Beaches and lots of history: discover the riches of Fortaleza traveling by car and fall in love with the capital's tourist attractions 

Fortaleza is a splendid city that deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime. We are talking about the capital of Ceará, which has a wide range of ecotourism and adventure tourism activities, in addition to several historical and cultural attractions. Not to mention the beaches, which are the true protagonists of the destination. 

The city has been continuously conquering the attention of national and international travelers. Proof of this is its growing international air network, transforming Fortaleza International Airport – Pinto Martins into a successful hub and link to other capitals in Brazil. 

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Sights in Fortaleza

As much as the beaches are the darlings of tourists, they are not the only attractions of this Brazilian capital. And this can be easily checked through a car route through the destination. Tourists arriving in the city via the airport can opt for the convenience of car rental in Fortaleza. Localiza is available close to the airport and also has other units around the city, providing the ease that the itinerary requires. 

To help travelers who want to hit the road and enjoy attractions, we have gathered ten tourist attractions that should be on the itinerary to make your experience even more complete. Look!

1 – Dragão do Mar Art and Culture Center

Sights in Fortaleza to discover with a rental car

Photo: Nakkin/ Wikimedia Commons

To start the list, we start with one of the main cultural centers in the country, the Dragão do Mar Art and Culture Center. The space has a library, planetarium, movie theaters, theater, exhibitions and an exuberant green area, where musical performances take place during festive periods, such as June parties. 

Taking advantage of the tour, it is possible to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of the Art of Ceará Culture. For those who want to enjoy the nightlife, it is a great place to enjoy bars and restaurants nearby. A great way to combine culture and fun. 

2 - Iracema Spike

Sights in Fortaleza to discover with a rental car

Photo: Saulo Roberto/ Wikimedia Commons

Next to the landfill of Praia de Iracema, this is a place where the sunset gains an unparalleled highlight. The place is simple, however, it draws the attention of visitors who can walk outdoors and register some points of the city, thus acquiring a unique postcard. 

Late afternoon is the best time to enjoy the pier, ideal for that photo you want so much or simply to enjoy the moment. After all, it is something that only Espigão de Iracema can offer. 

3 - Central Market


Sights in Fortaleza to discover with a rental car

Photo: Patricia Laraia/ Wikimedia Commons

Opened in 1998 and with more than 500 stores spread over its five floors, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions. Knowing that shopping is irresistible, given the extensive choice of typical products and handicrafts, customers can take advantage of ATMs scattered throughout the space. 

The list of products that you can find at the Central Market of Fortaleza includes cachaças, liqueurs, chestnuts, sweets and souvenirs of various types. A hint? It is worth starting the tour on the third floor, where it is usually more empty, and going down to take advantage of each of the offers. The bargain is released and negotiation is possible. 

4 – Praia do Futuro

Sights in Fortaleza to discover with a rental car

Photo: Disclosure

It is impossible to talk about Fortaleza and not mention beaches. And Praia do Futuro is considered a natural masterpiece of the capital. The large land of white sand is 10 kilometers from the city center, being considered one of the main tourist attractions of the destination. 

There is a great structure for that sea bath and several gastronomic options, with typical foods that make your mouth water. If you can, get there early and enjoy the sunrise, a spectacle on its own.

5 – Bridge of the English

Sights in Fortaleza to discover with a rental car

Photo: Publicity / Embratur

Another famous pier in the capital is Ponte dos Ingleses, which is also a great option for those who want to enjoy that breathtaking sunset. And, to complement, the wooden frame allows visitors to look at the sea under their feet. No wonder this is one of the symbols of Fortaleza! 

The bridge was built in the 20th century and was widely used for port activities before the construction of the Port of Mucuripe. Today, boats give way to groups of friends and couples in love who just want to enjoy each other's company and a beautiful landscape. It's a stop worth inserting on this road trip.

6 – Martyrs’ Square

Sights in Fortaleza to discover with a rental car

Photo: George Lucasfor/ Wikimedia Commons

The oldest square in the city – originally divided into three levels, each representing a social class – tells more about the city's history. Also known as Passeio Público, it has a charm of its own, provided by the forest, fountain and view of the sea. 

The place was revitalized in 2007 and is currently considered an indispensable program. On weekends, the traditional Feijoada with Chorinho takes place, accompanied, of course, with that wonderful caipirinha at Café Passeio. Picnics are also free. 

7 – Avenida Beira Mar

Sights in Fortaleza to discover with a rental car

Photo: Mayra Pavanello Munerato/ Wikimedia Commons

One of the most famous roads in Fortaleza, which borders the urban edge of the capital, passes through famous neighborhoods such as Iracema, Meireles and Mucuripe. It is common to find sports practitioners around the place, such as runners, skaters and skaters. 

For those who love shopping and taking home souvenirs, it is worth visiting the Handicraft Fair, considered an unmissable program in the city. There are several products available, such as clothes, typical ingredients, embroidery and souvenirs. The gastronomy is also unmissable and the nightlife is guaranteed there. 

8 – José de Alencar Theater

Sights in Fortaleza to discover with a rental car

Photo: Claudney Neves/ Wikimedia Commons

Considered one of the most important buildings in the city, it is a must visit. Inaugurated in 1910, Theatro José de Alencar hosted major attractions and, today, is still used for artistic performances. 

Its neoclassical style stands out, with its stained glass and ceiling paintings. The garden, designed by Burle Marx, is also not left out of the curious and attentive eyes of visitors. The site is open and offers visitors a free one-hour guided tour. 

9 – Our Lady of the Assumption Fortress

Sights in Fortaleza to discover with a rental car

Photo: Hélio Santos/ Wikimedia Commons

Named in the 17th century as Fort of Shoonenborch, the Fortress of Nossa Senhora da Assunção houses the headquarters of the 10th Military Region of the Army. The fort was rebuilt in the 19th century, with its current name. 

The building is responsible for transmitting history, starting with the image of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, patron saint of Fortaleza. The space also involved some controversies that arose from modifications and reconstructions of the place. Like Theatro José de Alencar, it is open to the public and has a guided tour. 

10 – Museum of Ceará

Sights in Fortaleza to discover with a rental car

Photo: Nakinn/ Wikimedia Commons

Once again, history is present and shows the importance of Fortaleza for the Brazilian cultural wealth. The Ceará Museum is located in the center of the capital, housed in a building dating from 1871. 

Visitors will find a large collection of famous pieces, such as the Bode Ioiô, as well as interesting relics, such as the hat, cane and cassock of Father Cícero and a dagger that belonged to the famous bandit Lampião.

Did you like the tips? Now all you have to do is assemble your itinerary according to the tourist spots that most appeal to your profile and enjoy a car trip full of beauties. 

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