Are you planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro? We have put together a list of the best tourist attractions to visit in Rio de Janeiro

To make the most of a trip, the ideal is to arrive at the place with an idea of what to do and where to go, so you don't waste time and optimize your stay. Therefore, we have separated some tour tips that you can include in your list of tourist attractions to visit in Rio de Janeiro.

You cannot travel to the city without visiting the most famous places, such as Copacabana, Pão de Açúcar, Ipanema and Christ the Redeemer. But some places to visit in Rio do not always appear in the most popular destinations. In this selection we indicate places and activities known by cariocas and others attractions little publicized, but that certainly deserve your visit!

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Sights to visit in Rio de Janeiro

Helicopter Tour with Vertical Rio

Photo: Vertical Rio

Have you ever thought about exploring the beauties of Rio seen from above? Not only that, have you ever thought about choosing your own route during the flight? The company vertical river offers you this possibility in a unique way. As you choose the places you want to visit, prices and flight times vary, but one thing that does not change in the package is the option to fly without the doors, to have a 360º view. These panoramic trips are perfect to get an idea of the dimension and beauty that awaits you in the unforgettable Cidade Maravilhosa.

Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading

Photo: Mayumi Ishikawa / Flickr

For you who like history, the Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading It is one of attractions to visit in Rio. The place was inspired by Portuguese buildings, so its architecture stands out from the rest of the city's attractions. In addition, the cabinet offers an art gallery and a collection of rare books. In the studies part, conferences and courses are offered for university professors. With free admission, the library is extremely charming and yields great photos!

AquaRio – Marine Aquarium of Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Tânia Rêgo/Agência Brasil

THE Aquarium It is the largest marine aquarium in South America. The environment is divided into 28 areas with about 350 species from Brazil and the world, to visit only once the price is 55 for half admission, however, the aquarium offers partnerships with promotional tickets. But if you want to delve deeper and discover even more of the marine world, the place also offers floats for the bravest. AquaRio is one of the attractions youngest in town and kids love the ride!

View of Botafogo Cove

Photo: MKP27091961 / Wikimedia Commons

Botafogo Bay is another landmark that shows the beauty found in the Marvelous City. Knowing the city and not going through this region at least a little, can be a waste. The place is famous mainly because of the view it provides of the hills of urca and Sugar Loaf, in addition to being the stage for concerts and many attractions throughout the year. If you are a person who likes physical activities, the tip is to enjoy the green spaces walking, cycling or practicing some sport.

Ipanema beach

Photo: eacuna / Pixabay

It is one of the most famous spots in the city, well-known for its sand volleyball tradition and for stations 8, 9 and 10, which attract all types of audiences. THE Night life in the region is popular, remembering that the neighbors of the beach are Copacabana and Leblon, traditional neighborhoods in the south of Rio that are also worth a visit.

Parque Lage

Photo: Caioviniciuscosta / Wikimedia Commons

With a lot of European influence, Parque Lage was built and became one of the main tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro. The place is very frequented by cariocas on weekends, as it has some trails, waterfalls and space for picnics. In addition, it is possible to see Christ the Redeemer and visit the famous Palacete do Parque Lage, where you can discover more about Brazilian history.

Columbus Confectionery

Photo: Disclosure

THE Columbus Confectionery is one of the points that makes up our list, because it tells a lot about Brazilian history and you can also enjoy delicious sweets made in the bakery itself. Considered cultural and artistic heritage, Confeitaria Colombo tried to preserve its architectural roots and only modernized what was needed. That's why the place is used for various events, including weddings, but it's always open for a quick coffee.

Lapa Arches

Photo: Mariahaversa / Wikimedia Commons

The Carioca Aqueduct, popularly known as Lapa Arches integrates one of the tourist spots to visit in Rio. The place is intended to connect the cable car from the Carioca station to the Santa Teresa station, another traditional neighborhood in downtown Rio. Have you ever thought about visiting this work of art from the colonial period while taking a cable car ride?

Botanical Garden

Photo: feliven / Wikimedia Commons

In addition to offering a multitude of preserved plants and Brazilian species, the garden also offers themed visits for educational purposes, but also for leisure. It's a great place to go with friends and family, guarantee amazing photos and enjoy a quiet afternoon while resting from one trip or another. On Mondays, visiting hours are reduced and the normal ticket price is 15 reais.

Museum of Tomorrow

Photo: Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz / Wikimedia Commons

The Museum of Tomorrow is perfect for those who enjoy the world of science and technology. But even if you don't like any of it, it's one of the places worth visiting in Rio, because it has a different and interactive approach to current issues. The venue offers a main exhibition in addition to the secondary ones and the ticket purchase system requires a time reservation. From Tuesday admission is free.

Viewpoint Dona Marta

Photo: Carlos Perez Couto / Wikimedia Commons

one more of tourist attractions to visit in Rio outdoors is the Viewpoint Dona Marta. The place is known for its beautiful view of the Sugar Loaf, Maracanã, Christ the Redeemer and Botafogo Cove. The two best-known ways to get there are by car, where there is parking, and on foot, with the help of a guide on the walk.

Christ the Redeemer

Photo: calvestkd / Pixabay

One of the places to visit in Rio not missing from any traveler's list is the Christ the Redeemer. Located in one of the most beautiful points of the city, the view from the top provides a panoramic view of much of Rio de Janeiro. However, for many, the great attraction is to see the Christ. The way there can be done on your own, but only up to a part, because then it is included in the ticket price a transfer by cable car or private van.

Copacabana beach

Photo: Bisonlux / Wikimedia Commons

Surely you are thinking of including this attraction on your to-do list. places to visit in Rio. Copacabana is one of the most famous sets of films and series that are filmed in Brazil, as well as being the home of many influential people. There you can enjoy the white sand and take a bath in the sea while enjoying the view of the city.

Selaron Staircase

Photo: Adelano Lázaro / Wikimedia Commons

One of the Rio de Janeiro icons and the Selaron Staircase. The place is actually a mosaic artwork and is one of the most colorful spots in the city. It is very easy to visit, as it is very close to the Lapa Arches and the historic district of Santa Teresa.

Sugar Loaf

Photo: Vanessa Marques / Wikimedia Commons

Everyone who travels to Rio needs to know the Sugar Loaf. The mountain is much talked about throughout Brazil, however, the main attraction of the tour is to take a cable car or called “bondinho” and reach the top. From above it is possible to see a good part of the city in a 360º angle. know How to get to Sugarloaf Mountain.

Two Brothers Cliff Park

Photo: Disclosure

THE Cliff Dois Irmãos Municipal Natural Park is located in Leblon and offers a total of four viewpoints, where you can have a privileged view of the city, in addition to participating in trails and find contact with nature in Rio, seeing different species of plants from the Brazilian flora.

Red Beach

Photo: Lory Gomes RJ / Wikimedia Commons

THE Red Beach is another one of the destinations to get on your to-do list. tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro. The beach is a little paradise tucked away in the city and has great reviews of the TripAdvisor. In addition to having calm waters depending on the time of year, it also offers trails to other tourist attractions in Rio, such as the Morro da urca.

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