sand and coconut trees are part of the stunning scenery of Lagoa do Siri, one of the busiest and most sought after spots in Marataízes in summer. Located in the center of the city, the place has a great structure of kiosks and attracts young people, families and adventurers looking for kayaking or trails through the mangrove.

Praia dos Cacaos Lagoa do Siri

Located in a village to the south of the city, just after Lagoa do Siri, Praia dos Cações is another tourist tip in Marataízes, a quiet and simple place, peaceful and without kiosks. Inhabited mainly by fishermen, it is possible to see several small boats moored on the sand or in the sea, giving an even more bucolic atmosphere to the beach. Natural pools of crystal clear water are formed at low tide and it is possible to observe crabs, crabs and other marine species.

Praia das Falésias or Caculagem 

If you are looking for a place to contemplate nature, Praia das Falésias, also known as Praia da Caculagem by the natives, is the right place. The cliff walls provide an enchanting view of the place, ideal for witnessing the sunrise or sunset. The beach does not offer much structure to visitors, so it is recommended to bring food and other items necessary for the comfort of the tour.

Boa Vista do Sul beach 

One of the last beaches in the municipality, Praia de Boa Vista do Sul is in a small neighborhood inhabited by local fishermen. Surrounded by hills, with calm waters and an extensive strip of sand, the place is ideal for bathing in the sea and practicing sports such as football, volleyball, windsurf, stand up and fishing.

Praia da Rosa

Great to go with the family, Praia da Rosa has a calm sea and trees, which provide a pleasant shade on sunny days. With kiosks and a long strip of sand, visitors look for the place to relax and get away from the hustle in seasons, as it is not a very popular destination in the city. This is another tourism tip in Marataízes. 

Ruins of Trapiche 

Part of the architectural heritage of Marataízes, the Trapiche was built by the Baron of Itapemirim between 1860 and 1883 to store agricultural products and support exports and imports. Today, in ruins, the site is a visiting point in the city for its historical and cultural value. 

Among other historical sites in Marataízes are the Palácio das Águias, from the 19th century and the Church of Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes, from the 18th century. 

Best time to visit Marataizes

tourism tips in marataízes Espírito Santo

Photo: Publicity / SETUR-ES

The temperature in Marataízes varies between 19 °C and 32 °C and is rarely below 17 °C or above 34 °C. To take advantage of the hot days on the beaches, most tourists visit Marataízes in the summer, however, during this period the region is almost always overcast. If you plan to travel to the city with stable weather, avoid going between mid-October and early April, months with the highest rainfall.

If you want to go in a quieter period, enjoy the tours with few overcast days and with a temperature between 24 °C and 32 °C, the best time of year to visit Marataízes is between May and early October. 

How to get to Marataizes

tourism tips in marataízes Espírito Santo

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By car 

From Vitória, access to Marataízes is via BR-101. The journey takes approximately 2 and a half hours.

By bus

For those who go by bus, the company responsible for the route departing from Vitória is Viação Planeta. The conventional ticket costs from R$ 36.11 to R$ 51.55 reais and there are different departure times. 

Departing by bus from Rio de Janeiro, Viação Kaissara offers the route every day at 10:30 pm. The ticket costs R$ 118.35 and the journey takes approximately 6 hours.

Where to stay in Marataizes

tourism tips in marataízes Espírito Santo

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Booking offers more than 15 accommodation options in Marataízes. See all available hotels on here.

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